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Thursday, September 30, 2010
Space Needle by gadgetsguru
Suggester says; This photograph is so magnificently beautiful. Space Needle by =gadgetsguru Also suggested by =im-not-sana

Suggested by the-photographicpoet Featured by ScENeYmE
Sleepy Slime Journal by Hadeki
Sleepy Slime Journal by ~Hadeki

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Suggested by rioIu Featured by ginkgografix
Halo by MikkoLagerstedt
Halo by *Latyrx
The suggester writes: "Its like an apocalypse omen. I cant find no words to describe it."

Suggested by daisukekuroneko Featured by Shalora
Untitled by

Featured by
Saint Dragon by JoseAlvesSilva
Saint Dragon by *JoseAlvesSilva. People who old enough like me might remember the Saint Dragon the game on Commodore Amiga. This artwork is the best interpretation on this dragon character I've seen so far. Very elegant mix of mechanic and organic.

Featured by KeremGo
Corset suspension 2 by *circle23 is, as the name indicates, no simple suspension: it is actually a suspension from a cable corset - a gorgeous, daring suspension that could only be achieved safely and artistically by a skilled, dedicated team of professionals.

Suggested by jcroxas Featured by Exillior
Lean and Cross - Base by ~Mariiann-90 The amount of realism, detail, shading and natural grace and beauty has always been amazing. Remember to download for a fullview!

Featured by Lyricanna
forced reflection by ~slinkapics The suggester says, "I love the combination of submission and tenderness in this photo. The mirror reflection adds a wonderful tinge of voyeurism to it."

Suggested by drop-asd Featured by Nyx-Valentine
'Delikat' by telegrafixs
"Delikat" shows ~telegrafixs's ability to use of colour and shape to form fantastic compositions and brilliant characters.

Suggested by Jace-Z Featured by Mollinda
touch the sky.. by govo
"What in the name of freaking fantastic." Was all I managed to blurt out. And that's not even a cohesive sentence. That's how awesome this picture is!
touch the sky.. by ~govo

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Featured by Timothy-Sim
May by pinkal09
A little May/September romance from *pinkal09! Sometimes I have to feature a piece not for it's technicality or "edginess" but because it's unabashedly pretty. This is one of those times. A pearlescent rainbow palette and sweet heart shapes make this a delight!

Featured by NatalieKelsey
Places 114 by Dreamcatcher-stock
Places 114 by ~Dreamcatcher-stock is a beautiful, peaceful scene just waiting to be transformed into a realm of fairytale or fantasy in your artworks.

Featured by shelldevil
Cat Purse by larrysleather
This daily deviation is featured as part of leatherwork week to raise awareness of this amazing craft.
Cat Purse by ~larrysleather is a wonderful example of how diverse leatherwork can be. The amount of time and care put into this piece of art is inspiring, from the intricate stitching, to the cat's picture, and all the tiny detials in between. The suggester wrote: "A wonderfully done work, I specially like the blue back ground that exposes the work even more."

Suggested by MayaVogrin Featured by BluestOfBirds
love rock ... by 4130013
I always love it when people can do amazing things using oekaki. love rock ... by ~4130013 is a beautifully drawn, surreal image with fantastic details and great line work.

Suggested by suzaku009 Featured by kangel
Augustine by Souzix
Augustine by *Souzix Reminiscent of the sculptures of ancient Greece, this lovely piece by Souzix makes us wonder what is behind the regal expression on the statue's face. The pseudo decay of the piece only adds to the mystery.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Koloro by *yukikominazuki "This video is definitely amazing! The world in the story was in black and white. When the cat swallowed the ball, it brought colours to the colorless world. The music is beautiful. Oh my, I can't even express myself properly now :'D It brings some kind of meaning to me. I hope you would enjoy too. Forget about the horrifying thumbnails (as the artist mentioned) this video is worth to watch :nod:"

Suggested by koh-ey Featured by NikiVandermosten
white oleander by btub
white oleander by ~btub

Suggested by sonicgirl11 Featured by chutkat
Scavener by fxEVo
Scavener by ~fxEVo Artist managed to perfectly capture the concept of the robot. Even if it just sits there and looks at you.

Featured by MacRebisz
Tegami Bachi - Gauche x Lag by LittleDog
Tegami Bachi - Gauche x Lag by ~LittleDog

The suggester says
"This fanart showcases great command of opposite colors, not an easy feat!"

Suggested by suzaku009 Featured by elicoronel16
Curtain Fall by Izaaaaa
Curtain Fall by =Izaaaaa This triptych has such a wonderful sense of mystery. The symmetric composition of the red curtain could remind us a church window for example. There are so many possible stories which one could imagine stemming from this masterpiece.

Suggested by felibree Featured by Kaz-D
Cyber punk - The skys limit by Radavast
Cyber punk - The skys limit by ~Radavast. "I think this is a great vector Anthro piece with lots of details!"

Suggested by suzaku009 Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
White Wolf Icon by xTRIGGERNOMETRY
White Wolf Icon by *ShadowCloven. The suggester says, "I've seen people using this free avatar (and others like it), and it seems to be a beloved deviation throughout deviantART. Its graceful animation with the lovely pixel drawing makes this a perfect icon to share with the whole community."

Suggested by FantasyStock Featured by BurgerBunny
Polymer Clay Waffles Tutorial by Talty
Suggester's words: Polymer Clay Waffles Tutorial by *Talty [is] a polymer clay waffles tutorial. These waffles are extremely easy to make, are great for beginners and can be used for a dollhouse or jewelry.

Suggested by Talty Featured by FantasyStock
....heart of a Lion by foureyes
By a lot of standards, ....heart of a Lion by `foureyes is a famous photograph. It is the Grand Prize Winner of the National Geographic Ultimate Photo Contest 2009 and has almost 10,000 favorites on dA. It is an excellent example of an amazing photograph and an admirable photographer receiving much deserved attention. I think the suggester gives an even more important reason: "This is not just a photograph but something that gives us hope just by seeing it and knowing that the man struggled and fought for his life no matter how hard it was."

Suggested by Aelathen Featured by Katerina423
Waiting for Another Tree by saabie
For Waiting for Another Tree by ~saabie the suggester writes: "This photo depicts something that is artistically underestimated day by day - a rail bridge showing itself in a lonely, timeless manner along with a tree which is just as desperate-looking. Not to mention the title - a chill came over me when I saw this, though I never noticed before even if I personally can see the bridge in the city everyday."

Suggested by Xsandra Featured by tiganusi
on set: NAKED GIRLS WITH MASKS by =333bracket The suggester says, "This photo is very cool and has very dark motives in it. It has very deep emotion and strong colours. I think it's very mysterious not seeing the expressions on the faces. The photographer did a very good job with the concept and the implementation."

Suggested by SkippyJr Featured by Nyx-Valentine
liva by ultramaryna
liva by ~ultramaryna is wistful and classic. I feel almost like we've intruded on a very private and beautiful moment.

Featured by DistortedSmile
Black and Blues by n8creek
Sterling line work and visual wit accompany the changes played in Black and Blues, a musical panoply from ~n8creek.

Suggested by RiverCreek Featured by SRaffa
Maiden In Black Feat- Ryannzha by Ryannzha
Suggester said: "i love the color and i love the movement of this piece."

Maiden In Black Feat- Ryannzha by ~Ryannzha

Suggested by Vashtastic Featured by LineBirgitte
DEAD WINTER - the winchesters by dauntingfire
DEAD WINTER - the winchesters by *dauntingfire

The suggester says
"This is striking in it's use of greyscale that subtly complements the mood of the piece."

Suggested by teardropdangel Featured by elicoronel16
Tsui by naturaljuice
Tsui by ~naturaljuice
The suggester wrote:
"I was really amazed by the beauty of this piece and the soft shade of pink really makes it mysterious and unique"

Suggested by milyKnight Featured by rydi1689
logo design 02 by RebekkaIvacson
logo design 02 by ~Rebitt

Suggested by Gwendolyn12 Featured by Lilyas
Karline II by HannahHavoc
A stunning piece by a well known young photographer. The wonderful styling together with the flawless retouching brings the whole piece together. I love the simplicity of the shot, a gorgeous composition and all round perfect shot. Karline II by =HannahHavoc

Suggested by Poppet-Pictures Featured by NKYC
dark blue world by kayjensen
The suggester says; "Perfect example of how to use blur to create a certain mood. This is hauntingly beautiful!"
dark blue world by =kayjensen

Suggested by Jules1983 Featured by pullingcandy
Pathfinder Stuff 6 by Mancomb-Seepwood
Pathfinder Stuff 6 by ~Mancomb-Seepwood The Suggester said: "I really like the colours, the details and the painterly-realistic style here". That's right! Impressive colouring and fantastic style! The way ~Mancomb-Seepwood uses fantasy elements is simply delicious!

Suggested by Exillior Featured by Atramina
descent by shepa
descent by ~shepa The Suggester says: "Descent" don't need words to describe the awesomeness of the details and colours because with just one look your senses will scream of pleasure and in that moment you will know you are watching an epic master piece!!

Suggested by Yasny-chan Featured by Ricardo-Rick
Eastern Gray Squirrel by AlinaKurbiel
Suggester said; "Love the focus and the Depth of Field. The colors and lighting are so great too!"

Eastern Gray Squirrel by ~AlinaKurbiel

Suggested by uae4u Featured by Anoya
Emptiness - Part II by BojanMarinkoski
Emptiness - Part II by ~Crtan Hauntingly beautiful work - This caught my eye as soon as it appeared in my inbox, absolutely love the shadows and tone.

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by Kaz-D
lamp10 by RodneyHomeMade
This daily deviation is featured as part of leatherwork week to raise awareness of this amazing craft.
lamp10 by ~RodneyHomeMade is a beautiful, sculpturesque lamp made with leather.

Featured by MyntKat