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Wednesday, April 04, 2012
CyA026 - Crocodile Hunter by TheCGCy
CyA026 - Crocodile Hunter by ~Mercyguy

Suggested by TommyGK Featured by KovoWolf
'Knut' by Nikolaj-Arndt
"Knut" by ~Nikolaj-Arndt

Suggested by rioIu Featured by takethef
Pond by XElectra
[Stock & Resources] Pond by *XElectra

Suggested by AJ333 Featured by Elandria
chinese zodiac by evikted
chinese zodiac by ~evikted A cool collection of zodiac signs, each depicted with a lot of charm and style.

Suggested by TommyGK Featured by Miss-It-Girl
A Little Church in Cambridge by adamlack
Life... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria
Life... by `MichelCh

Suggested by VesnaSvesna Featured by DpressedSoul
Meteor Strike by =Holydust A most fabulous cosplay that truly transports you into the Final Fantasy universe.

Suggested by SwanofWar Featured by UnicornReality
Free Avatar: Naruto Eating Ramen by kawaiihannah
The suggester says:"It's an adorable avatar, and the animation is so smooth!".
Free Avatar: Naruto Eating Ramen by ~kawaiihannah

Suggested by scarlettwing Featured by Hardrockangel
Colors of Music by marcphx
Colors of Music by ~marcphx has had such an overwhelming response from the community. The animation is so fluid, and colourful. It's brilliant.

Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Lamplighter by korintic
Lamplighter by ~korintic, a mysterious and beautiful concept executed with fine detail and linework. A gorgeous illustration.

Featured by alicexz
Star Trail by sukaikun
Star Trail by ~sukaikun This cheerful drawing definitely puts a smile on my face and excites me for summer!

Suggested by iingo Featured by MzzAzn
Rescue by Gondalier
The technique of Rescue by ~Gondalier brings the classic video game to life while delivering it justice!

Suggested by NekoLiliah Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Panoriver by Hestefotograf
Panoriver by ~A-Motive

Featured by trevg
Tomb Raider - Surreal valley by Matchack
Tomb Raider - Surreal valley by ~Matchack
The suggester says: "...great Tomb Raider fanart, really far from the usual artworks we're used to see about this game. I really like the composition, the dreamy effect of this surreal background and the high amount of details the artist put in it!"

Suggested by DameOdessa Featured by alexandrasalas
Streetify: monkeying around by tzaj
Streetify: monkeying around by ~tzajSuggester says: "Urban monkey exploring the urban branches" Caught on film! How cool is that?

Suggested by myraincheck Featured by StamatisGR
Olivia's Red Dragon by MarcusDeleo
Olivia's Red Dragon by ~MarcusDeleo "Give me chastity and continence--but not yet!" (St. Augustine of Hippo). Deliciously erotic and voluptuous sculpture.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
106 by Bela01
106 by *Bela01

Suggested by RosleinRot Featured by Kaz-D
Heaven's Gate by Dani-Owergoor
The suggester writes, "Today I found something that blew my mind!! Heaven's Gate by *DXPO is amazing artwork-- super creative and well done!"

Suggested by LuneBleu Featured by Aeirmid
Gert and Bernie by tad-aster
Gert and Bernie by *tad-aster speaks for itself, and I love it. Never thought of these two characters as female...and so tough! Gave me a good laugh, and I hope it does the same for everyone!

Featured by DomiSM