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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Blue Empress by jubliantlaine
Blue Empress by ~jubliantlaine. The mood of this painting is so wonderful; I love the simple brushstrokes and the pose of the character - her back is so well-defined and the entire piece flows nicely.

Featured by alicexz
I Support the EARTH by elicoronel16
I Support the EARTH by `elicoronel16
The suggester says, It's absolutely stunning really. The animation, the use of emoticons and the general execution. It's kind of magical too in a really silly way. The expressions on the two bottom emotes faces are honestly priceless for a stamp like this.

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light sickness by josephine26
light sickness by ~josephine26

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Stock Model 61 by Mo-01
[Stock & Resources] Stock Model 61 by *Mo-01

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by Elandria
Freaks by RasUmbrosus
Freaks by ~RasUmbrosus. Mindblowing combination of hilarious cartoony style and solid colouring, amazing attention to the details.

Suggested by RayEtherna Featured by KovoWolf
That city you never knew by Elaine10
That city you never knew by ~Elaine10

Suggested by rioIu Featured by oilsoaked
Tree Of Life Buckle by Cloud-Dragonz
Axia Familly by omupied
The varied decorum of the two subjects is golden in *omupied's Axia Familly as the artist brings a deviant's characters to life.

Suggested by Hellobaby Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Building a New Life by aquanut
Building a New Life by ~aquanut
What a heart-warming scene! The characters and atmosphere will bring a smile to your face.

Suggested by elicoronel16 Featured by alexandrasalas
Orbital Fatigue by submicron
Misty Mountain by jasonwilde
Misty Mountain by =wilde108

Featured by trevg
Broken doll by AnnMei
Broken doll by ~AnnMei

Suggested by MagicnaAnavi Featured by Aeirmid
colibrie by BrayanBs
colibrie is by ~BrayanBs. The suggestor says, "The harmony of its colors make a good combination."

Suggested by BrayanBs Featured by DomiSM
Enter Tragedy by Zephrost
This night wounds time; Enter Tragedy, graphite and wash pencil from ~Zephrost.

Suggested by Kaoyux Featured by SRaffa
The Joker by KasperGustavsson
The Joker by ~KasperArts

Suggested by Wiggsly Featured by pullingcandy
Blue Tree by Fractal-Kiss
Sheep by Nelfi
Sheep by ~Nelfi makes effective use of a soft color palette and has cuteness to spare! Also suggested by `Gwendolyn12

Suggested by iingo Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Labyrinth by MABLEX
Labyrinth by ~MABLEX

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The Hatchling by tomb1
The Hatchling by ~tomb1

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YOUMA's by sudareBB
I really enjoy the composition of the lively characters in this piece! YOUMA's by *sudareBB

Suggested by iingo Featured by MzzAzn
Jumping Spider 3 by Abovelifesize
CELTIC DRAGONS by arteymetal
CELTIC DRAGONS by ~arteymetal This impressive piece of metalwork is only a part of a decoration on a chest covered in Celtic motifs.

Suggested by Cayca Featured by UnicornReality
Environment studies by ReiQuintero
Merch Girl 08 by SDex
Suggester Said: "I've been following ~SDex for a while now and the most recent comic released (Merch Girl) I feel really showcases ~SDex's talent with coloring, composition, and human expressions. I really encourage everyone to check out his gallery and other works, his art is just so wonderful and really "pops"!"

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What Makes A Good Editor? by ~JRollendz

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Balance by GDSWorld
Balance by *gdsworld is a stunning example of good 3D becoming great 3D with post work and a lot of TLC.

Featured by Cymae
Imagine by RawPoetry
Imagine by *RawPoetry

Suggested by VisualPoems Featured by DemonMathiel