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Saturday, March 10, 2012
corset tattoo 2 by psychodelic-candy
corset tattoo 2 by ~psychodelic-candy. Also suggested by *octobre-rouge

Suggested by STelari Featured by JZino
Reach the Sky by piximi
Reach the Sky by ~piximi

Suggested by RebeccaBrogden Featured by Kaz-D
The Long Goodbye by JaimePosadas
The Long Goodbye by ~JaimePosadas. Gorgeously simple with great composition and light, this storybook illustration captures beautiful emotion.

Featured by alicexz
Utunu by Qarrezel
Utunu by *Qarrezel  suggested by Qzurr   and janey-in-a-bottle

Featured by FrockTarts
Monster book of Monsters cake by cake-engineering
Monster book of Monsters cake by *darkfirewizard The cake that bites back, perhaps?

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by UnicornReality
rain by ying99
rain by ~ying99 The effects are well done on this piece and helps to establish a mood.

Suggested by rioIu Featured by MzzAzn
Bourg by HiroUsuda
Bourg by ~HiroUsuda

Suggested by rioIu Featured by WillowXD
The Little by AlexandraBaban
Amor vincit... by ~Himmapaan

Suggested by khitsu Featured by Mollinda
naiad by caught-cartooning
naiad by ~caught-cartooning

Featured by ScENeYmE
Snowstorm by Lumichi
Snowstorm by ~luminatefalls

Suggested by Akimiya Featured by Negatic
wooof - lonely wolf by maxtodie
wooof - lonely wolf by ~maxtodie has a beautiful colour scheme and is so much fun, just love the characters!

Featured by DomiSM
Spartan MKII-0X vs. Elite Flight Custom by bflynn22
The suggester says, "Very detailed design for the foreground and background. The motion, the color scheme and lighting makes this picture a really dynamic composition." Ladies and Gentlemen, Spartan MKII-0X vs. Elite Flight Custom by ~bflynn22!

Suggested by Kaoyux Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Hotarubi No Mori He by rells
Hotarubi No Mori He by ~rells

The suggester says: "This is a very beautiful painting! The art looks like spring, and the pink, red, and white tones very good look together. The two characters are painted very well."

Suggested by Hetiru Featured by Nyiana-sama
squares by csbazsek
squares by ~csbazsek

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by fritsenator
Iris by Elaitea
Iris by ~Elaitea. This baseless doll is so gentle in color scheme and expression. The wings are incredibly detailed and the hair is almost real.

Suggested by Vayliya Featured by IridescentStardust
Oh My Preciousses by JCNProductions
Oh My Preciousses by *advocateofem
The suggester said, "Totally awesome! I keep coming back to his photography, but this really stood out."

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by Kaz-D Featured by namenotrequired
Jellyfish Wallpaper by synthesys
Jellyfish Wallpaper by ~synthesys

Suggested by QAuZ Featured by Infinite705
beautiful light by nmdelgado
beautiful light by *Roadburner

Suggested by AJcsF Featured by trevg
All I Can Give You by purplefae
All I Can Give You is as much as you'll ever need; watercolor pencils and acrylics from ~purplefae.

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by SRaffa
Monster Rider 2 by jerpelletier
"We rode on the winds of the rising storm, We ran to the sounds of the thunder. We danced among the lightning bolts, and tore the world asunder." (From "Crossroads of Twilight") Nicely done fantasy sculpture. Monster Rider 2 by ~jerpelletier

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
ghost girl by chuwenjie
ghost girl by *chu00master I am a big fan of the monochromatic color scheme, and rather enjoy the overall ambient feel of this piece. ...Oh, the ghost girl is pretty cute as well!

Featured by Miss-It-Girl
The puppetmaster - P4 by never-knows
Brainstorm by Lambii
Brainstorm by ~Lambii

Suggested by Gwendolyn12 Featured by dust-bite
French Bulldog Stock by Mayli909
[Stock & Resources] French Bulldog Stock by ~Mayli909

Featured by Elandria