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Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Teatime by ~anapests-and-ink Suggester Writes: "The joy of tea is rediscovered in this quaint, though undeniably emotionally moving piece. Beautiful in its circularity.

Suggested by Amberlouie Featured by BeccaJS
SPRING Art Nouveau by escafan
SPRING Art Nouveau .markers. by *escafan The Suggester writes ":devescafan: shows a beautiful understanding of copic markers with this work, blending the art noveau style with their own well." I have to completely agree. Also suggested by `Damaged927 and ~AfterDark22

Suggested by Siate Featured by Miss-It-Girl
On the Beach by TheoVision
On the Beach by *TheoVision is a fantastic summer scene utilizing a limited pallet in an eye catching and very stylish way.

Suggested by Quolia Featured by Lyricanna
'Steampunk' Ampro Projector final01 by lost-artist89
First Contact by Syndyne
First Contact by *Syndyne

Suggested by CapturingTheNight Featured by trevg
In Key by that-witch-bitch
In Key by *Aechigo

Suggested by little-billie Featured by DistortedSmile
One Point Perspective Checkered floor by WillWorks
One Point Perspective Checkered floor by *FireWater12Is one of several excellent tutorials by this deviant for all artists who are learning about perspective

Featured by Elandria
Worgen - Death knight by VAHAMAHA
Worgen - Dark knight by ~VAHAMAHA

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by KovoWolf
Mitosis II by aerphis
Leilan by Nomimo
Leilan by ~Ashai-C The details on this traditional piece displays an artist with great patience and skill for their choice of medium.

Suggested by ElindielForestStar Featured by MzzAzn
Archigraphs Tiny iPhones by Cyberella74
Archigraphs Tiny iPhones by *Cyberella74 is a set of three quirky and small iPhone-icons that look absolutely great!
The eye for detail for the icons within the icons is also particularly impressive!

Featured by Hardrockangel
Forgotten by Shorra
Forgotten by *Shorra

Suggested by JamminJo Featured by Aeirmid
Going for Broke by Mishari-Alreshaid
Going for Broke by ~GrandGTM is a brilliant, dynamic photograph in which the angle of execution coupled with the motion blur in the background only serve to accentuate how sharp the focal point is as it roars through the landscape with potent impact.

Featured by 3wyl
Summer night by AkagenoSaru
Vistas and horizons hitherto unimaginable, all in a Summer night; technical pen with white ink on black paper from ~AkagenoSaru.

Suggested by Saturns-Child Featured by SRaffa
A brutal yet excellent and interesting close up.
Aren't you hungry? by *BrixArt

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by pullingcandy
altered course by tokioshi
altered course by ~tokioshi

Suggested by JPtHart Featured by DpressedSoul
Twinkle by cirrusmin0r
Twinkle is lovely, delicate work by ~cirrusmin0r. A beautifully subdued and composed illustration.

Suggested by erisama Featured by alicexz
helpplz uber - firefox + chrome by famine-star
helpplz uber by ~famine-star is a great, entirely new version of helpplz for Chrome or Firefox, integrating it very well into deviantART to make it convenient to use, and add more plz accounts. Also suggested by =thelasth0pe, =GillianIvy and =NanisKa.

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Suggested by erisama Featured by namenotrequired
mushishi starry night by HydroENKI