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Saturday, May 19, 2012
tie with irises by ireneya
tie with irises by ~ireneya

Suggested by Hellobaby Featured by FrockTarts
Dall sheep ram by softflower
Dall sheep ram by ~softflower

Suggested by dutchshun Featured by trevg
The Fire Within by skorpikore
The Fire Within by ~skorpikore, spectacularly beautiful and radiant!

Suggested by Arichy Featured by alicexz
- tangled woods by saffronlungs
Sticks, stones, roots, and bones-- the hoodoo herbalist weaves compelling illusions deep in the - tangled woods; ensorcelled watercolors from ~saffronlungs.

Suggested by STelari Featured by SRaffa
On The Prowl by artistwilder
The artist utilizes deep textures and a great use of color to bring this acrylic painting to life. On The Prowl by ~artistwilder

Featured by Astralseed
David Tennant - 10th Doctor Plushie by hookedonchibis
David Tennant - 10th Doctor Plushie by *Hooked-On-Chibis David Tennant in plushie form! A sure-fire hit for the Whovians out there!

Suggested by admx Featured by UnicornReality
snow mountain by yoeah
snow mountain by ~yoeah The red against white make a great combination in this simple yet very beautiful piece.

Suggested by iingo Featured by MzzAzn
Joceline 3 by Britalicus
Joceline 3 by ~Britalicus

Suggested by TAyami Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
NO SIGNAL by Nukuzu
NO SIGNAL by ~Nukuzu

Suggested by NanisKa Featured by Negatic
Green vitamin by jussta
Green vitamin by ^jussta

Also suggested by *KingaagniK

Suggested by SkyHalo Featured by DpressedSoul
Fjord cross 5 by Colourize-Stock
Fjord mix 5 by *Colourize-Stock

Suggested by SweetButtermilk Featured by Elandria
Caught in the Rain by rajewel
Caught in the Rain by ~rajewel.

Suggested by Koyukuk Featured by KovoWolf
Untitled by

Featured by
Making Comic by anggatantama
Making Comic by ~anggatantama is such a fun illustration of what goes through the mind illustrator!

Suggested by piercingemeralds2 Featured by DomiSM
Ghost Rider by EdwardDelandreArt
Young Lady Mushroom by BloodlineV
Young Lady Mushroom by *Bloodline-009 A fun piece with a great sense of movement, lovely color palette, and whimsical detailing.

Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Coffee Corner by rukout
Coffee Corner by ~rukout is gorgeously lit, composed and rendered, with lovely detailing.

Featured by Cymae
Children of Fate by onedayfour
Children of Fate by =perirowinque
Also suggested by =Elieda.

Suggested by wispywaffle Featured by alexandrasalas
Self 3Three by alexracu
Self 3Three by ~alexracu Also suggested by *Andaelentari

Suggested by Pencil-Stencil Featured by deshrubber