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Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Dragon of Good Dreams by Isvoc
The suggester said, *Isvoc is a wonderful artist with a great sense of color and technique. Her work shows a vast sense of imagination, like something pulled right out of a dream. Dragon of Good Dreams by *Isvoc

Suggested by Crickatoo Featured by Astralseed
Maori Haka by DougNZ
The suggester said, "The faces of the dancers show very well what they think about their government's new measures"Maori Haka by *DougNZ

Suggested by StamatisGR Featured by xbastex
Beautiful Infection by Izaskun
Groudon Costume by CanineHybrid
Groudon Costume -NDK 2011 by =CanineHybrid Two years of work has gone into this costume and you can really tell!

Suggested by Damaged927 Featured by UnicornReality
WAY OF LOVE by cetrobo
WAY OF LOVE by =cetrobo

Suggested by YukiMizuno Featured by DemonMathiel
Free Icon Set: How to Train Your Dragon by ZaraAlfonso
The suggester says:"I really love these icons. The animation is perfect!"
Free Icon Set: How to Train Your Dragon by =Hirukio

Suggested by iingo Featured by Hardrockangel
picnic by piece-of-kayk
picnic by ~happypeewee is "Simply adorable and it looks really tasty at the same time," says the suggester.

Suggested by MaddalinaMocanu Featured by DomiSM
winged demon by Edlidi
The further adventures of a winged demon in the necrosphere; evocative watercolors from ~Kazehime8.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by SRaffa
The Earthen by ~yourpleasantdarkness The suggester writes, "When I read this poem out loud, I never know if I should whisper or yell. I just love the quiet strength hidden under every single word."

Suggested by kisotchka Featured by thorns
The Dream That Travels 6 by hakuku
The Dream That Travels 6 by ~hakuku, just one of an absolutely fantastic series. The crisp illustrative style and the beautiful lighting and colors are wonderful to look at.

Suggested by gummyrabbit Featured by alicexz
Nemo by DeniseBayles
Nemo by ~DropsOfBlood

Featured by Kaz-D
Cheshire Cat by SandroRybak
Cheshire Cat by ~Qikalain

Suggested by Exillior Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Last Energy Tank by Pepe-Navarro
A Fragile Darkness by darkn2ght
A Fragile Darkness by *darkn2ght A simple yet beautifully shaded pencil drawing.

Suggested by little-billie Featured by MzzAzn
Pitch's advanced fur tutorial by PitchblackDragon
Pitch's advanced fur tutorial by ~PitchblackDragon

Suggested by sweetychan Featured by Elandria
hatching by yozartwork
hatching by ~yozartwork

Suggested by Zolaida Featured by DieZori
City in a Snowglobe by shebid
Suggester said: "The beautiful and bright colors make this piece really attractive!"
City in a Snowglobe by `shebid

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by jussta
PAPER #5 by TMPhotographia
PAPER #5 by =TMPhotographia

Artist also suggested by =XcaliburPhotos, *JohnClavin and ~mitazu08

Suggested by KizukiTamura Featured by DpressedSoul
Head Sketch 14 by unbequo
Head Sketch 14 by ~unbequo is a stunning example of a 3D sculpt.

Featured by Cymae