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Thursday, March 15, 2012
Tactical Airlift Command: Night Mission by Masque-De-Mort
Tactical Airlift Command: Night Mission by ~the-maker the suggester wrote: "What I found most striking about this piece is that it is made in MS Paint... What I found most incredible is the attention to detail on the uniforms of the pilots and the clouds outside the aircraft windows. I know how painstakingly long it takes to add that much detail accurately.."

Suggested by ZontarZon Featured by Lyricanna
altona braver by Yuupix
altona braver by *Yuurot

Suggested by iingo Featured by Nyiana-sama
SWAN- by oneone11
SWAN- by ~oneone11, a fantasy portrait of absolute beauty! The headpiece is just gorgeously designed.

Featured by alicexz
tyrannosaurus and triceratops by hannay1982
tyrannosaurus and triceratops by ~hannay1982 Meticulously researched and masterfully sculpted, the amazing dinosaur skeletons created by this artist are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Misty stadium by maxbarners
Misty stadium by ~maxbarners

Suggested by NanisKa Featured by fritsenator
Essence: Conspiracy by djyerba
Essence: Conspiracy is by ~djyerba "Wonderful use of color and impressive detail. This is an example of what I consider excellent vector work," says the suggester.

Suggested by jcbarquet Featured by DomiSM
Proud red deer IV by moem-photography
[Fractal Stock] Chaos Clock by jayaprime
[Stock & Resources] [Fractal Stock] Chaos Clock by ~jayaprime

Featured by Elandria
Jo and Apollo by TheTimePolice
Jo and Apollo by ~TheZeitPolice

Suggested by Rieal-Dragonsbane Featured by DieZori
Autumn Landscape by SvetAnima
The harried Autumn Landscape by ~SvetAnima empowers itself with vivid imagery.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by oilsoaked
My Other Name by *b1gfan

Featured by ikazon
[S] Ancestors: What's Going On by mr-radicals-art
[S] Ancestors: What's Going On by ~Devastis

Suggested by SuperWaffleAttack Featured by nasakii
Tomb Raider 2012 Lara Croft - Acrylic Painting by CurlyWurly808
The suggester says, "A lot of passion, patience and effort was put into it, and the result is excellent." Tomb Raider 2012 Lara Croft - Acrylic Painting by ~CurlyWurly808

Suggested by Hanafae Featured by TheCreativeJenn
:iconnervous-laughplz: by xxghost250xx
iconnervouslaughemoteplz by =xxghost250xx is a fantastic chat emote. Don't knock static emotes. They can be awesome. That expression is flawless and conveys the emotion beautifully. Well done.

Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Overgrown by ruruchi
Overgrown by *rurest is a beautiful icon with a great color-palette and a huge attention for detail and pixel-texturing!

Suggested by MOSHI-MOSHI-IA-DESU Featured by Hardrockangel
Sengoku Basara. Hanbei's Attack by alberti
Sengoku Basara. Hanbei's Attack by *alberti A great cosplay.

Suggested by MarionetteTheatre Featured by UnicornReality
The Peter Pan Syndrome by mattcha
The Peter Pan Syndrome by ~mattcha I'm loving the foreshortening of the character done on this piece and the overall creativity of it!

Suggested by A-C-L Featured by MzzAzn
Dancer Against Concrete VII by HowNowVihao
Dancer Against Concrete VII by *HowNowVihao The suggester said, "This photograph caught my attention right away. Mainly because of its unique composition and model's body language. It perfectly portrays ballerina's efforts on the road to flawless dance movements and flexibility. Also, being unable to see her identity really makes me curious".

Suggested by KaitoVIP Featured by xbastex
Strawberry Puff Pastry by ChocolateDecadence
.:Altitude Attitude:. by EvilQueenie
.:Altitude Attitude:. by *EvilQueenie The perspective and pose (not to mention all that flowing hair) really enhance the dynamic action of this piece. I'm also rather fond of the candy-colored palette and crisp celshading.

Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Look Straight Ahead page 1 by dlmx-13
Suggester Said: "I want to suggest this comic for a DD first because of it's amazing art, but mostly because the story is something educational and eye opening while still being entertaining to read. I see a lot of mentally ill characters across stories and comics, but none so achingly real as this one. What's most magis is that the comic allows you to experience a small part of this characters illness, not simply watch it happen. It's worth a read for anyone."

Suggested by FionaCreates Featured by dust-bite
metamorphosis 3 by MoniBrand
metamorphosis 3 by *MoniBrand

Suggested by myraincheck Featured by DemonMathiel
Too much of water hast thou, poor Ophelia,
And therefore I forbid my tears...

Oil on canvas from *JipeLeclercq.

Suggested by Mararda Featured by SRaffa