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Monday, March 19, 2012
-.-. by gepardsim
I will run for shelter
Endless summer lift the curse
Feels like nothing matters
In our private universe…

-.-., intimacy in paint from ~gepardsim.

Suggested by SvenjaLiv Featured by SRaffa
The Ring by =TheBardess smoothly wraps the reader in elegant imagery.

Suggested by linaket Featured by thorns
Teeth by lacrimode
Teeth by ~mmode

Suggested by vagcat Featured by oilsoaked
Forest Path in Winter 9 by Martut
[Stock & Resources] Forest Path in Winter 9 by ~Martut

Suggested by RobynRose Featured by Elandria
My handmade polymer clay rose. by V-eva
My handmade polymer clay rose. by ~V-eva This delicate rose will never fade away, but it might shatter!

Suggested by Talty Featured by FrockTarts
Tinycons by MannMitDerTarnjacke
Tinycons by ~MannMitDerTarnjacke is a package of meticulously designed, pixel-perfect icons that will surely be useful for any customizer who needs to add some finishing touches to his design!

Featured by Hardrockangel
:: Different Touch 7 :: by sagorpirbd
:: Different Touch 7 :: by =sagorpirbd Nice and clean theme for Windows 7.

Featured by Alexander-GG
city of water by bocho
city of water by *bocho

Suggested by Exillior Featured by WillowXD
Draco by Svezhaya
Draco by ~Svezhaya

Suggested by Isbjorg Featured by DieZori
The Girl On Fire by Jandruff
The blaze from Katniss' eyes to her surroundings is amazing, and the concept inspired by the book is nothing less! Ladies and Gentlemen, The Girl On Fire by ~Jandruff!

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Phoebe III ( in Flowerland ) by justJAZZ
Phoebe III ( in Flowerland ) by ~justJAZZ

Suggested by H3llana-mod Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
Amsterdam by DaRomano
Amsterdam by ~DaRomano

Featured by StamatisGR
The General by lylalyla
The General by *lylalyla A sculpture to make you smile, very cleverly presented.

Suggested by Zhiah Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Zandy - Monchi Monster Plush by yumcha
Zandy - Monchi Monster Plush by ~yumcha One of the adorable Monchi Monsters that this Deviant makes. I love the heart nipples!

Suggested by rioIu Featured by UnicornReality
Secrets of the Puschmore World by any-s-kill
Secrets of the Puschmore World, a beautiful painting by ~any-s-kill with great flowing composition, beautiful character design, and rich, warm colors.

Featured by alicexz
Heart Hit by ksplus
Heart Hit by ~ksplus Creativity is flowing in this piece! I love how I need to look at this drawing for a while to see everything that's really going on in it! It's such a fun piece!

Suggested by rioIu Featured by MzzAzn
That's no Moon... by Badassbill
That's no Moon... by ~Badassbill is a humorous pixel scene with great attention to lighting and details.

Suggested by r0se-designs Featured by Lyricanna
Balloon Boy by Shaima
Balloon Boy by ~Shaima. The suggester says, "Simple vectors pile up together to make an amazing piece full of loveliness .. this is what makes ~Shaima's vector works so unique."

Suggested by Nesmaty Featured by DomiSM
The Shepherdess by Dferous
The Shepherdess by ~Dferous

Suggested by tsheva Featured by kuschelirmel
Tarpea's sincerity by BogumilHoder
Tarpea's sincerity by ~Bohmal47

Suggested by Astralseed Featured by deshrubber
CITIES   OF  ALDEBARAN (1) by DorianoArt
grandeurs by l0ndon-boulevard
grandeurs by ~l0ndon-boulevard

Suggested by incolor16 Featured by Kaz-D
Dining area by otacon4130
Suggestor Says: "Dining area by ~otacon4130 is an image made with Lightwave which looks like it was rendered in Maxwell or Vray. The quality of all this artist's images and especially this one is superb."

Suggested by svenart Featured by Cymae