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Thursday, April 26, 2012
UDK Gas Station by CCrumpler
Mistress Snake by Larbesta
Mistress Snake by =Larbesta

Suggested by WhiteKimahri Featured by DieZori
Speed Post Services Pack - Jaku theme iPhone/iPod by iGeriya
Speed Post Services Pack - Jaku theme iPhone/iPod by ~iGeriya is a set of four enormously detailed icons that look exactly like the packages that get sent to you!

Featured by Hardrockangel
sunshine by azbeen
sunshine is by ~azbeen and is more adorable than any words can say! Love the bright, cheerful colours and the birds are just so much fun!

Suggested by MaddalinaMocanu Featured by DomiSM
Wish you were here by mathiole
Wish you were here by ~mathiole; when it rains, it pours.

Suggested by PinkFIoyd Featured by oilsoaked
Kaspar Wolfswinkel by CliveBarker
Beneath ill-gotten, ensorceled ‪chapeau‬s lurks Kaspar Wolfswinkel, rendered in prose and limned in paint by deviant *CliveBarker.

Featured by SRaffa
Hosannas by SirMonkeyMcCoool
The suggester says, "I think this painting is wonderful because it gives a touch of feeling for the characters and makes us understand the passage of time has been Gorillaz (the band). I loved the way he drew it, with this realistic style." Hosannas by ~SirMonkeyMcCoool

Suggested by Vinded Featured by TheCreativeJenn
as the sun sets 2.0 by A-jean
as the sun sets 2.0 by =A-jean

Suggested by MagicnaAnavi Featured by shuttermonkey
sweet dolls by AngeniaC
sweet dolls by ~AngeniaC

Suggested by Aeon--Soul Featured by FrockTarts
Anger by velinov
Anger by ~velinov is simply breathtaking - such force and dynamism! The fiery lava texture is impeccably rendered.

Featured by alicexz
Recipe for Disaster by Dreamwish
La Follia by Escente
Modern style meets classic inspiration - La Follia by ~Escente

Suggested by iingo Featured by kit-y
OC : Izumi 2 by kuro-mai
OC : Izumi 2 by *angelskully

Suggested by Zelvii Featured by MzzAzn
stuck by rickyrico
About stuck by ~rickyrico, the suggester said "I just love simple emotes like this. The animation is so nice, and I think the artist did a fantastic job of connecting the two emotes."

Suggested by ChaosEmeraldHunter Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Shelldevil - Child Stock -273 by shelldevil
[Stock & Resources] Shelldevil - Child Stock -273 by `shelldevil This beautiful stock was suggested by too many artists artists to list!

Featured by Elandria
The Sailor and the Mermaid, II by fanitsafantasy
The Sailor and the Mermaid, II by *fanitsafantasy

An amazing examples of calligraphy: from the maddening mozaic pattern past the endless mermaid hair, the decoration and detail... the perfect colouring, and the amazing font style she chose. There's a lot of love and patience in this work.

And I couldn't agree more to the suggester!

Suggested by Bonnzai Featured by pica-ae
Prince Gumball by sscindyss
Prince Gumball by ~sscindyssis an absolutely stunning portrait of Prince Gumball from Adventure Time! I'm in love with his naughty expression.

Suggested by Jazz-Rhythm Featured by alexandrasalas
0496 by foto-duet
0496 by ~foto-duet

Suggested by ScENeYmE Featured by fritsenator
THAT Woman is a short, amusing glimpse into the life of a grandmother and her grandson by *xlntwtch.

Suggested by neurotype Featured by ikazon
Cosplay Scorpion by CosplayQuest
Cosplay Scorpion by *CosplayQuest is wonderfully detailed costume with a ton of little details. Lovely work on the armor and weapons as well.

Suggested by Lyricanna Featured by UnicornReality
workin by tkaracan
I love it when an ID shows us not only the artist and the 'face behind the art', but also shows him/her working on their next piece. Workin by *tkaracan is one of my favourite examples of this.

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by pullingcandy Featured by namenotrequired
Rain by SanelMemic
Rain by ~diemelEsotericART

Suggested by caska1979 Featured by DemonMathiel