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Thursday, August 25, 2011
ello by Steve-y0
ello by ~Steve-y0 HE is here! Smile and then just laugh!

Featured by takethef
Storm Force by islandtime
Suggester said; "An awesome capture - right place, right time!"

Storm Force by *islandtime

Suggested by GraphiteColours Featured by Anoya
With Malicious Intent by The-MoonSquid
A unique and creative cosplay that meshes two very awesome things - zombies, and Final Fantasy.
With Malicious Intent by ~SiicoSephy

Suggested by Lou136 Featured by pullingcandy
Air Colossus - DYR GILOTH by Ancorgil
Air Colossus - DYR GILOTH by ~Great-OHARU

CATEGORY: Contests / 2011 / RIFT Create a Colossus Contest: This was entered into the Rift Contest, and even though it didn't win, it is an amazing work of art having a frightening Colossus towering over a courageous fighter. The colors, the overall feel and details, and the inherent danger that emanates from the Colossus Creature, all lead to a visual treat for anyone brave enough to take a look.

Suggested by Astralseed Featured by WDWParksGal
Tanabata no Matsuri by KahoOkashii
Tanabata no Matsuri by *KahoOkashii

The suggester says: "I simply adore the colors and details, as well the way of how to best present the idea. Great work."

Also suggested by ~sweetychan

Suggested by MayaVogrin Featured by Nyiana-sama
Volcanic by Spykr
Volcanic by ~Spykr Suggester writes "Volcanic by ~Spykr is filled with so much hot energy and intense atmosphere that it really looks like a field of incandescent lava during a planetary explosion!"

Suggested by lindelokse Featured by SuicideBySafetyPin
Great sci-fi illustration with beautiful line art and shading style. BULLETPUNK X MHT V2.0 by *Quiccs

Featured by ChewedKandi
14944 by urg
Photographs from Pripyat always intrigue me, and when I stumbled upon 14944 by ~urg, it just took my breath away. This concert hall was abandoned over 25 years ago, when reactor 4 of the Chernobyl power plant was destroyed in a terrible disaster. Looking at the rubble on the stands, I can't help but feel amazed to see how fast man-made structures decay once we abandon them. The lighting helps set the eerie mood of the image, and the composition is spot on.

Featured by fritsenator
The Archer and The Beast Tamer by 89pixels
The Archer and The Beast Tamer by *89pixels

*Gasara says: "The whole image is just so cheerful with great use of colour and wonderful characters. The jaunty perspective adds to the already fantastic sense of movement."
=izka197 says: "Great perspective and wonderful soft coloring made me love this piece."
`rydi1689 says: "This is one of the most beautiful works I've seen in a while! The bright colours and the perspective invite you to take a better look, enjoying every single detail and making your mind feel at ease while wondering what these two characters might be up to!"
~YumiKF says: "Awesome technique,perspective,colors and atmosphere!"
Suggested by: *Gasara, =izka197, `rydi1689, ~YumiKF, and =ryuuha

Featured by Nyiana-sama
Surfin Otter by MysteryMutt
Surfin Otter by ~MysteryMutt has great colors, details, design, and a wonderful background that make this whole drawing tie together in an awesome way.

Suggested by Astralseed Featured by Nyiana-sama
Birth of Aphrodite by ~kedemel is a very atractive digital artwork with an exotic essence I adored at first sight. Beautiful shapes and fantastic execution.

Suggested by tomvanrheenen Featured by Atramina
radioactive goodbyes by WildRainOfIceAndFire
The contrast between beauty and decay is strong here, with the added surreal elements making this an excellent shot.
radioactive goodbyes by =WildRainOfIceAndFire

Featured by Kaz-D
Gardens by Faelicia
Gardens by *Faelicia is simphony of colours and nature expressed in a very delicated way. Soft and clear lines, and amazing structure for a delicious sight.

Suggested by lettheworldhear Featured by Atramina
English Breakfast by PetitPlat
English Breakfast by ~PetitPlat Poki-grzyb, one of the suggesters, says: "I've never seen so many details before. Full of awesomeness!" Indeed, if you like faux miniature food creations, this gallery is a dream come true! Suggested by ~Poki-grzyb and =xthumbtakx

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
BIRD by Foxleopard
BIRD by *Foxleopard

This is not a photograph. It is a digital painting! Many details to create the look of a woman holding a peacock while standing inside with her shadow on the wall!

The suggester says of this amazing art piece, "Such fantastic and detailed realistic picture, I love this so much!"

Suggested by Gwendolyn12 Featured by WDWParksGal
Project Earth 2015 Concept 02 by AnthonyPismarov
Project Earth 2015 Concept 02 by *Hizi
Absolutely breath-taking! The textures and colours used by the artist give this gorgeous scenery a special atmosphere.

Featured by alexandrasalas
Untitled by

Featured by
As twisted as Two weeks to Build a Bird by *Burquette is, the writing leaves you hooked wondering how far one man's fantasy can be pushed and made into a reality

Featured by BeccaJS
The Tempest. Prospero by Kutty-Sark
The Tempest. Prospero is by *Kutty-Sark

Suggested by Tamayatz Featured by Moonbeam13
India by mishkamink
~mishkamink is an incredibly talented makeup and styling artist and India is a beautiful example of her skill

Featured by DistortedSmile
Euphorbia Lactea Cristata by Samashy
Euphorbia Lactea Cristata by ~Samashy While at first glance it might seem like a simple enough stock photograph, its high quality and incredible sharpness make this an excellent resource for both digital and traditional mediums and would be fantastic for many fantasy works.

Featured by shelldevil
Silence is hazy color by nibybiel
In Silence is hazy color, ~nibybiel takes us on a trip through beautiful forest scene. A trip where the destination is shrouded in mystery, but you still want to get there anyway.

Featured by deshrubber
Irruption by gucken
Irruption by `gucken "Irruption" by `gucken is an amazing wallpaper with great details, nice contrast and rich, vibrant colors. Perfect for any monitor. Check out the artists gallery for more mind blowing works. "

Suggested by Sniper115A3 Featured by Casperium
Untitled by

Featured by
Square Dance by ruabuddha
An excellent use of shapes to create a smooth Abstract.
Square Dance by *ruabuddha

Featured by Kaz-D
Marine Underworld by amyhooton
Marine Underworld by `amyhooton is a beautifully crafted abstract.

Featured by Mollinda
Crows and Gold by Zerj19
Check out this awesome piece of typography mixing 3D art and photomanipulation from a variety of stock artists here on dA. Simply stunning in every way. Crows and Gold by ~Zerj19

Featured by ChewedKandi
Peppercat by 14-bis
Peppercat by *14-bis has a great sense of detail, with amazing attention to lighting and textures. This piece really brings Peppercat to life.

Featured by Lyricanna
Out of inspiration by AtskaHeart
Out of inspiration by ~AtskaHeart portrays a feeling that I think all artists experience from time to time. The animation is very smooth and there are a lot of little details that become more apparent the longer you watch this piece.

Suggested by SageInk Featured by Lyricanna
Vampire by HzlCan
Absolutely genius, this shot and makeup give vampires a good name.
Vampire by ~HzlCan

Featured by pullingcandy
Panorama of Sydney Skyline I by IAMSORRY87
Panorama of Sydney Skyline I by *IAMSORRY87 is a stunning panoramic view of Sydney. The view of the city in the background perfectly compliments the image.

Featured by ScENeYmE
Tired of Life by dincturk
The suggester says; "What an amazing amount of emotion in this boy's eyes! Tired of Life by =dincturk is utterly captivating."
Tired of Life by =dincturk

Suggested by Acaciathorn Featured by pullingcandy
My father by MarkScheider
Suggester says, "I don't know why, but I just feel like this image gives off kindness and warmth in massive quantities. It gives me the feeling that the photographer really loves and respects his father, which is wonderful. Plus, I'm sure you'll agree that the scientific formulas make this photograph very cool."
My father by ~MarkScheider

[Photojournalism / People]

Suggested by GingerFoxy Featured by Timothy-Sim
IRON COBRA by ShaneMartinDesigns
One of the most insanely awesome ways of using scrap metal I've ever seen, I think you will agree. IRON COBRA by *metaljacket666

Featured by KubusRubus
Baby Face by Eltasia
Baby Face by *Eltasia
Great macro and excellent focus. The title definitely fits this shot. Well done !

Suggested by sweetychan Featured by hellfirediva
Sculpting Tutorial by SgtMilenko
Sculpting Tutorial [see also Head Sculpting Tutorial] by ~Kurokono -- Suggester's words: Both tutorials are easy to read, filled with practical tips, and have plenty of great photos/imagery. The artist put a lot of thought into their tutorials and it really shows.

Suggested by Cecify Featured by FantasyStock
On One Misty Morning by MikkoLagerstedt
On One Misty Morning by ~Latyrx gives off the feeling of an independent foreign film and feels strangely perfect in its minimalist composition. Less is indeed more in this photo as it feels like it states, and in some cases asks, so much in one moment.

Featured by Reaper-X
Sisters by uglybug
Sisters by ~uglybug. It's unusual to find a fashion photograph which doesn't focus on the model, even more so to find one which doesn't show their face. I love that, in this photograph, the models are almost like mannequins, simply props to show the garments in a truly magical setting.

Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
Late Summer in Maesver-Forden by GillyB
Late Summer in Maesver-Forden by ~GillyB is looks like a wonderful classical painting from a different era. A really beautiful scenery with lots of fine detail, wonderful lighting and peaceful atmosphere.

Featured by KeremGo