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Saturday, February 19, 2011
MOD by Niconoff
MOD by ~Niconoff

Suggested by BlackStrogg Featured by MacRebisz
Minion Fella by Deeo-Elaclaire
Minion Fella by *Deeo-Elaclaire Category: dA-related/Devious Fun As ^BurgerBunny so eloquently put it, ".......just because it's awesome." Cannot argue with that statement!

Suggested by BurgerBunny Featured by WDWParksGal
Ocean in a tunnel by gapgirl
Suggester Says: Fantastic perspective creates such amazing and unreal mood! Feel like you are somewhere in underwater kingdom are fairy tale! Beautiful lighting and interesting details give much more to wonder about this fantastic beauty!
Ocean in a tunnel by *gapgirl

Suggested by Mishelangello Featured by Kaz-D
If Not Now... by WRDBNR
If Not Now... by ~jeffrey Suggester says It's such an amazing piece, smart, simple and clean. Most of all, meaningful. Words are unnecessary here.

Suggested by canadianbuns Featured by hazlenutx2
Reaching Out to Anyone by Gi-sa95
Reaching Out to Anyone by ~Gi-sa95 is a fantastic piece that seemingly reaches out and touches you. It screams out its message in a subtle way about everyone who just needs a friend to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to hold. (written by suggester) Bonus points if you can figure out the message in the binary!

Suggested by Necroantics Featured by Moonbeam13
fake plastic by GhostTrack
fake plastic by ~GhostTrack makes me a little sad - everyone craving a piano should have access to one. It should be a universal right.

Featured by tiganusi
strong ant by benas1971
strong ant by ~benas1971
Just when we think we know everything about the laws of physics mother nature will sometimes throw us a curve ball. Excellent macro shot , well done !

Suggested by Emeowrald Featured by hellfirediva
Amor sem cor by lucianosurreal
Suggester says: "Everything is beautifully achieved in this painting: from composition and colour, to the poses and mood of it, all works perfectly well into accomplishing the message the artist wanted to convey."

Amor sem cor by ~lucianosurreal

Suggested by Spamkiller Featured by Mollinda
Assassin's Creed 2: Mask by Jael-Kolken
Assassin's Creed 2: Mask by ~Jael-Kolken

The suggester said: "I cannot help but to gawk over the incredible amount of details and the entire mysterious sphere that's about this amazing piece of work!"

Suggested by Gellyh Featured by TommyGK
ladron II by DarkBeCky-StOcK
Suggester's words: Dark and elegant. ladron II by ~DarkBeCky-StOcK is an excellent stock, perfect for any kind of work, manips, reference for traditional and digital painting, etc. Please check her gallery for more resources.

Suggested by Yasny-chan Featured by FantasyStock
Tugce by steelhearted
A very well lit and styled model, beautiful photo! - Tugce by *steelhearted

Featured by NKYC
Untitled by

Featured by
The Jade Sea - Unwaking Waves by Borruen
The suggestor says: "The Jade Sea - Unwaking Waves by *Borruen is just astounding on many levels! At first glance I didn't believe it was a manip at's technically brilliant and absolutely seamless. The composition is great and colors are striking and perfectly fitting. But even more than well crafted, this piece is well thought. The artist took a pretty strange, kind of dark concept and transformed it into something amazingly beautiful. The beauty of the sunset piercing through the jade contrasts with the morbidness of the giant fish skeleton and the frozen school it was chasing when everything turned into jade, the grace of the trees contrasts with the powerful shapes of the rocks. The otherworldly feeling of this piece is just mind blowing, it took me somewhere else, I looked at the fish face statue on the left cliff and wondered how the god that turned everything into jade looked like, I was trying to wonder what was happening in the exact moment the wind swept through these waves. "

Suggested by DrArmless Featured by kuschelirmel
Laocoon etch a sketch by pikajane
Suggester says: "You don't run into an artist who uses an etch and sketch as their medium too often, but this girl really knows how to work it!"

Laocoon etch a sketch by *pikajane

Suggested by Doridachi Featured by Mollinda
ULTIMO Orange Cobalt by TomRichter
The suggester said: "ULTIMO Orange Cobalt by ~TomRichter is a very professional theme which offers great usability. The color scheme is pretty modern, and the GUI elements look clean and elegant. A must-have for every WindowBlinds user."

Suggested by barberioX Featured by OtisBee
punx not dead by shkicaz
punx not dead by ~shkicaz Shkicaz's awesome technique brings punk back to life in this masterpiece!

Featured by takethef
Paul and Linda psychedelic by SydneysDoodles
Paul and Linda psychedelic by ~Wingspan91089 comes in gaudy colors and makes a great poster for fans of Paul McCartney, The Beatles and/or psychedelic design.

Featured by Lilyas
A Flower for you by Kospero
Suggester said; "Really remarkable shot taken just at the right moment. I also like it because the deviant found something amazing in her own backyard which is by many a place were nothing interesting to shoot exists. This photo shows the contrary."

A Flower for you by ~Kospero

Suggested by petrova Featured by Anoya
missing colours 02 by PeggyArmstrong
I still don't know what the object featured here is but I find this piece incredibly attractive to the eye with the soft contours and shades - a beautiful abstract.
missing colours 02 by ~volcomchick

Featured by Kaz-D
The construction and its inevitable forward momentum sets The Murder of Andrea Aldin by *Halohid apart. Gripping and eerie.

Featured by nycterent
Little Hero - Story by patrick-q
Through beautiful artwork Little Hero - Story by ~patrick-q tells a cute, sweet tale full of imagination.

Suggested by Just-Something-Else Featured by kangel
I'll not contain you by ~Roulle is sweet on the tongue, reminding me of a man who can leave a woman quivering.

Featured by GwenavhyeurAnastasia
Phrynus Reniformis Steampunk 2 by CatherinetteRings
Phrynus Reniformis Steampunk 2 by *CatherinetteRings The suggester says: "The concept, materials, and skill of a very talented artist have combined here to create a truly wonderful work of art." A very striking creation!

Suggested by Graphite3b Featured by LabyrinthCreations
cardinal pair. by sparkpenguin
cardinal pair. by =sparkpenguin. The Suggester tells us: "I usually head towards the most eye popping and brightly colored pieces, but this was a simple beauty that really caught my eye. It has a quiet boldness that I hope others will enjoy too. "

Suggested by Asher-Bee Featured by ChewedKandi
Who needs friends? by Bungle-Grind
Who needs friends? by ~Bungle-Grind is funny, creative and fresh! The style is simply amazing, and the composition, unique!

Suggested by junaidplaner Featured by Atramina
Another Love Story - 01 by yup12
Another Love Story - 01 by ~yup12 Category: Conceptual Photography *disney-stock says, "Um, I don't think I'm supposed to be laughing out loud at this picture, but on the other hand, I know just how he feels."

Suggested by AreteStock Featured by WDWParksGal
Pixel Portrait by Kyle-Dove
Suggester said: "I think this is a different side to pixel art, and something in which the artist is not used to seeing. Not only is this a fantastic piece of work but it also shows how skilled and diverse this artist is. I was extremely impressed by their great ability to work with colour, this was drawn with a limited palette and in no way does this cripple the innovative piece, in fact, I believe it adds to the depth and the excellence of execution of this work. It shows the artists great ability to not only draw, but to show their technique in the way of Pixel Art. This artist has a talent in which is inextricably linked to sheer glory, this is a great and diverse piece of work. I love everything about it, from the general outline to the colours to the time and effort you can see pouring from it." Pixel Portrait by *Kymotonian

Suggested by CallMeGav Featured by vanmall
Project - Autumn's Story V by sexties
"beautiful. very rarely one can say that in a photo of a guy, but the photographer captures soul and beauty in an unseen way."
Project - Autumn's Story V by ~sexties

Suggested by ShadyBlues Featured by DistortedSmile
Yellow Pavilion by Fourpillars
Yellow Pavilion seems to be scenery straight out of a videogame such as WoW! ~Fourpillars knows how to compose a fractal into a wonderful fantasy scene full of light, water, ice and rock.

Suggested by sweetychan Featured by NatalieKelsey
Holmes and Watson by Cowboy-Lucas
Holmes and Watson by ~Cowboy-Lucas is a wonderful poster with just the right amount of mystery and thrill you need from a Sherlock Holmes illustration!

Suggested by LineDetail Featured by alexandrasalas
Fella Usb flash drive by Romantic-man
Fella Usb flash drive by *Romantic-man. Suggester Statement: The idea is very original and it's so amazingly rendered, it's fantastic. I totally would buy Fella USB flash drive

Suggested by Lilyas Featured by KeremGo
Llama stock by A68Stock
Llama stock by *A68Stock Such a large clear stock image, I'm sure it will be useful for many, in particular for traditional reference.

Featured by shelldevil
upside-down sbmssn by ouzouzouz
upside-down sbmssn by ~ouzouzouz shows that, with just a simple rotation, an image can be turned into an interesting and somewhat surreal piece of work.

Featured by ScENeYmE