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Monday, May 21, 2012
The Silver Ghost by Angelles-LaVeau
The Silver Ghost; ethereal portraiture in Prismacolors, pastels, and white charcoal from`Angelles-LaVeau.

Featured by SRaffa
Chess by Logosh-L
Chess by ~Logosh-L

Featured by Kaz-D
Belgariad and Malloreon Map by Crooty
Livien by overdrivezero
Livien by *overdrivezero

Suggested by Acaciathorn Featured by Negatic
The Imperfection of Style by `leoraigarath Suggester Writes: A skilfully crafted essay on how imperfection can play a role in the construction of literature and literary style.

Suggested by julietcaesar Featured by BeccaJS
the adoration of forever. by C4M30
*C4M30's 'FAIRIES' series is well worth the time to get lost into, absorbed as we are by photographs similar to the adoration of forever, a colourful portrayal of a concept glorious in nature.

Featured by 3wyl
Frame by Frame Project by Krissi001
Frame by Frame Project by `krissi001 is a unique and creative take on how a project works, and has incorporated the talents and ideas of many different deviants.

Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
MS: WHERE'S THE GHOSTS by ninemore
MS: WHERE'S THE GHOSTS by ~nine-tan An adorable piece featuring a cool coloring style, great lighting effects, and lots of playful charm.

Suggested by iingo Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Beetle by ourlak
Beetle by *ourlak could almost be super fast macro photography

Featured by Cymae
The blue by JakezDaniel
Breaking Bad - Wood Burning by brandojones
Breaking Bad - Wood Burning by ~brandojones A delicate hand and forward planning is needed to make something as amazing as this.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by UnicornReality
twisted souls by sepraven
twisted souls by *sepraven

Suggested by snolover Featured by deshrubber
Journey by spyders
Journey by ~spyders

Suggested by Nataliadsw Featured by alexandrasalas
BATH WITH COCO by simsalabima
BATH WITH COCO by ~simsalabima

Suggested by dekorAdum Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
Punk Girl tattoo detail 02 by screenlicker
white lady by haksek
white lady by ~haksek Just like a vision dominating the frame and catching all the eyes...with a pint of Guinness to go with it.

Featured by StamatisGR
Powerscourt Waterfall - Ireland by andrakis75
The Monkey King by monikapalosz
The Monkey King by =saharaam. An exquisite character design and very professionally rendered. I love the muted color scheme and the details on the face.

Featured by alicexz
TOTALLY SPY by *Giorgiacosplay

Suggested by Kaz-D Featured by pullingcandy
Cosmic Love by Teh-stupid-bug
Cosmic Love by ~Teh-stupid-bug shows an outstanding array of detail and imagination.

Featured by KovoWolf