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Wednesday, March 21, 2012
The suggester writes, "that hears by ~warianta caught my eye; it seems the ethereal creature has some secret knowledge humans will never be able to obtain."

Suggested by LadyEvilArts Featured by Aeirmid
Taxidermy - Courting Bee-eaters by Illahie
Taxidermy - Courting Bee-eaters by ~Illahie Quoting the suggester "An amazing moment preserved by a multi-talented crafts-woman. Her high quality taxidermy honors the beauty of the deceased animals, preserving them for others to enjoy.Please note that none of the animals this artist works with were killed for the purpose of taxidermy alone."

Suggested by Inku-inku Featured by FrockTarts
:: H I N A M A T S U R I :: by hitogata
:: H I N A M A T S U R I :: by =hitogata I especially love how well done the hair is on the male character. Overall, this is a very beautifully done piece. Also suggested by arashini, NekoLiliah and white-frosty-luv.

Suggested by ChelseaCherryblossom Featured by MzzAzn
Art Appreciation by Drocan
Art Appreciation by ~Drocan Suggester says: "Drocan has a lovely gallery with a very good eye for detail and tonal balance. I love this photo in particular because of its simplicity and crispness."

Suggested by TenshisKisu Featured by StamatisGR
NaNoEmo - Day 18 by Phlum
NaNoEmo - Day 18 by =phlum is a classic example of great emote fan art. The suggester said that "while I haven't played the game, I love this emote because of its detail. It's a great representation of the mage it was based on. I am a huge fan of Norse mythology."

Suggested by EternalxRequiem Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Commission by njay
Commission is by *njay

Featured by KovoWolf
Arora by angelcake12
Arora by *angelcake12 is a simple and beautiful drawing filled with heartwarming emotions.

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by Nyiana-sama
Mild3 by qishui
Just one look is all that's needed to appreciate the time and effort that went into Mild3 by ~qishui. And looking at the rest of this deviant's gallery, they truly are an iconist to keep an eye on!

Featured by Hardrockangel
Riding Bikes is a short, honest piece of nonfiction by ~estallidos.

Suggested by starlight879 Featured by ikazon
Untitled by

Featured by
out of body experience by ClaraMcGuireStudios
out of body experience by *AsBeautyDies

Suggested by MissJessykaDawn Featured by DpressedSoul
Falling Leaves PNG's by the-night-bird
Baby Shower Cupcakes stock 1 by Sassy-Stock
[Stock & Resources] Baby Shower Cupcakes 1 by *Sassy-Stock is a perfectly decadent and lavish stock image.

Featured by Elandria
Cionus tuberculosus by Dark-Raptor
Cionus tuberculosus by ~Dark-Raptor
Great macro photo of an interesting creature, nice colors and lighting.

Suggested by Moosplauze Featured by hellfirediva
rose nymph by valuing-a-life
Ethereal, delicate, and mighty like a rose: rose nymph; sterling draftsmanship from ~valuing-a-life.

Featured by SRaffa
12 Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty by harbek
*harbek's attention to detail for her 12 Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty fanart is extravagant! Be sure to check out the rest of her gallery!

Suggested by LadyWithoutAName Featured by TheCreativeJenn
rabbit fairy-tales by ~CreameCaramele This image is an interesting combination of vintage styling, and modern editorial conceptual photography. I love how her expression seems hunted, just like the rabbit.

Suggested by LiiQa Featured by Nyx-Valentine
COTT - Harpy design 1 by Kaduflyer
COTT - Harpy design 1 by *Kaduflyer "...the repellent harpies...Clawed feet and swollen, feathered bellies; they caw Their lamentations in the eerie trees." (Dante) Find more brilliant sculpts in this artist's gallery.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Double barrel by DamianFulton
Double barrel by ~DamianFulton...need I say more?

Suggested by SpamDragon Featured by oilsoaked
young love and mint by ~Danteholic Strong scents dominate this beautiful poem.

Featured by BeccaJS
High Voltage II by Fredy3D
High Voltage II by `Fredy3D is a wonderful masterpiece of 3D lighting, reflection, and a sexy, stylistic approach of a sc-fi scene.

Suggested by SubVirgin Featured by Cymae
Between City and Rural by XanaduPhotography
Chamomile Tea by Tibby-Kitty
Chamomile Tea by ~Tibby-Kitty is just one of the wonderful, creative pieces in this deviant's gallery, be sure to take a look!

Suggested by naida4 Featured by DomiSM
Retro Robot Cupcakes by theshaggyturtle
Retro Robot Cupcakes by ~theshaggyturtle These would be a blast at kids parties!

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by UnicornReality
COMMISSION - Kraun by muju
COMMISSION - Kraun by ~muju

Suggested by Clavis-Salomonis Featured by DieZori
Panduranga-temple by Socnau
Panduranga-temple by ~naunau08 is an isometric pixel with gorgeous, dreamy colours and very fluid animation.

Suggested by Krissi001 Featured by Lyricanna
Preah Ko -6 by DawnRoseCreation
Preah Ko -6 by ~DawnRoseCreation

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by xbastex
Suggester Said: "With beautiful coloring, a fun style, great character designs, and a heck of a lot of intrigue, Judy and the Beasts is a must read!"

Suggested by AnnieDraws Featured by dust-bite
Kinnaree by SARYTH
Kinnaree by ~saryth, an utterly spectacular painting that flows beautifully.

Suggested by Namae-san Featured by alicexz