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Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Carlos Huante by felixdasilva
From suggester: "Carlo Huante by ~felixdasilva sent inspirational chills down my spine!! The detail is tremendously outstanding!!"

Suggested by TheCreativeJenn Featured by Thebuild
Do They Care When They're... by mightyjosh
There is an aura of knowing prudence that echoes throughout the gentle melancholy of Do They Care When They're... by ~mightyjosh; it's all in the eyes and determined setting... an enlightening piece.

Suggested by archanN Featured by snowmask
Float Away by slickwilly182
Float Away by ~slickwilly182

The suggester wrote: "I think this piece deserves it because it's a photograph that really is dreamlike. You have to question it, and the beauty wonderfully adds to the illusion. I couldn't stop looking at it."

Suggested by Milarca Featured by NyssaCreative
think by tolgacelikel
think by ~tolgacelikel
The suggester said: "The tittle and the concept are [great] for this amazing conceptual portrait. [...] A pretty thoughtful portrait."

Suggested by Farbod21889 Featured by Shalora
Ophelia by Afilimona
Exit Ophelia; Shakespeare's tragic character through the eyes of ~Afilimona.

Suggested by drop-asd Featured by SRaffa
I Like Birds by Novembermeisje
I Like Birds by ~Novembermeisje is a simple vexel yet it still captures the cuteness of those lovely little birds perfectly!

Featured by jussta
When we grow up by AliceLitwin
"It is rather uncommon for me to keep a deviation bookmarked, just to look it over and over again. I do not know what is it in particular that attracts me to When we grow up by ~AliceLitwin but somehow the contrast between the two faces (models) makes the photo purely ironic to my eye. Plus, I have never before craved SO much for gold and gray colors in my wardrobe."

Suggested by MouritsaDA-Stock Featured by Katerina423
All Babes are wolves by maleekmonroe
All Babes are wolves by ~maleekmonroe

Suggested by XenoPhotography Featured by sine-out
Pete Vs. The Grumpy Gremlins by OchreJelly
Pete Vs. The Grumpy Gremlins by `OchreJelly - A beautiful piece not only drawn, but painted with perfection that leaves the observer wondering if it's not a photograph... Everything here is spot on and perfect..the pose, the background, the setting... everything!

Suggested by prosaix Featured by archanN
Naval Clash by MarkBulahao
Naval Clash by ~Edictiv is a brilliant piece of artwork, with a great level of detailing and perfect colouring. The design of the ships is simply great as it is rage of the sea in the scene. Beautiful! Suggesters thoughts

Suggested by Atramina Featured by taenaron
Check mate by LeviDansam
Check mate by ~LeviDansam

Featured by dapper-owl
Pencil Vs Camera - 4 by BenHeine
Pencil Vs Camera - 4 by *BenHeine - A beautiful and original work with a unique concept and great composition

Suggested by medreaming Featured by archanN
Clic by xbeni
Clic by ~xbeni This deviation not only depicts a great story greatfully well-drawn, the autor masters his coloring skills to a level wich pulls an emotional chord on the viewer, far beyond color theory and near poetry.

Suggested by UNDERANANGEL Featured by Thiefoworld
Manga artists by Cielolei
When I saw Manga artists by ~Kafuka-chan I fell right in love with it! I absolutely love the light mood that the picture portrays and the colors selected really add a ton to this feeling! I quite like the environment that the characters are in as well since there is so much to look at and ~Kafuka-chan did a fantastic job of putting in a ton of detail with out being overwhelming!

Suggested by DerTerrorKruemel Featured by Damaged927
Noone Deserves It by querulousArtisan
Noone Deserves It by =AmericanLink I know it's simple, but I really think the way the line zigzags and then stops after "period" is so great for this. It's a great message and very true, in my opinion.

Suggested by savagebinn Featured by ginkgografix
Part of your World by Sabaku-no-hana
Part of your World by =Sabaku-no-hana
The suggester says:
"This just blew me out of the water. The expression on Ariel's face, the glow of the sun down into the water, and the details of her hair all make me want to go watch the movie again!"

Suggested by EternalSilverSakura Featured by elicoronel16
It may be a little past the Easter Bunny's time for this year, but as the suggester tells us, YOU'RE DIFFERENT by ~truant is "a very playful nude photograph with a sense of humor :giggle: It brightened up my day for sure."

Suggested by Albino-Kittie Featured by wynnesome
Treebeard by WonderDookie
The suggester said: "Treebeard by ~WonderDookie is so incredibly amazing. His attention to detail, his skill with an X-acto blade, his ability to create a 3-D world with a 2-D medium...the colors, the composition...everything came together in this work to leave me absolutely breathless. Just plain awesome."

Suggested by M-Everham Featured by MyntKat
Untitled by
Filha by *rottenpeeches contains some strong images and similes.

Suggested by anyimacielgray Featured by fllnthblnk
Final Showdown by pixelcharlie
Final Showdown by ~pixelcharlie Wow! No words I can say will make this marvelous work justice!

Suggested by Krissi001 Featured by rydi1689
Rainbow cake tut by solid-paradox
Rainbow cake tut by ~MissMusicmelon09 an easy to follow tutorial that will help you make a funky rainbow cake!

Featured by UnicornReality
GH House Challenge 3 by nickick
~nickick takes a simple scene and brings it to life in GH House Challenge 3 with gorgeous lighting and colour, and great attention to detail.

Suggested by viisi Featured by joannastar
ballerina by LilifIlane
ballerina by ~LilifIlane. The suggester wrote, "This picture is amazing and yet so unseen. The lighting is perfect, the pose exquisite, and the picture as a whole is converyed brilliantly."

Suggested by kylarynn Featured by opioid
Untitled by
chere isis by =despair What else can I say, excellent focus, attention to detail, and composition makes this one special shot!

Suggested by AmmsA7 Featured by kkart
Bee 17 by Prototyps
Bee 17 by ~Prototyps is only one extreme macro with stunning detail that can be found in this artist's gallery. Be sure to visit the gallery of ~Prototyps.

Featured by impressionenmeer
First Sight by AdamBurn
First Sight by =Phoenix-06
The suggester says: Full of motion, atmosphere and a brilliant background story

Suggested by Smiling-Demon Featured by gucken
Missin' Like Candy by darylferil
Suggester said: "I've seen this stock used so many times but never in such creative and amazing way!"

Missin' Like Candy by ~incredibledarlz04

Suggested by jussta Featured by LineBirgitte
Wings png by Sylwia77
Wings png by =Sylwia77 is a pack of five beautifully delicate wing pngs - perfect for digital fantasy artists.

Featured by UnicornReality