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Monday, April 09, 2012
Mud, mud and a little bit more mud II by luca1984
New Girl by Colors1
It's hard to believe that New Girl by ~Colors1 is only a 2nd vexel by this artist!

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by jussta
Crossing the marshes by ChrisRallis
Crossing the marshes by ~ChrisRa. Simply fantastic movement and storytelling, and the perspective is interesting and dynamic.

Suggested by QAuZ Featured by alicexz
mermaid's body art by PerlaMarina
The suggester says, "I had never seen anything with this idea, and every detail perfect. mermaid's body art by *PerlaMarina deserves to be seen by all."

Suggested by Wesley-Souza Featured by Aeirmid
staying here. by gloeckchen
staying here. by ~gloeckchen

Featured by Kaz-D
Jeniscle by ~Viviphyd

Suggested by UGotRektHard Featured by DieZori
Bambi Cupcake by VPofFantasyland
Bambi Cupcake by *VPofFantasyland is just adorable.

Featured by UnicornReality
Dreamer by vicentemateoTICO
Dreamer by ~vicentemateoTICO is an awesome vector painting! Love the feeling of brush strokes and the chosen colours are so beautiful.

Featured by DomiSM
Fly by soreiyu-run
Fly by ~soreiyu-run has a gentle sense of motion, and an appealing balance between soft colors and bright patterns.

Suggested by deamera Featured by Miss-It-Girl
67 by moonchild-lj-stock
[Stock & Resources] 67 by *moonchild-lj-stock

Suggested by Creamydigital Featured by Elandria
Porto, Portugal, 2011 by philipz
Porto, Portugal, 2011 by ~philipz combines simple forms and fine grey shades in a subtle minimalist composition.

Featured by AnaNaszynska
I've found you by Cottoon
I'll found you by ~Cottoon

Suggested by sonasthan Featured by hellfirediva
New Skin by v-e-r-a
New Skin by ~v-e-r-a

Suggested by rioIu Featured by KovoWolf
Join the Adventure by MarcelPerez
Join the Adventure by *Zuthell This is a very well done traditional piece. The sense of movement is wonderful as well as the artist's unique style of coloring and drawing. Also suggested by fuyu-seetaa.

Suggested by RTNightmare Featured by MzzAzn
Zulu_pag_06 by AZEITONA
Zulu_pag_06 by ~AZEITONA

Featured by dust-bite
Guarda-chuvas by vlad-m
Guarda-chuvas by ~vlad-m

Featured by fritsenator
angel ? by jurcic
angel ? by ~jurcic Suggester says: "The framing is just great and the character is indescribable. It works in so many levels."

Suggested by NunoCanha Featured by StamatisGR
digital nature by SATTISH
digital nature by ~SATTISH is a unique piece, which brings very obvious symbolism in an abstract form. Stunning!

Featured by Cymae
Zima 21 by chatte-bleu
The road less traveled: Zima 21; transporting watercolors from ~chatte-bleu.

Suggested by Wiggsly Featured by SRaffa