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Monday, July 25, 2011
civilwar_04 by dead-robot
civilwar_04 by *dead-robot

The suggester says: "What stand out the most is the detail in the broken glass. It makes this action piece feel alive."

Suggested by MrPhy Featured by Nyiana-sama
USS Camano by hunterkiller
USS Camano by ~hunterkiller Suggester says: "It's an amazing scene with great details and quality, very good job on the planet and moon!"

Suggested by QAuZ Featured by MacRebisz
...dal buio by TrashDoLLs
Dark, mysterious and sensual. ...dal buio by ~TrashDoLLs is a delightful beauty

Featured by DistortedSmile
Proof you don't need fancy papers to make a fantastic collage, The Mountains by *Hannakin has great shapes and textures and an adorable main character!

Suggested by DieZori Featured by Mollinda
Untitled by

Featured by
Dissidia Duodecim by longai
Dissidia Duodecim by ~longai

This is an incredible Final Fantasy Tribute! It blew my mind away!

Featured by TommyGK
Tutorial of Color and Light by vandervals
Tutorial of Color and Light is by *vandervals

Suggested by Kxushka Featured by Moonbeam13
Colors tutorial by Ranoartwork
Colors tutorial by ~Ranoartwork -- Suggester's words: Yes, there are a lot of great coloring tutorials out there, tons which may even be better than this one, but the reason that I like this one best is because there is one step in there that most people would skip over; form readability. That one step extends beyond just coloring, it is an important step for anyone to remember with their characters. I feel this artist really needs to be seen... his work is amazing, and I feel the sooner more eyes fall on his work, the sooner we can see him improve even further. <:

Suggested by Raptorbane Featured by FantasyStock
Dark Park by Syrjusz
Suggester says; The combination of the mist, the still mirror-like water and the overhanging tree branches creates an atmosphere that is haunting and poignantly beautiful.
Dark Park by *Syrjusz

Suggested by GraphiteColours Featured by ScENeYmE
Vindictive Online by Overweight-Cat
Vindictive Online by ~Overweight-Cat captures a moment of indecision in battle. Th perspective is very nice as well.

Featured by Lyricanna
Industry and Nature by Ymntle-Aleoni
Suggester Says: A smart and meaningful concept that is well presented.
Industry and Nature by *Ymntle-Aleoni

Suggested by MayaVogrin Featured by Kaz-D
The Last Unicorn by CassieFrese
The Last Unicorn by *CassieFrese
The suggester says: "I absolutely love this image! I don't think you need to be a fan of The Last Unicorn to appreciate the beauty of this piece or the amount of hard work that has gone into creating such a detailed and stunningly delicate drawing. I really hope more people get the opportunity to see it!"

Suggested by Chassie Featured by alexandrasalas
Reboot: Forever by TedKimArt
Reboot: Forever by *seoulmanTED. Our Suggester tells us: "I came across this and just had to suggest it! If you're a fan of the show, you'd remember the characters Enzo and Andraia from the third and fourth season. It's fan art, that has it's own edgy spin, and I thought this would be a good share of where a great concept can branch out into something original no matter the material. Great job!!"

Suggested by Asher-Bee Featured by ChewedKandi
valentine_final by chrisnfy85
valentine_final is by *chrisnfy85

Suggested by MissDidichan Featured by Moonbeam13
night train by algaegoblin
night train by ~algaegoblin is intriguing and a little disturbing, but has a misterious beauty around it that makes it irresistible!

Suggested by Finnguala Featured by Atramina
7. by killer1558
Suggester said; "Stunning capture!"

Stunning gallery! Check it out!

7. by ~killer1558

Suggested by RaBBiTKa Featured by Anoya
Precious Realm - Gypsy by elestrial
The suggestor says: "The delicate colours and the sharp composition make this piece truly wondrous" and I couldn't agree more!
Precious Realm - Gypsy by ~elestrial

Suggested by LunarShore Featured by kuschelirmel
Commission Shadow by sharkie19
Commission Shadow by *sharpie91

A Commission piece called "Shadow", this deviation does a wonderful job of creating the eeriness of a shadow, while giving it depth and substance at the same time.

The suggester says, "Fabulous work! Full of creativity, originality, and style, this piece is an eye-catcher. Other amazing works in the gallery, too. Check out Anubis from 'The Kane Chronicles', as well as Brothers, Pokemon and Hiccup in a modern-day situation!"

Suggested by RachelTerrera Featured by WDWParksGal
Hover by Deemwun
An interesting photograph of 'work', imagine doing what this deviant does. Excellent sparse background, great focus and very unique perspective.
Hover by ~Deemwun

Suggested by Hands-and-Teeth Featured by pullingcandy
notch n tartuffe by luve
notch n tartuffe by ~luve has great use of colors to make this scene warm and feeling almost like home.

Suggested by Astralseed Featured by Nyiana-sama
Bird creature detail 02 by Rodrigomagnovieira
Bird creature detail 02 by *Rodrigomagnovieira Reminiscent of ancient Aztec treasures, this golden and gilded sculpture is loaded with spellbinding detail.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Majestic by Zwoing
Majestic by *Zwoing
Excellent light and nice composition. Really nice job capturing this beautiful castle , well done !

Featured by hellfirediva
Happy on the outside by Skylooks
Happy on the outside by *lukas-Z-walker. A beautiful composition, wonderful sense of scale and depth, unique and beautiful atmosphere which creates a sense of eternity in the heart of the observer...

Suggested by QAuZ Featured by KeremGo
Darwin Sleeve by Phedre1985
~Phedre1985's technical skills shine through with this sleeve. Darwin Sleeve follows a nautical/exploration theme, with much detail embedded within the design.

Suggested by tanya3286 Featured by annajordanart
where is k? by petipoa
Sometimes you don't need an over detailed comic to get to the point. This is the case with where is k? by ~petipoa-cs.

Featured by alexandrasalas
DN Tutorial: Anime Coloring by digitalninja
DN Tutorial: Anime Coloring by *digitalninja -- Suggester's words: A handy tutorial that would help anyone starting out in digital art (using photoshop) and of course its not only useful to artists that draw in a anime style.

Suggested by Snowy-Ninja Featured by FantasyStock
Poison Ivy - Watercolor and PS by taguiar
Poison Ivy - Watercolor and PS by ~taguiar

CATEGORY: deviantART-Related/deviantID ~ given for Concept, as well as total awesomeness!

Poison Ivy has tackled her two nemeses and have them well under control in order to sit and rule her version of the world.

Nicely done, this deviantID shows that the deviant doesn't take grief from anyone and is control of life. An amazing gallery, it deserves a closer look by the community.

Suggested by LadyFromEast Featured by WDWParksGal
Evening Reflection by akuriko
The suggester says; "One of the most breathtaking cosplays of Princess Zelda that I've ever seen, ~akuriko's brilliant costume is so accurate down to the last detail. I've seen her in real life at anime conventions, and even her aura is that of an elegant princess whose legend successfully turned 25 this year. Truly a remarkable cosplayer, she continues to inspire all of us to strive for the best in our efforts of making art. Well done!"
Evening Reflection by ~akuriko

Suggested by simonsaz3 Featured by pullingcandy
..Seico.. by ColorJunK-74
..Seico.. by ~ColorJunK-74 is an impressive mix of landscape painting and 3D graffiti

Featured by takethef
Doll Repaint - LADY GAGA by noeling
"This guy has a gallery full of amazing re-paints of dolls and this particular piece is a great example of the amazing work he can do just repainting and editing an existing base. He can achieve amazing likeness to the people he is referencing, which is an admirable talent, especially when even professionals seem to be unable to translate people's likeness into doll forms." Doll Repaint - LADY GAGA by *noeling

Suggested by sterlingy Featured by KubusRubus
Nargaroth by huntlus
I especially love this for it's mood, the uncanny tilt and the combination of both singer and crowd. Great play!
Nargaroth by ~wwhite-wolf

[Photojournalism / Concerts & Musicians]

Featured by Timothy-Sim
Wonderful conceptual piece that spills over nicely in to horror/macabre photography, and my pleasure to share it with you!
Love the way it hurts by =chabruphotography

Suggested by dev-shooter Featured by pullingcandy