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Thursday, July 21, 2011
Hoko by ~postapocalypsia Obviously full of mischief and a card shark as well, this sculpture is about as close to being 'alive' as you can get. Very cool.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Icon by psychiatrique
The colours is this photo just go BANG WOW at first glance. Overall a beautiful piece of photography. - Icon by *psychiatrique

Featured by NKYC
Elven Princess by PaulAbrams
Elven Princess by ~PaulAbrams is a painting with textures that remind me of marble sculptures and a delicate character.

Featured by Lyricanna
The Koi Pond by TheFlyingViper
Suggester says: "This is so stunning! I love the combination of the warm colors of the dragon & the cool colors of the pond. Simply brilliant work!"

The Koi Pond by *purpleglovez

Suggested by Quolia Featured by Mollinda
Background 8 by ElenaDudina
Background 8 by *ELENADUDINA -- Suggester says: Nature in all its wonders are taken to the fullest in this picture. They are watched well and edited into something lovely. A masterpiece.

Suggested by oozsinfered Featured by FantasyStock
Animation Mother New Orleans by meats
Animation Mother New Orleans by *meats Suggester Statement: I like to suggest this picture, because it's so totally different and creative. The idea is stunning and I can tell a lot of work and love has been invested as well...

Suggested by Hera-of-Stockholm Featured by KeremGo
Mass Effect 2 - Biotic powers by love-squad
The suggester says; "Though Aria T'Lloak is a minor character in the Mass Effect universe, she makes her presence known. Besides awesome costuming and prosthetic, the image captures the spirit of Aria's most famous line: Don't F with Aria."
Mass Effect 2 - Biotic powers by *love-squad

Suggested by Halatia Featured by pullingcandy
Chicago by jonniedee
Suggester; Really nice composition, the mist is amazing.
In the Mist VII by =jonniedee

Suggested by dekorAdum Featured by ScENeYmE
. by Silecia
Suggester Says: Fantastic use of double exposure to create a wonderfully surreal concept.
. by ~Silecia

Suggested by ScENeYmE Featured by Kaz-D
Venus Was A Cannibal by irukanjii
Did you know that Venus Was A Cannibal? Explore and think about this new artistic point of view expressed by ~irukanjii

Featured by takethef
dA Related Skin by Drake1
dA Related Skin by ~Drake1

CATEGORY: deviantART Related / deviantART Skins & Scripts / Journal & Gallery Skins / Journal & Gallery Designs:

The suggester says of this Super Group dA-Related Skin, "This particular skin gives the Group many, many options when writing a blog. These options allow blogs to appear A LOT more attractive and stylish to readers."

Suggested by bradleysays Featured by WDWParksGal
A Bond Deeper Than The Ocean by steven-donegani
A Bond Deeper Than The Ocean by *steven-donegani

The suggester said: "This is a marvelous, breathtaking masterpiece. It shows that there is still friendship in a corrupt world like Rapture. The posing and how the hair is swaying is fantastic."

Suggested by Blackfeather2 Featured by TommyGK
The dark details in Weight of The World by *Atamask are wonderful and help to give this drawing the impact that it has.

Featured by Nyiana-sama
Spy Girl by babsdraws
Spy Girl by ~punkbunny223. Naughty, fresh, beautiful! Delicious style!

Suggested by JuneEyes Featured by Atramina
flowers by SommerPhotography
The harsh lines of the black lace coupled with the softness of the flowers makes for a beautiful and textured shot.
flowers by ~SommerPhotography

Featured by DistortedSmile
gazi by migrant
A really mood provoking picture. Great use of motion blur and lights to create the mood and tell the atmosphere of the situation.
gazi by ~migrant

[Photojournalism / Public Gatherings & Events]

Featured by Timothy-Sim
NIBOREA: Spiritual Dragon by Prasa
NIBOREA: Spiritual Dragon by ~Prasa is soft and peaceful with absolutely gorgeous lighting and colour choices.

Featured by Lyricanna
Element Water by Amaterasu1960
Element Water by ~Amaterasu1960

CATEGORY: Traditional Art/Oil

This lovely, surreal oil painting is one of many beautiful works by ~Amaterasu1960. It captures the imagination in the details, as well as in the realistic face of the woman who stands in the luster of the night sky. Take a look at the gallery. You won't be disappointed.

Suggested by WilliamSnape Featured by WDWParksGal
6090 by mlhplt
Suggester says; This is an absolutely gorgeous cityscape - the colours of the sky combined with the lights reflected in the water gives an effect that's nothing short of stunning!
6090 by ~mlhplt

Suggested by GraphiteColours Featured by ScENeYmE
The Circus Of Namtas preview by Rivan145th
The Circus Of Namtas preview by ~Rivan145th has beautifully detailed, wonderfully imaginative artwork and makes for an extremely interesting and intriguing preview.

Suggested by AkariMarco Featured by kangel
Into the Light by ARRIAthelion

No, no you're not. Into the Light by ~Erika51290 is a gorgeous, vibrant painting of a tender childhood moment.

Suggested by ZebraFever Featured by Mollinda
Impossible is nothing. by Lentilcia
Impossible is nothing. by ~Lentilcia
Suggester says: I just find this photo fascinating. It is amazing that the photographer managed to capture this moment, plus it is cute.

Suggested by Pinkadox Featured by hellfirediva
Dim by damnengine
Dim by *damnengine is an outstanding piece of photomanipulation. I just love the contrasting colours and textures drawing me in!

Featured by kuschelirmel
Batman by MelikeAcar
From an amazing gallery full of fantastic pieces, Batman by *MelikeAcar jumped out at me. Great composition, striking contrast and a little touch of colour make it such a gorgeous and memorable piece.

Featured by kangel
escape from enemy by largee17
escape from enemy by ~largee17
What a fantastic scene! The composition, motion and details make me feel like I'm watching a movie.

Suggested by Serend1pity Featured by alexandrasalas
Detroit_Street_2027 by Gryphart
Detroit_Street_2027 by *Gryphart Suggester says: "Once again a perfect dark-future Blade Runner atmosphere put into a simple street overview. Put on a rain coat, load the gun and emerge deep into this neon-dark city."

Suggested by JoeyJazz Featured by MacRebisz
Grace by Sarachmet
The suggester says; "This photo is so lovely; it looks like a painting."
Grace by ~Sarachmet

Suggested by gummyrabbit Featured by pullingcandy
Witch Trial by smallvillian
Suggester Says: "Witch Trial" is really a great piece. From the focus on the figures and the flames to the overall composition, it's clear how well executed it was! It clearly deserves more attention.
Witch Trial by ~smallvillian

Suggested by JorgeQueiros Featured by Kaz-D
Sky Flower by bazikg
Sky Flower by *bazikg "A striking, summery, excellently rendered wallpaper full of color and light that is bound to cheer you up. "

Suggested by alicexz Featured by Casperium
The Dark Happy Family 3d by ettone
The suggester says; "I just say wow. It has a really dark atmosphere, and the use of technological touches makes it special and different of the rest."
The Dark Happy Family 3d by ~ettone

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by pullingcandy
Forbidden Territories by ZeSly
Suggester said; ""Forbidden" is certainly an apt way of describing this breathtaking scene; the fog and clouds rolling over the mountain peaks gives it a harshly enchanting atmosphere."

Forbidden Territories by *zesly

Suggested by GraphiteColours Featured by Anoya