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Friday, May 11, 2012
Peacock Mask by OakMyth
Peacock Mask by *OakMyth

Suggested by Crickatoo Featured by FrockTarts
in frozen castle by 9room
in frozen castle by ~9room The suggester says, "It's a beautiful charming piece filled with excellent composition! "

Suggested by iingo Featured by MzzAzn
Hellhound by A-teinna
Hellhound by =onyx2010Suggester says: "Tip number 2 in "Street tips from the Masters": “Turn your attention to the four-legged population.” — Ying Tang. And when you do you might end up capturing something like this, an image of a diabolical dog... Cannot help feeling sorry for the canine. Having ones ears cut must be a painful experience. Nevertheless a fascinating shot."

Suggested by PEN-at-Work Featured by StamatisGR
couture 50's red dress by BreeLeman
couture 50's red dress is by *BreeLeman. "I love the colors, because it's smooth and I can really see someone wearing this in the 50s. It's also a pretty design," says the suggester.

Suggested by FallenSoul101 Featured by DomiSM
flower pot cupcakes by l337Jacqui
flower pot cupcakes by ~l337Jacqui what an unusual but effective way of serving cupcakes!

Suggested by ChewedKandi Featured by UnicornReality
Shou Mouse Cursor by Shinigamiwyvern
Shou Mouse Cursor by *Shinigamiwyvern is a tiny, but beautiful cursor that'll definitely appeal to the Touhou-fans out there. Why go for default when you can use this tiny piece of art instead?

Featured by Hardrockangel
Watercolor eye study by jane-beata
An artist's discernment in a world full of color; Watercolor eye study by jane-beata.
(Suggested by =natalia-luz, ~ruby604, and =lucid-light)

Featured by SRaffa
Vantage Point by Wildweasel339
Vantage Point by ~Wildweasel339. Immensely creative and fascinating work!

Suggested by piercingemeralds2 Featured by alicexz
Sky Pirates by quartertime
Untitled by

Featured by
Standing Lady by MeganeRid
The mastery of cloth sculpting in Standing Lady by *MeganeRid is astounding. The detail is exquisite and it is reminiscent of classical sculpture.

Featured by Cymae
Salbei by feigenfrucht
Salbei by *feigenfrucht

Suggested by scheinbar Featured by DpressedSoul
Rays by Dunadan-from-Bag-End
Rays by ~Dunadan-from-Bag-End

Suggested by pap911 Featured by trevg
Stairs 3 by almudena-stock
[Stock & Resources] Stairs 3 by ~almudena-stock

Featured by Elandria
Fluttershy by glenbw
Fluttershy has such a complex and enchanting design that ~glenbw executes successfully..the many hours and days he takes to create such an original style for MLP is worth it!

Suggested by rioIu Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Air by BramRomkes
Air by ~B-Ess, also suggested by ~Vexatiousss

Suggested by LuzTapia Featured by Aeirmid
ThumbSummary Suggestion by Nichrysalis
ThumbSummary Suggestion by *Packeranatic

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Featured by namenotrequired
SelfFish by Arianna-chan
SelfFish by ~Arianna-chan

Suggested by JacquiJax Featured by DemonMathiel
The Fellowship of the Ring by tenpoundpixel
The Fellowship of the Ring by ~mr-winters Don't let the preview fool you; this pixel piece has a ton of detail. The stylization of this scene is amazing and humorous. Also suggested by =r0se-designs.

Suggested by ValaSedai Featured by Lyricanna
. by dimocritus
. by ~dimocritus

Suggested by KinyoLee Featured by fritsenator
Street Scene by artbytheo
Street Scene by ~artbytheo

Suggested by rioIu Featured by Moonbeam13