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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Painting Their OWN FUTURE by gotosumeet
Good morning by bo0xVn
Good morning by ~bo0xVn is beautiful, such relaxing colours.

Featured by Infinite705
1 by DianaGrigore
1 by =dienutza

Featured by ScENeYmE
The Journey by JaneMere
The Journey by ~JaneMere

Suggested by naochiko Featured by Nyiana-sama
car service by Vlademareous
This deceivingly simple-looking icon features a life-like detailed car and the artist even spent time creating the interior of the vehicle!
All in all, it's truly an amazing icon.
car service by ~Vlademareous

Featured by Hardrockangel
Untitled by
Grease goes tribal by ~FleurDeMil

Suggested by Erozja Featured by xbastex
Asag by Woodedwoods
Asag by ~Woodedwoods

Featured by FrockTarts
Vespula by MatejMo
Vespula by ~MatejMo is a lovely render with great detail to it, obviously a lot of effort went in and it paid off!

Featured by Cymae
Ithkale painting by Veramundis
Ithkale painting by ~Vera-Mundis showcases some outstanding details and superb talent. Make sure to check out the rest of this deviants gallery!

Featured by KovoWolf
Cupcake by tinuleaf
The colors on Cupcake by *tinuleaf are beautiful and the pixel work detailed, and it's very appealing to look at. The girl sitting on the cupcake looks like a cupcake herself, and her hair looks like buttercream icing on the top. Overall a very sweet and lovely doll.

Suggested by JupiterLily Featured by IridescentStardust
Lina raced the wind by shakabet
Lina raced the wind by ~shakabet The suggester writes "Beautiful flow, colours, and I really enjoy the expression on the girl's face! This is a really unique piece, especially with these little vegetables flying around."

Suggested by rioIu Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Winter Sun by ~Miiiia

Suggested by bebefromtheblock Featured by DpressedSoul
STOCK:  Castle Ruins Background by lenkaltman
[Stock & Resources] STOCK: Castle Ruins Background by *lenkaltman

Featured by Elandria
Born from the Sea by TEMPERATE-SAGE
Born from the Sea by =Temperate-Sage An amazing dress made from entirely chain maille with fabric decor and beading.

Suggested by Demoncherry Featured by UnicornReality
Non Sense by oOCassieOo
Non Sense by ~oOCassieOo I love how cheerful this drawing is!

Suggested by JelliBeani Featured by MzzAzn
Untitled by
Leo's by zoee7
Leo's by *zoee7

Featured by deshrubber
coverup reaper by phoenixtattoos
coverup reaper by ~phoenixtattoos

Suggested by x-xSpitFirex-x Featured by JZino
Pretty Cunning - Jayne Cobb by hever
Pretty Cunning - Jayne Cobb by *hever showcases a blooming rarity of fanart creation. It gives me great pleasure to feature her talent for the eyes of Firefly fans, enthusiasts, and simply fan art lovers that fathom uniqueness.

Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Olivephobia by CharissaKlassen
Olivephobia by ~inkless-illustration is just too cute to pass up! Phobias really do come in all shapes and sizes.

Featured by DomiSM
stairway to heaven by BelcyrPiotr
stairway to heaven by ~piotrus33

Suggested by ScENeYmE Featured by itsfrits
What He Left Behind by nairafee
What He Left Behind by *nairafee

Suggested by Rosebud-Warrior Featured by Kaz-D
Patient Zero 2 by KellyZak
There's a humminghorse in the magnolias... by brightredrose
Some days, there's no getting around the fact that There's a humminghorse in the magnolias... Graphite, with digital colors, from *brightredrose.

Suggested by Melodieous Featured by SRaffa
Ferrigno Hulk WIP by sup3rs3d3d
Ferrigno Hulk WIP by ~sup3rs3d3d A sculpture that perfectly reflects "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets". Amazing portrayal of Lou Ferrigno in his role as "The Hulk".

Suggested by EvanCampbell Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Paradise by Mysterykids
In Paradise by *Mysterykids, the artist demonstrates skillful use of color and light and tells a meaningful story. Also suggested by ~KENSHINRO7.

Suggested by x-xSpitFirex-x Featured by Aeirmid