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Friday, May 11, 2012
Stairs 3 by almudena-stock
[Stock & Resources] Stairs 3 by ~almudena-stock

Featured by Elandria
flower pot cupcakes by l337Jacqui
flower pot cupcakes by ~l337Jacqui what an unusual but effective way of serving cupcakes!

Suggested by ChewedKandi Featured by UnicornReality
Street Scene by artbytheo
Street Scene by ~artbytheo

Suggested by rioIu Featured by Moonbeam13
couture 50's red dress by BreeLeman
couture 50's red dress is by *BreeLeman. "I love the colors, because it's smooth and I can really see someone wearing this in the 50s. It's also a pretty design," says the suggester.

Suggested by FallenSoul101 Featured by DomiSM
in frozen castle by 9room
in frozen castle by ~9room The suggester says, "It's a beautiful charming piece filled with excellent composition! "

Suggested by iingo Featured by MzzAzn
Sky Pirates by quartertime
Peacock Mask by OakMyth
Peacock Mask by *OakMyth

Suggested by Crickatoo Featured by FrockTarts
FFM Day 10: Toothache. by ~SpinningStarshine is a short and curious depiction of a toothache.

Featured by wreckling
SelfFish by Arianna-chan
SelfFish by ~Arianna-chan

Suggested by JacquiJax Featured by DemonMathiel
Hellhound by A-teinna
Hellhound by =onyx2010Suggester says: "Tip number 2 in "Street tips from the Masters": “Turn your attention to the four-legged population.” — Ying Tang. And when you do you might end up capturing something like this, an image of a diabolical dog... Cannot help feeling sorry for the canine. Having ones ears cut must be a painful experience. Nevertheless a fascinating shot."

Suggested by PEN-at-Work Featured by StamatisGR
ThumbSummary Suggestion by Nichrysalis
ThumbSummary Suggestion by *Packeranatic

deviantART Related / deviantART Suggestions / Visual Suggestions

Featured by namenotrequired
Salbei by feigenfrucht
Salbei by *feigenfrucht

Suggested by scheinbar Featured by DpressedSoul
Fluttershy by glenbw
Fluttershy has such a complex and enchanting design that ~glenbw executes successfully..the many hours and days he takes to create such an original style for MLP is worth it!

Suggested by rioIu Featured by TheCreativeJenn
c o n s t r u c t . I by XeroLp
Rays by Dunadan-from-Bag-End
Rays by ~Dunadan-from-Bag-End

Suggested by pap911 Featured by trevg
Vantage Point by Wildweasel339
Vantage Point by ~Wildweasel339. Immensely creative and fascinating work!

Suggested by piercingemeralds2 Featured by alicexz
The world we do not know, That today by hikarishimoda
0412 by soulnightwish
0412 by ~soulnightwish features lovely coloring and great composition, as well as an overall interesting concept.

Suggested by Damaged927 Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Untitled by

Featured by
The Fellowship of the Ring by tenpoundpixel
The Fellowship of the Ring by ~mr-winters Don't let the preview fool you; this pixel piece has a ton of detail. The stylization of this scene is amazing and humorous. Also suggested by =r0se-designs.

Suggested by ValaSedai Featured by Lyricanna
. by dimocritus
. by ~dimocritus

Suggested by KinyoLee Featured by itsfrits
Standing Lady by MeganeRid
The mastery of cloth sculpting in Standing Lady by *MeganeRid is astounding. The detail is exquisite and it is reminiscent of classical sculpture.

Featured by Cymae
Air by BramRomkes
Air by ~B-Ess, also suggested by ~Vexatiousss

Suggested by LuzTapia Featured by Aeirmid
Watercolor eye study by jane-beata
An artist's discernment in a world full of color; Watercolor eye study by jane-beata.
(Suggested by =natalia-luz, ~ruby604, and =lucid-light)

Featured by SRaffa
Shou Mouse Cursor by Shinigamiwyvern
Shou Mouse Cursor by *Shinigamiwyvern is a tiny, but beautiful cursor that'll definitely appeal to the Touhou-fans out there. Why go for default when you can use this tiny piece of art instead?

Featured by Hardrockangel