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Saturday, April 07, 2012
Minimalist Tree by Phoenixel-AB
Stay by pireh
Stay by ~pireh

Featured by dust-bite
Up in smoke by horizonred
Up in smoke is by ~horizonred. Loving the shading and detail in this piece.

Featured by DomiSM
Hoggles the hedgehog by LisaAP
Hoggles the hedgehog by ~LisaAP

Suggested by cleody Featured by Moonbeam13
twisting by liquish
twisting by ~liquish is a fine example of architecture photography where the overall composition is enhanced by use of colour.

Featured by AnaNaszynska
The Mad Hatter and March Hare by asahimanyou
The Mad Hatter and March Hare by ~asahimanyou I fell in love with all the details of this amazing piece!

Featured by MzzAzn
The Last Supper by MattaeusBall
My Craftsmanship by GregoriusSuhartoyo
Vintage Key Necklace - Elven Queen SOLD by DreamyElegance
*DreamyElegance's has a really creative gallery with handmade jewels that simply take breath away, such as Vintage Key Necklace - Elven Queen.

Suggested by scarlette13 Featured by UnicornReality
Fallout Stoat Style by FleetingEmber
Fallout Stoat Style by ~o-eternal-o

Suggested by TommyGK Featured by KovoWolf
Goku vs Broly and Raditz commission by TicoDrawing
The suggester says, "The dynamic composition of the piece is mirrored by the intense use of tones and strong contrasts. An amazing piece by an amazing artist." Ladies and Gentlemen, Goku vs Broly and Raditz commission by ~hovsec!

Suggested by Not-So-Handsome Featured by TheCreativeJenn
midday stroll by Agilao
midday stroll by ~Ziphe A stylized piece that makes effective use of flat coloring and subtle texture.

Suggested by Damaged927 Featured by Miss-It-Girl
When Music takes control by Bosslogix
When Music takes control by *BossLogic

Suggested by winryheart Featured by Aeirmid
vida y muerte en color by Irina-Hirondelle
I can only agree with the suggester when she says that vida y muerte en color is a wonderful and unique ID by ~Irindra. The concept of vida y muerte (life and death) is shown very well with pen and watercolour - besides the face of the artist, this shows admirable skill and imagination.

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by YumiKF Featured by namenotrequired
Me, You and Shoes by ~Glow-Stick-Empire The suggester says, "A short but sweet piece about growing up. It uses incidental details really well to hook the reader in; keeping the piece interesting and easy to relate to."

Suggested by WritersInk Featured by thorns
Dragonfly by Blubdi-Photography
Dragonfly by =blubdi-foto
Also suggested by *14Forever

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by hellfirediva
Autumn by Fredrik-Rattzen
Autumn by ~tja88. The complementary colors are simply exquisite in this beautiful, delicate painting.

Featured by alicexz
Sea Rocks Stock by little-spacey
ryonen_paint_04 by itsajackal
A private conflagration: ryonen_paint_04; incendiary paints from ~itsajackal.
(Suggested by *TelariMoira and `RipfangDragon)

Featured by SRaffa
Owl 03 by LydiardWildlife
[Stock & Resources] Owl 03 by ~LydiardWildlife

Featured by Elandria
October... by Creature13
October... by ~Creature13

Suggested by SirWendigo Featured by Negatic
Regaining by litecrush
Regaining by =litecrush is such an adorable fairy-tale style piece. The detailing is just gorgeous.

Suggested by SanguineEpitaph Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Japanese Assassin's Creed by Txikimorin