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Wednesday, April 04, 2012
Gert and Bernie by tad-aster
Gert and Bernie by *tad-aster speaks for itself, and I love it. Never thought of these two characters as female...and so tough! Gave me a good laugh, and I hope it does the same for everyone!

Featured by DomiSM
Colors of Music by marcphx
Colors of Music by ~marcphx has had such an overwhelming response from the community. The animation is so fluid, and colourful. It's brilliant.

Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Star Trail by sukaikun
Star Trail by ~sukaikun This cheerful drawing definitely puts a smile on my face and excites me for summer!

Suggested by iingo Featured by MzzAzn
Heaven's Gate by Dani-Owergoor
The suggester writes, "Today I found something that blew my mind!! Heaven's Gate by *DXPO is amazing artwork-- super creative and well done!"

Suggested by LuneBleu Featured by Aeirmid
Life... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria
Life... by `MichelCh

Suggested by VesnaSvesna Featured by DpressedSoul
'Knut' by Nikolaj-Arndt
"Knut" by ~Nikolaj-Arndt

Suggested by rioIu Featured by takethef
Streetify: monkeying around by tzaj
Streetify: monkeying around by ~tzajSuggester says: "Urban monkey exploring the urban branches" Caught on film! How cool is that?

Suggested by myraincheck Featured by StamatisGR
106 by Bela01
106 by *Bela01

Suggested by RosleinRot Featured by Kaz-D
Runner's Death by ~DreamingPsnLaffingX3 Suggester Writes: This piece tells us what happens when too many lies are told too often. It tells us about the bravery some have, and the cowardice of others. It speaks volumes about truth and about how, especially these days, truth might be the only thing that sets many of us free.

Suggested by xlntwtch Featured by BeccaJS
Lamplighter by korintic
Lamplighter by ~korintic, a mysterious and beautiful concept executed with fine detail and linework. A gorgeous illustration.

Featured by alicexz
Free Avatar: Naruto Eating Ramen by kawaiihannah
The suggester says:"It's an adorable avatar, and the animation is so smooth!".
Free Avatar: Naruto Eating Ramen by ~kawaiihannah

Suggested by scarlettwing Featured by Hardrockangel
Tomb Raider - Surreal valley by Matchack
Tomb Raider - Surreal valley by ~Matchack
The suggester says: "...great Tomb Raider fanart, really far from the usual artworks we're used to see about this game. I really like the composition, the dreamy effect of this surreal background and the high amount of details the artist put in it!"

Suggested by DameOdessa Featured by alexandrasalas
chinese zodiac by evikted
chinese zodiac by ~evikted A cool collection of zodiac signs, each depicted with a lot of charm and style.

Suggested by TommyGK Featured by Miss-It-Girl
CyA026 - Crocodile Hunter by TheCGCy
CyA026 - Crocodile Hunter by ~Mercyguy

Suggested by TommyGK Featured by KovoWolf
Meteor Strike by =Holydust A most fabulous cosplay that truly transports you into the Final Fantasy universe.

Suggested by SwanofWar Featured by UnicornReality
Pond by XElectra
[Stock & Resources] Pond by *XElectra

Suggested by AJ333 Featured by Elandria
Rescue by Gondalier
The technique of Rescue by ~Gondalier brings the classic video game to life while delivering it justice!

Suggested by NekoLiliah Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Olivia's Red Dragon by MarcusDeleo
Olivia's Red Dragon by ~MarcusDeleo "Give me chastity and continence--but not yet!" (St. Augustine of Hippo). Deliciously erotic and voluptuous sculpture.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations