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Sunday, February 26, 2012
Shell 25 by MarjoleinART-Stock
[Stock & Resources] Shell 25 by ~MarjoleinART-Stock

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by Elandria
Once Upon A Time In Hobbiton by DaleComte
Once Upon A Time In Hobbiton by ~DaleComte is one of the most beautifully bright, lush and uplifting depictions of "The Shire", I have ever seen.

Suggested by straw-hat Featured by alexandrasalas
Selene Underworld 1 by rvbhal
Selene Underworld 1 by ~rvbhal The blood-imbibing vampyress has never looked quite so engagingly powerful and sexy. Beautiful detailing and an excellent likeness. See more views of this sculpture in the artist's gallery.

Suggested by Skaior Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Tiramisu - Valentine's Day by p0piete
Free: Tree ninja is watching you from afar by Twoohten
Free: Tree ninja is watching you from afar by ~Twoohten is a great little icon that's not only perfectly detailed, but also beautifully coloured and animated. Team Ninja, represent!

Suggested by JupiterLily Featured by Hardrockangel
Satellite by JulesAlbertPol
The End Is Extremely Fxxxxxx Nigh by nedgip
The End Is Extremely Fxxxxxx Nigh by ~nedgip. A fantastic zombie illustration, excellently rendered in great detail - has the look and feel of a movie still!

Suggested by Scythir Featured by alicexz
Timmus Symphonica by N4u2k
Timmus Symphonica by ~N4u2k

Suggested by Infinite705 Featured by Casperium
NURSERY CRYMES Skullion -Gothic Horror Doll Art by NAKT-HAG
NURSERY CRYMES Skullion -Gothic Horror Doll Art by ~NURSERY-CRYMES this gallery is full of twisted dolls. Brilliant.

Suggested by Demoncherry Featured by UnicornReality
Unicorns poses by Inoosh
Unicorns poses by ~Inoosh is a gorgeous collection of unicorn emotions!

Suggested by Astralseed Featured by DomiSM
Toss by merrilee
Toss by ~merrilee

Suggested by RivenPine Featured by Mollinda
.Marissa. by Hetiru
.Marissa. by *Hetiru The coloring with only a few hues looks very nice beautiful here!

Suggested by koh-ey Featured by MzzAzn
The Fountain by JonathanGlapion
Suggester Said: "In this piece, Jonathan shows what inking is all about. The piece is layered with multiple textures. The water "feels" like water. The owl statue seems rigid like the materials its carved from. At the same time, the way he used different line weights to separate the planes of the illustration and pushed the textures in each and every panel is just mind blowing. THIS is what inking is all about."

Suggested by DavidVArt Featured by dust-bite
Massive Pixel Robot by 01271
Massive Pixel Robot is a detailed pixel robot by ~01271

Featured by Lyricanna
red scarf by maxyvert
Two girls in the woods, each with a red scarf; watercolor and gel pens from ~MaximilianaYvert.
(Suggested by =natalia-luz and *TelariMoira)

Featured by SRaffa
SV - Arumie by hizukin
SV - Arumie by =hizukin

Suggested by iingo Featured by Nyiana-sama
Infinity by messyjessy20
Infinity by ~messyjessy20

Suggested by rioIu Featured by pica-ae
Rodney 3D Bust by Baron-Von-Jello
Rodney 3D Bust by *Baron-Von-Jello is a great cartoony piece translated to 3D!

Featured by Cymae
Dea_2 by ~Kaa-Annaku

Suggested by graphicsurge Featured by FrockTarts
Notice-board doodle by object000
Women's Reactions by oO-Rein-Oo
Women's Reactions by *oO-Rein-Oo Does it finally matter? To some yes, to some not. I say, it depends on the skill of the holder. And I'm definitely not talking about the size! (but for the tool used to take this image)

Featured by StamatisGR
Mustard Crust by appledust
Mustard Crust by ~appledust

Suggested by tinayan Featured by DieZori
Tina Light-1 by LoginOFF
"A super glamourous portrait, I love the model attitude and above all her great red hair, so beautiful. Plus the lightning is very interesting and gives a very sensual atmosphere"
Tina Light-1 by ~LoginOFF

Suggested by H3llana-mod Featured by DistortedSmile
..proxygen.. by db-imagery
..bow and narrow.. by *strobefx

Suggested by Shadowelve Featured by trevg
Reckless by sweetcrazi
Reckless by ~sweetcrazi

Suggested by Filterkaffee Featured by DpressedSoul