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Sunday, April 15, 2012
free icon: bro strider by everyredqueen
The suggester says:"An adorable little icon that's smoothly animated and free to use!".
free icon: bro strider by =xfinal-fantasyx

Suggested by scarlettwing Featured by Hardrockangel
Don't leave me alone !!! by kimerajam
Dreamworld by comsic
Dreamworld by ~comsic

Featured by trevg
Holy 3 by MissSouls-stock
LOX_AB by Uviski
Great perspective, detailed background, and adorably quirky "sidekicks"! LOX_AB by ~Yuuba is a cool piece indeed!

Suggested by iingo Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Arwen and Aragorn by imorawetz
The suggester says, "I love this piece of artwork! I can definitely tell that this artist has talent with digital art." Arwen and Aragorn by ~iteatsbrainsx

Suggested by musiquelle Featured by TheCreativeJenn
I'm your digital future by dakael
I'm your digital future by ~dakael has a great sense of tone and depth. The eye holds a lot of emotion and really draws you in.

Suggested by camir Featured by Lyricanna
Chameleon by snowny
Chameleon is by ~snowny

Featured by DomiSM
Moon and Sun by Papierpilot
Moon and Sun by *Papierpilot

Suggested by banshee69 Featured by Moonbeam13
Lanais and Thanatos by Sayara-S
The god of death must cope with Eros in Lanais and Thanatos; big-time sensuality in graphite from ~Sayara-S.

Suggested by RaisloverSakura Featured by SRaffa
Fairytale Christmas Gift 2008 by auroradreams
[Stock & Resources] Fairytale Christmas Gift 2008 by *auroradreams

Suggested by AngeliaArt Featured by Elandria
Release Me by KalaSketch
Release Me, powerful work by ~aokera. The motion in this painting is so striking and beautiful.

Also suggested by =Topicality.

Suggested by Poiizu Featured by alicexz
Shemp Howard caricature by FauxHead
Bei Nacht by Lyekka
Bei Nacht by ~Lyekka

Suggested by rioIu Featured by deshrubber
Dali Wars by graynd
Dali Wars by ~graynd

Suggested by Exillior Featured by JZino
PINKU by Hisamisa
PINKU by ~Hisamisa This is a great piece from this deviant's gallery displaying their beautiful digital painting style. I really like how the white clothing is shaded on this character. It's very well done!

Suggested by Rigune Featured by MzzAzn
Yannick and Veronica by chacckco
Yannick and Veronica by ~chacckco

Suggested by onkami Featured by KovoWolf
Sacrifice by MeeranUhm
The suggester writes, "Sacrifice by ~pure-lily is so beautifully over-painted and blended, it almost gives a feel of a painting."

Suggested by TheDarkRayne Featured by Aeirmid
FFVII Crisis Core Buster Sword by vvmasterdrfan
FFVII Crisis Core Buster Sword by =vvmasterdrfan amazing attention to detail in this piece, also it is huge! Make sure to check the thumbnail that shows it being wielded.

Featured by UnicornReality
Castel Meur by reinemab
Castel Meur by ~reinemab

Suggested by Mikonow Featured by itsfrits
matsu deathseeker by crutz
matsu deathseeker by ~crutz

Suggested by Smirtouille Featured by Negatic
Untitled by

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