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Friday, April 13, 2012
Rabies Star Brushset by Rabieshund
Rabies Star Brushset by ~Rabieshund

Suggested by Snow-Body Featured by Elandria
Bath time by jezzamyn
Bath time by ~jezzamyn

Suggested by SOMEbySophia Featured by DistortedSmile
Brain by kpavlis
Brain by ~kpavlis

Featured by itsfrits
Breathless by llemonthyme
Breathless by ~llemonthyme

Suggested by dragonfly-oli Featured by DpressedSoul
Night by Mar-ka
Night, a gorgeous and delicate portrait of a beautifully stylized character by ~Mar-ka.

Suggested by rioIu Featured by alicexz
Crow's Fall Banner Set by ~amwah is exemplary of a traditional story told, complete with delicate watercolor emphasis.

Suggested by Snowflakesarefalling Featured by oilsoaked
Chrysanthemum by ~KatVanGent

Featured by JZino
Life Sized Shiny Gliscor by DearAngelTori
Hundreds of hours and thousands of single crochets later and Life Sized Shiny Gliscor by ~DearAngelTori was born! A massive task that turned out brilliantly.

Suggested by Taikxo Featured by UnicornReality
Geisha Girl by EddieHolly
Some of the coolest art in the whole world is tucked away in sketchbooks; case in point: Geisha Girl; outstanding draftsmanship from *hop2pop.

Suggested by GemmaDuffill Featured by SRaffa
Bamboo Forest by malta
Bamboo Forest by *malta is such a fun and playful piece!

Featured by KovoWolf
ACR by White-corner
ACR by ~White-corner gives such a rich atmosphere surrounding one memorable character from an awesome video game series!

Suggested by rioIu Featured by TheCreativeJenn
incense bearer by tribuana
incense bearer by ~tribuana

Featured by xbastex
Painting Flowers. by citylight-skylines
The suggester writes, "Painting Flowers. by ~citylight-skylines is a dreamy scene, like coming from a fairy tale!"

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by Aeirmid
multi-tasking by ZoeUna
multi-tasking by *ZoeUna

Suggested by psion005 Featured by SuicideBySafetyPin
sleep by Yashy
sleep by ~Yashy

Suggested by Sugar-Thief Featured by Negatic
Rainbow Dash Automaton by renegadecow
Hidden Garden by ArthurBlue
Hidden Garden by *ArthurBlue

Suggested by nadav-y Featured by Cymae
Like a movie scene by du-la
Like a movie scene by *du-la A quiet, human night scene, just like a frame from an old B/W movie.

Suggested by lostknightkg Featured by StamatisGR
gasmask angel by XMenouX
Suggester Said: " I've been watching ~XMenouX for a few years now and she never fails to amaze me."

Suggested by Doertchen Featured by dust-bite
Love you by purgeru
Love you is by *purgeru

Suggested by MaddalinaMocanu Featured by DomiSM
at the gate by jiuge
at the gate by ~jiuge Beautiful details on the clothing and amazingly done hair! I love how you can see the strands!

Suggested by luzhikari Featured by MzzAzn
Avengers Assemble by clairebearer
HULK SMASH! Avengers Assemble by ~clairebearer is a fantastic fan art representation. The attention to detail and smooth animation are brilliant. The capes are definitely the best part for me.

Suggested by Synfull Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Army Of Mushrooms by Gloom82
I'm not aware of superstitions that involve mushrooms, but after seeing their creepier side in Army Of Mushrooms by ~Gloom82, maybe there should be.

Suggested by syedmaaz Featured by Moonbeam13
Cheesecake with Strawberry by Studioxil
The Consequence by ~mimetalk. Beautiful puppetry and well timed music makes this atmospheric animation a delight to watch!

Suggested by Rosella-of-Daventry Featured by ditto9
FLOWER MAKER of KADESH-BARNEA by ~Ernie-Parcon is simply stunning!

Featured by jussta
Cocoa is delicious by binoftrash
Cocoa is delicious by ~binoftrash is a beautiful pixel-avatar that features a very smooth animation. Be sure to check out the rest of this deviant's gallery for more amazing pixel-work!

Suggested by Koriru Featured by Hardrockangel