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Saturday, April 21, 2012
Blooms in the heart... by PassionateSnuff
Balance by babyinblue
Balance by ~babyinblue

Suggested by fal-name Featured by DemonMathiel
Ranze Commission by Mireielle
Ranze Commission by *Mireielle features lovely coloring and great dynamism and perspective.

Suggested by koh-ey Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Resident Evil 6 Painting by E-Mann
I couldn't bare to cut into a cake with such an amazing piece of Resident Evil fan art on it! Check out this deviants gallery for more high quality work. Resident Evil 6 Painting by =E-Mann

Featured by ChewedKandi
Belle by Elf-in-mirror
Belle by ~Elf-in-mirror

Suggested by LadyLincoln Featured by Moonbeam13
Descension by stevegoad
Descension by *stevegoad. Really beautiful movement and color.

Featured by alicexz
a curve by tomasNY
a curve by ~tomasNY

Suggested by SAVALISTE Featured by fritsenator
You and I by babyk00lz2010
Crisp black and white dotted with intricate detail - You and I by ~babyk00lz2010

Featured by kit-y
Un Monstre a Paris by SeaGerdy
The suggester says, "This piece is detailed but unique, it's from a great scene in the movie, and it involves two characters I have come to love." Un Monstre a Paris by *SeaGerdy

Suggested by RTNightmare Featured by TheCreativeJenn
429 by toprakgoksel
429 by ~toprakgoksel

Featured by xbastex
ShizuIza Icons by Ettelle
The suggester says:"I like these icons because they are fluently animated and well-pixeled. Not to mention that they are just so adorable!"
ShizuIza Icons by =Uyre

Suggested by Masqurade-Chan Featured by Hardrockangel
Lady Sugar by hotame
Lady Sugar by ~hotame is a very pretty one layer painting piece featuring a very interesting headdress!

Suggested by rioIu Featured by MzzAzn
BandR Topless by ~ericcharlesA beautiful and detailed outfit in a lush setting makes for a great fetish portrait.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
The girl with the flower tattoo by ihasb33r
The girl with the flower tattoo by ~ihasb33r, also suggested by *Minato-Kushina, who says, "The bright colors and details make this piece really lovely!"

Suggested by Mishrito Featured by DomiSM
Pauldrons and Arm Braces by vofffka
Pauldrons and Arm Braces by ~vofffka "Why it caught my eye was the unique combination of the leather and jewelry to make an object that is usually so associated with masculinity into a source of feminine beauty." - Lionsong. Couldn't have put it better myself.

Suggested by Lionsong Featured by UnicornReality
Zombie Cuddles by falt-photo
Cellar Barrel by ThisWeeksFeature
A wonderfully crafted typeface, with love for detail and in 3 beautiful weights. Check out the artist's gallery and portfolio to learn more about this typeface.

Cellar Barrel by ~ThisWeeksFeature

Featured by pica-ae
The Fox Without Tail by GeorgeD
The Fox Without Tail by *GeorgeD

Suggested by Astralseed Featured by KovoWolf
Drive by Degenetron
I absolutely adore the moment captured here in Drive by *Degenetron

Featured by Kaz-D
deep purple by kirogi-dog
Suggester Said: "I love the scenery and the cute colors! What I also love about this picture is the deep tone and just how it makes you feel cheery inside your heart."

Suggested by iingo Featured by dust-bite