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Saturday, April 14, 2012
Bird by Melna
Bird by ~Melna

Suggested by RayEtherna Featured by Thunderstatement
:: clouds Girl  :: by Rmanah
The suggester writes, "I find :: clouds Girl :: by ~Rmanah so refreshing, innocent, and beautiful! It looks so soft and magical that I think deserves more attention."

Suggested by LuzTapia Featured by Aeirmid
glamour by maczep
glamour by ~maczep

Suggested by manyara Featured by DistortedSmile
conversation by alexandreev
conversation, fascinating surreal artwork by ~alexandreev. It's a subdued, restrained piece, and makes the viewer very curious about the story behind it!

Featured by alicexz
Domination by leoatelier
Domination by ~pr09studio - Suggester says: "The composition is really rich and interesting for a wallpaper. There is good equilibrium between blurring and sharpness and the color of the main version (dark blue) is deep and peaceful."

Suggested by MadeInKobaia Featured by Infinite705
Still Life by sneakazz
Still Life by ~sneakazz

Suggested by AnaNaszynska Featured by itsfrits
Cinders - cemetery by vinegar
Cinders - cemetery by *vinegar

Suggested by MoonlightMysteria Featured by WillowXD
Desert Wreck by Deepblu742
The suggester says, "Everyone loves an image that tells a story. Even if that story is a tragic one." Desert Wreck by ~Deepblu742

Suggested by JZLobo Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Becoming Brian by *doughboycafe

Suggested by LiliWrites Featured by thorns
The moon dance by RahLuna
The moon dance by ~RahLuna

Suggested by STelari Featured by Kaz-D
Goblin mask by DenisPolyakov
Goblin mask by ~DenisPolyakov The suggester says "It's just so unbelievably realistic, so incredibly well made. If I'd see someone wear it on the streets, it'd prolly scare the living bajeesus out of me. Exquisite work." Well said.

Suggested by FelineArtisan Featured by FrockTarts
Not Lolita by beri-cram
Not Lolita by ~beri-cram is a beautiful doll that has a unique and soft style of shading. The colors work together wonderfully, and the delicate design is perfectly offset by her challenging face.

Suggested by laisdossin Featured by IridescentStardust
Battle Scene II by TEnmoom
Battle Scene II by ~TEnmoom

Suggested by SketchesInMinutes Featured by Negatic
Inoririn_Full_Power by Nonoririn
Inoririn_Full_Power by ~Nonoririn shows a great use subtle use of texture combined with soft coloring.

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by MzzAzn
Doodle Wallet Little Shop Of Horrors by whyamitheconvict
Doodle Wallet Little Shop Of Horrors by ~whyamitheconvict is a fantastically themed wallet depicting one of the most pivotal moments, excuse me while I burst into song.

Suggested by ChumpShoes Featured by UnicornReality
Metamorphic by sjdebdaly
Metamorphic by ~08Spectre80

Suggested by heavenriver Featured by SuicideBySafetyPin
Derpina by o-pan
Derpina by ~o-pan is a lovely interpretation of the Rage Comics character.

Featured by alexandrasalas
Suggester Said: "Of Here and Hereafter by ~lyaazor is symbolism at its finest. The bookending, too, gives the story an overwhelming weight."

Suggested by NateIsNameless Featured by dust-bite
Koi. by CandyAddictedL
Koi. is by ~CandyAddictedL

Featured by DomiSM
dance 4 by jlior
[Stock & Resources] dance 4 by ~jlior is a beautiful example of the stock on offer in this creative and striking not to mention new stock gallery that was also suggested by Tiniri

Suggested by HelenaRothStock Featured by Elandria
The Turaco Rider by OnyxSerpent
The Turaco Rider by ~OnyxSerpent is absolutely amazing. Love the cartoony, soft, illustrative style they use.

Suggested by latinwords Featured by KovoWolf
Carrie by LenoreScarecrow
An excellent rendition from a classic horror movie.
Carrie by *LenoreScarecrow

Featured by pullingcandy
Will of Abyss by YtkaMatilda
Will of Abyss by ~YtkaMatilda is a fantastic cosplay deviantID. The suggester is lyrical about the composition and use of colour, as well as the contrast between the powerful construction of the photo and the delicacy of the girl and the beautiful dress.

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by Laurelin-CosPlay Featured by namenotrequired
Kingyo by ETrost
Kingyo (金魚), Goldfish exhalations in vivid watercolor and ink from *Angeleli5.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by SRaffa
butterfly kiss by chaamal
butterfly kiss by ~chaamal features lovely colors and detailing that is intricate without being messy.

Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Rome ::1 by MisterKey
Rome ::1 by ~MisterKey

Featured by AnaNaszynska
A cup of dreams by astridle
A cup of dreams by *astridle

Suggested by LadyxWinter Featured by DemonMathiel