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Thursday, May 17, 2012
Jeklan Icons by Meirii
The suggester says: "I love these two icons! They're very cute! " and I can't help but to agree with them.
Jeklan Icons by ~Meirii display excellent pixel-work on a tiny canvas and the result is cute as can be!

Suggested by iingo Featured by Hardrockangel
Native American by Chuckdee
Native American by *Chuckdee

Suggested by Imperius-Rex Featured by DieZori
Whomp King and Mario by Neslug
Whomp King and Mario by ~Neslug utilizes anti-aliasing expertly, creating a smooth and expert rendition of these beloved characters.

Suggested by Vayliya Featured by Lyricanna
in the yard by sokova
in the yard by ~sokova is not your average Wedding shot - a creative capture of a perfect day!

Suggested by Shutter-Shooter Featured by Kaz-D
Madonna in Labour 4 by AimeeStock
Flowergirl by VSRI
Flower Girl by *VSRI

Suggested by SketchesInMinutes Featured by MzzAzn
Micro Elephant by MadlegBadleg
Micro Elephant by ~Ibidefieit is a very cute render. Nice job with lighting, and great eyes.

Suggested by Krizy Featured by Cymae
Gorgeous Color Drop by MelissaGriffin
Autumn GoldenEagle by PiTurianer
Autumn GoldenEagle by *PiTurianer

Suggested by Sugar-Senshi Featured by trevg
Watermelon Snonkey by FamiliarOddlings
Watermelon Snonkey by *DragonBehin is a cute little snail-monkey to be your new friend!

Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda Featured by UnicornReality
Lavender Flori by NorthStarCherry
Closer inspection of that lilac bush may well reveal the presence of a Lavender Flori; enchanting sculpture from ~NorthStarCherry.

Suggested by silver-chocolate16 Featured by SRaffa
Rango by ArtofOkan
Rango by ~bloodyBarbarian

Suggested by Amberrant Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Fishing Melon with Melon Face by yune-d
Fishing Melon with Melon Face by =YunE-D A cute, whimsical piece featuring great colors and use of texture.

Suggested by iingo Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Doodlers Art Enthusiast by oliversantiago
Doodlers Art Enthusiast by ~obzgraphiczzz is an explosion of creativeness and fun!

Suggested by jcroxas Featured by DomiSM
Study: Living Room by memod
Study: Living Room, amazingly realistic painting by `memod. The light filtering through the curtain and the reflections throughout the room are simply beautiful!

Featured by alicexz
Emote Arnolfini Portrait by happy-gurl
Emote Arnolfini Portrait by =happy-gurl was one of my favourite pieces from this contest. Nice, clean, detailed and true to the piece it builds off of. That emote-dog is also pretty adorable.

Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Silent witness by B0rrach0
Silent witness by ~B0rrach0 Also suggested by =xthumbtakx

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by DemonMathiel
Industrial area concept-art 02 by Pa-Go
Industrial area concept-art 02 by ~Pa-Go

Suggested by flouvl Featured by WillowXD