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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Building a New Life by aquanut
Building a New Life by ~aquanut
What a heart-warming scene! The characters and atmosphere will bring a smile to your face.

Suggested by elicoronel16 Featured by alexandrasalas
Broken doll by AnnMei
Broken doll by ~AnnMei

Suggested by MagicnaAnavi Featured by Aeirmid
Freaks by RasUmbrosus
Freaks by ~RasUmbrosus. Mindblowing combination of hilarious cartoony style and solid colouring, amazing attention to the details.

Suggested by RayEtherna Featured by KovoWolf
I Support the EARTH by elicoronel16
I Support the EARTH by `elicoronel16
The suggester says, It's absolutely stunning really. The animation, the use of emoticons and the general execution. It's kind of magical too in a really silly way. The expressions on the two bottom emotes faces are honestly priceless for a stamp like this.

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Suggested by elecxra Featured by namenotrequired
What Makes A Good Editor? by ~JRollendz

Suggested by inknalcohol Featured by thorns
Merch Girl 08 by SDex
Suggester Said: "I've been following ~SDex for a while now and the most recent comic released (Merch Girl) I feel really showcases ~SDex's talent with coloring, composition, and human expressions. I really encourage everyone to check out his gallery and other works, his art is just so wonderful and really "pops"!"

Suggested by slifertheskydragon Featured by dust-bite
Labyrinth by MABLEX
Labyrinth by ~MABLEX

Suggested by Exillior Featured by DieZori
Tree Of Life Buckle by Cloud-Dragonz
The Hatchling by tomb1
The Hatchling by ~tomb1

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by deshrubber
Environment studies by ReiQuintero
CELTIC DRAGONS by arteymetal
CELTIC DRAGONS by ~arteymetal This impressive piece of metalwork is only a part of a decoration on a chest covered in Celtic motifs.

Suggested by Cayca Featured by UnicornReality
Enter Tragedy by Zephrost
This night wounds time; Enter Tragedy, graphite and wash pencil from ~Zephrost.

Suggested by Kaoyux Featured by SRaffa
Sheep by Nelfi
Sheep by ~Nelfi makes effective use of a soft color palette and has cuteness to spare! Also suggested by `Gwendolyn12

Suggested by iingo Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Axia Familly by omupied
The varied decorum of the two subjects is golden in *omupied's Axia Familly as the artist brings a deviant's characters to life.

Suggested by Hellobaby Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Blue Empress by jubliantlaine
Blue Empress by ~jubliantlaine. The mood of this painting is so wonderful; I love the simple brushstrokes and the pose of the character - her back is so well-defined and the entire piece flows nicely.

Featured by alicexz
The Joker by KasperGustavsson
The Joker by ~KasperArts

Suggested by Wiggsly Featured by pullingcandy
colibrie by BrayanBs
colibrie is by ~BrayanBs. The suggestor says, "The harmony of its colors make a good combination."

Suggested by BrayanBs Featured by DomiSM
Imagine by RawPoetry
Imagine by *RawPoetry

Suggested by VisualPoems Featured by DemonMathiel
YOUMA's by sudareBB
I really enjoy the composition of the lively characters in this piece! YOUMA's by *sudareBB

Suggested by iingo Featured by MzzAzn
Balance by GDSWorld
Balance by *gdsworld is a stunning example of good 3D becoming great 3D with post work and a lot of TLC.

Featured by Cymae
Jumping Spider 3 by Abovelifesize
Stock Model 61 by Mo-Nabbach
[Stock & Resources] Stock Model 61 by *Mo-01

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by Elandria