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Thursday, April 05, 2012
Knots by visceral
Knots by ~visceral

Suggested by Kaz-D Featured by DemonMathiel
The fecund valley of death and the angel who presides over it; no title IV; eldritch draftsmanship from ~Alzeth.

Suggested by PlusNine Featured by SRaffa
We Were Once Young by JamesJiaXu
Expression is a difficult thing in art, and emotion even moreso. We Were Once Young by ~JamesJiaXu does an excellent job of portraying both.

Featured by Cymae
Tightrope - The Truth by TheZephyrSong
Tightrope - The Truth by *TheZephyrSong The details on this art piece are amazing! The effort spent on this drawing definitely paid off!

Suggested by AngedeCristal Featured by MzzAzn
dragons by drakoniimirok
dragons by ~drakoniimirok “Dragons and legends...It would have been difficult for any man not to want to fight beside a dragon.” (Patricia Briggs) Stunning dragon sculpture.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
The one who brings spring by fion-fon-tier
Eternal Days - Sanctuary by SnowCorridor
Eternal Days - Sanctuary by ~SnowCorridor A wonderfully detailed piece with beautiful colors and magical atmosphere.

Suggested by izka197 Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Shadow The Hedgehog .:The Ultimate Life Form:. by DanSyron
ballet by CATHERINAS
ballet by ~CATHERINAS

Suggested by Fatooome Featured by DpressedSoul
We fight for right by gtako
We fight for right by ~gtako

Suggested by naochiko Featured by DieZori
Commission - Petr and Shektar by MichelleHoefener
Untitled by

Featured by
B1 by YukoRabbit
B1 by ~YukoRabbit. Beautiful movement, arresting subject, and great texture.

Artist also suggested by *liittlemadness and *DreamlessxPassion.

Suggested by nominee84 Featured by alicexz
cold perfection II by johngiannis27
Snow Empress by yenna-photo
Snow Empress by *yenna-photo A beautiful costume on a smaller scale.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by UnicornReality
Redeemer Reborn by luffie
Redeemer Reborn is an amazing addition to ~luffie's Fantasy Illustration collection here on deviantART. Viewing more of his work is a must.

Suggested by Astralseed Featured by TheCreativeJenn
biscotti by illusionality
biscotti by ~illusionality

Featured by Kaz-D
Square Browser Icons by BenSow
The suggester says:"Because sometimes squares are beautiful too. Also the pack contains a RockMelt icon and that is a rare thing, that somebody thinks about alternative browsers too.!".
Square Browser Icons by ~BenSow

Suggested by NAkos Featured by Hardrockangel
DC Universe Online Legends 19-1 by RexLokus
Daenerys 4 by Elisa-Erian
[Stock & Resources] Daenerys 4 by ~Elisa-Erian

Suggested by CelticStrm-Stock Featured by Elandria
LiVe A LiFe by IgNgRez
LiVe A LiFe is a cheerful ID of a great photographer. Great job by both the photographer of this piece, *widjita (who doesn't have this piece in his gallery), and the model *IgNgRez.

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by Kaz-D Featured by namenotrequired
10F5 by Pyrosity
10F5 by ~Pyrosity. The style is very personal and the pallet is just divine. This varied artist is very skilled in both organic and technical drawing, a balance not commonly found across the community.
(suggested by `NalaFontaine & `Katmomma )

Featured by KovoWolf