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Monday, April 16, 2012
Freedom by shoair
Freedom by ~shoair

Suggested by Imperius-Rex Featured by pica-ae
Moment by AMyriadVice
Moment by *serdanoy a very whimsical necklace.

Suggested by STelari Featured by UnicornReality
sunset sonata ii by isamon
An unusual capture reflecting strong colours and a beautiful end to a day. sunset sonata ii by *isamon gives music a touch of colour.

Suggested by rose-from-the-ashes Featured by Kaz-D
Library by VectorTank
Library is by =VectorTank

Featured by DomiSM
Sewing you by ErikTjernlund
Sewing you by *ErikTjernlund

Suggested by rioIu Featured by pullingcandy
Fangs III, pencil by Panthera11
Fangs III, pencil by ~Panthera11

Suggested by Mararda Featured by oilsoaked
Key and Lock by Platinus
Time of colds by M-Choosh
Time of colds by ~M-Choosh

Suggested by Kaz-D Featured by DemonMathiel
Latex legs by ~dirtydollbaby A fantastically glamorous fetish portrait. I love the long sleek latex legs, and the anonymity of the hood.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Far From Fields by Ascending-Storm
Far From Fields by *veinsofmercury. Dramatic and surreal with many interesting elements.

Featured by alicexz
Exigent by skyfinder
Exigent by *skyfinder I really like the dramatic feel of this piece! The background is also lovely especially with the glass in the foreground. Great work! Also suggested by DayDr3emrs.

Suggested by Vienix Featured by MzzAzn
On The Hill by EmilStojek
On The Hill by ~iahveh

Featured by fritsenator
GOKU by CangDu
The suggester says, " An epic piece of fanart of an epic character. I think this artist really accomplished his goal of creating a more realistic Goku." GOKU by ~CangDu

Suggested by Dorrica Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Majapahit Istanate by KaelNgu
Majapahit Istanate by *kael360

Suggested by Hellobaby Featured by DieZori
Seaquen Camp Concept by bpsola
Seaquen Camp Concept by ~bpsola

Suggested by gummyrabbit Featured by WillowXD
Dreaming of Neverland by sofiafarhan
Dreaming of Neverland by ~sofiafarhan has a realistic but surreal mood to it, the 3D is exquisite.

Featured by Cymae
Candid by godangdang
Candid by *godangdang features a warm color palette, lovely scenery, and great lighting effects.

Suggested by flouvl Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Technique Challenge Doll by Crazy-Lola
Technique Challenge Doll by ~Crazy-Lola may have a simple outfit, but is quite a complex doll. The level of shading is amazing, and the face looks almost realistic.

Suggested by pressurized Featured by IridescentStardust
Mobsterswitched Midnight Crew by arok318
Mobsterswitched Midnight Crew by ~arok318 displays a dramatic contrast of light and shadow, making the characters stand out and catch the viewer's attention.

Suggested by AthenaTT Featured by alexandrasalas
Trying to hold on, trying to let go, finally just Watching Him Leave; oil on canvas from ~dorianvincent.

Suggested by Dragos-Sulgheru Featured by SRaffa
REKALA by jong-preanger
REKALA by ~jong-preanger has such striking and beautiful detail!

Featured by KovoWolf
Dance miserable by MariamMohammed
Dance miserable by =aneen-alrooh features beautiful tones and lighting; the suggester wrote, "The blue entices me!"

Suggested by kuschelirmel Featured by Aeirmid