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Thursday, May 17, 2012
Because She Is My Rose by gorjuss
Fishing Melon with Melon Face by yune-d
Fishing Melon with Melon Face by =YunE-D A cute, whimsical piece featuring great colors and use of texture.

Suggested by iingo Featured by Miss-It-Girl
The Gunslinger by ~monstroooo Suggester Writes: a great foreshadowing on what's about to happen... yet an unexpected ending.

Suggested by Janoera Featured by BeccaJS
Watermelon Snonkey by FamiliarOddlings
Watermelon Snonkey by *DragonBehin is a cute little snail-monkey to be your new friend!

Suggested by DragonflyAndromeda Featured by UnicornReality
in the yard by sokova
in the yard by ~sokova is not your average Wedding shot - a creative capture of a perfect day!

Suggested by Shutter-Shooter Featured by Kaz-D
Lavender Flori by NorthStarCherry
Closer inspection of that lilac bush may well reveal the presence of a Lavender Flori; enchanting sculpture from ~NorthStarCherry.

Suggested by silver-chocolate16 Featured by SRaffa
Jeklan Icons by Meirii
The suggester says: "I love these two icons! They're very cute! " and I can't help but to agree with them.
Jeklan Icons by ~Meirii display excellent pixel-work on a tiny canvas and the result is cute as can be!

Suggested by iingo Featured by Hardrockangel
Micro Elephant by MadlegBadleg
Micro Elephant by ~Ibidefieit is a very cute render. Nice job with lighting, and great eyes.

Suggested by Krizy Featured by Cymae
Study: Living Room by memod
Study: Living Room, amazingly realistic painting by `memod. The light filtering through the curtain and the reflections throughout the room are simply beautiful!

Featured by alicexz
Needle Felted LS English Bulldog Puppy FINISHED by CVDart1990
Emote Arnolfini Portrait by happy-gurl
Emote Arnolfini Portrait by =happy-gurl was one of my favourite pieces from this contest. Nice, clean, detailed and true to the piece it builds off of. That emote-dog is also pretty adorable.

Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Flowergirl by VSRI
Flower Girl by *VSRI

Suggested by SketchesInMinutes Featured by MzzAzn
Whomp King and Mario by Neslug
Whomp King and Mario by ~Neslug utilizes anti-aliasing expertly, creating a smooth and expert rendition of these beloved characters.

Suggested by Vayliya Featured by Lyricanna
Native American by Chuckdee
Native American by *Chuckdee

Suggested by Imperius-Rex Featured by Negatic
Smokin' Rogue by SkyeStock
Smokin' Rogue by ~SkyeStock

Featured by Elandria
Doodlers Art Enthusiast by oliversantiago
Doodlers Art Enthusiast by ~obzgraphiczzz is an explosion of creativeness and fun!

Suggested by jcroxas Featured by DomiSM
KNSM-535 View 2 by JuanCarlosDeLaVega
Silent witness by B0rrach0
Silent witness by ~B0rrach0 Also suggested by =xthumbtakx

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by DemonMathiel