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Wednesday, July 28, 2010
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Go to Sleep by AMindlessChrist
The suggester writes: "In Go to Sleep by ~AMindlessChrist, I believe the tones and color are just gorgeous. I haven't seen anything like it, and the way the photo was taken makes you feel as if you're drowning. And in a subtle, calm way, it does, just as the title says, makes you go to sleep."

Suggested by Patastic Featured by Shalora
Tequilla for 7 by kAtz93
Tequilla for 7 by *kAtz93 is a mac-like VisualStyle for Windows7 with some unique and never seen before details.
nope, not even on a mac.

Suggested by pk1st Featured by OtisBee
Tigers by Face-Reality
~Face-Reality's Tigers simply resonates with lifelike charm, from the adorably large and ungainly paws to that curled upper lip resting above the canine. A watercolour rendering of exquisite depth and detail.

Suggested by animalartist16 Featured by snowmask
Miss Kris by william690c
Miss Kris, a graceful evocation in colored pencils from ~william690c.

Suggested by Catoasapun Featured by SRaffa
Resistance Retrubtion - TowerC by Athey
What kind of final boss wouldn't want to reside in an awesome place like this? Resistance Retrubtion - TowerC by =Athey

Featured by Pyritie
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CHUCK YOU by ~DinaDeSade The suggester says, "Dina DeSade is a fantastic model and she utilises a great pose and lack of clothes to draw to her awesome shoes. Plus her tattoos are really cool."

Suggested by pylangelov Featured by Nyx-Valentine
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Cliik Cliik Boom by Citronade-Arts
Colourful, shiny and eye-catching. Cliik Cliik Boom by ~Citronade-Arts gives me an special Summer sensation.

Suggested by Yasny-chan Featured by pica-ae
I Just Wanna Live by IAMSORRY87
" After reading the words on the card about his brother nearly had me in tears. " -MayaTakamera

I Just Wanna Live by =IAMSORRY87

Suggested by MayaTakamera Featured by PurpelBlur
Holiday by Chaliosa
Holiday by ~Chaliosa is glamourous, elegant, with a touch of luxury. Soft and shiny. A perfect example of tooled doll !

Suggested by FionaCreates Featured by mintyy
Right On Stamp by bandit4edu
Right On Stamp by *bandit4edu

[dA related > Deviant Stamps]

Suggested by GaioumonBatou Featured by ginkgografix
Shy by UnicornReality
Even though simple Shy by `Hanratty-Stock can make you go d'aww instantly. I love the way the pink one jumps, and the way the little blue guy kisses the pink one! Too adorable for me !

Suggested by Krissi001 Featured by mintyy
Smoke Photography Tutorial 01 by AdamShepherd
Smoke Photography Tutorial 01 by =AdamShepherd Ever wonder how to get great photos of smoke? This is the first in a series of smoke photography tutorials. (Follow the links in the artist's comments to continue the lesson.) It's a great gift when a skilled artist shares their techniques with the rest of us in such an informative and helpful way.

Featured by FantasyStock
In the suggester's words, Letters to No One by *angeljunkie "stands out because it is universal in scope, but so personal in delivery. "

Suggested by KneelingGlory Featured by Memnalar
Sharp taste by *Venlian A more submissive male nude than generally seen in the art nude gallery, with a wonderful romantic touch.

Suggested by JLDragonfly Featured by Nyx-Valentine
3130 by kat4nka
The suggester says: "Great focus, beautiful reflection and a blue shade that makes this a perfect window to the soul." 3130 by ~kat4nka

Suggested by PsycheAnamnesis Featured by impressionenmeer
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SoH: Prologue Pg5 by T0xicEye
With beautiful artwork and spectular backgrounds SoH: Ch1 Pg5 by ~IceKrystal is an amazing comic page and just one of many impressive pieces from this talented deviant!

Suggested by Reedflower101 Featured by kangel
Finger Spelling by Stamps
Finger Spelling by ~Stamps "Learning finger-spelling with a cute tiger? Amazing! Cute & useful."

Suggested by SirKittenpaws Featured by NikiVandermosten
Make a Wish by FacundoDiaz
Make a Wish by =keepwalking07 Suggester says: "Such a powerful mood expressed here, the lighting, the detail. It makes fantasy and sci-fi fit so well together in this piece."

Suggested by DragonBreath7575 Featured by MacRebisz
Suiseiseki by tafuto001
Suiseiseki by ~tafuto001 is a beautiful painting, the character is just lovely and the choice of colours is perfect!

Suggested by koh-ey Featured by elicoronel16
Jet Setter by milleniumsentry
Sit in the cockpit of a transport about to hit the hyperdrive! Jet Setter by ~milleniumsentry gives you the point of view of the captain of a starship. Sleek metallic structures, a brilliant universe of stars, and hypnotic composition make this an instant sci-fi classic.

Featured by NatalieKelsey
Mario and Luigi Plushies by W0IfDreamer
Mario and Luigi Plushies by *W0IfDreamer is a fantastic example from this talented crocheters gallery! Not only does she create fantastic renditions of video game characters, she also shares many patterns on her blog for everyone to use. This gallery is not to be missed!

Suggested by xXAli-StarXx Featured by MyntKat
Blue Hu by Tony231
Blue Hu by ~Tony231 The Suggester said: when I fist saw it, I thought it was a painting, and even THAT was impressive. And when I realized it was done with stencils, then I almost didn't believe it. All those shades and all those details (just look at the background!) makes it a really really stunning piece of art ... on a piece of cardboard. I just love it, and the skill of it all amazes me and inspires me to do better.

Suggested by ihni Featured by Ricardo-Rick
laj-n by Q-harrr
laj-n by =ku-harrr I love the perspective in this picture. Black and white colours really give the abstract feeling of something real, like a building. Wonderful!

Suggested by ironicna Featured by Kaz-D
Andreas Kisser by Juzma
Andreas Kisser by ~Juzma. Epic.

[Photojournalism / Concerts & Musicians]

Suggested by onkami Featured by Timothy-Sim
Ice Cream Mandala by HisHalfElf
The concept alone behind Ice Cream Mandala is sensational as it is invigorating, matched only by the electrifying effect of resting a whirlwind of chaos atop glorious, gilded symmetry. Rich, unique and fantastic work by *HisHalfElf.

Featured by snowmask
MangotRiders by sabercore23ArtStudio
Its one of those delicious esoteric / mythical pieces that is right on the money. MangotRiders by ~SABERCORE23 in the tone of Barker and Gaiman.

Featured by conzpiracy
Cheirotonus formosanus by amatizking
Cheirotonus formosanus by ~amatizking is both exotic and provocative, thanks to the incredible drawing style, and the clean, gorgeous colours. And the beauty of the design is simply outstanding!

Suggested by Hellobaby Featured by Atramina
La Porte by gwendyyd
~gwendyyd's liberated imagination and consummate use of oils gives rise to La Porte, which with its open concept could be perceived as anything, be it a chapter in a story or some cold and vastly immeasurable snow plain nestling in the depths of our dreams.

Suggested by KlayerD Featured by snowmask
Star Wars PopArt - Battle by Bergie81
Suggester said: "This deviant combined Star Wars with the style of Lichtenstein to a incredible piece. Also ~Bergie81 includes a full PDF so you can print his piece in any size for your home."

Star Wars PopArt - Battle by ~Bergie81

Suggested by BeJay Featured by LineBirgitte
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Cheshire Cat by MenInASuitcase
Cheshire Cat by =MenInASuitcase is a really nicely animated free avatar, featuring a loveable character!

Featured by BurgerBunny
Moonlight Queen by Acid-PopTart
Moonlight Queen by *Acid-PopTart just blew me away when I saw it- such amazing vibrant colours and such fantastic work!

Suggested by pylangelov Featured by DistortedSmile
still in progress by *TimOrth, despite still being in progress, shows the incredible, sensual realism of this tattoo artist's work.

Featured by Exillior
Penthouse WB by vStyler
Penthouse WB is another top notch master skin for WindowBlinds created by ~vStyler. This fully skinned and masterfully crafted skin in realistic 3D style will make your PC looking awesome!

Featured by Lilyas
+ Cowboy Casanova + by Teloka
+ Cowboy Casanova + by =Teloka is, as the suggester says "one of those works that come at the top of my head when I think of a well worked picture. The colours of the background work really well with the 'anthroish' character, a Gryffore, and make everything blend well together. I could say a lot more things I like of the pic, like the fluffy tip of the tail, but instead I'll say... no cheap lensflare! It's self drawn! Can you get any more cooler than that? c:"

Suggested by Fluna Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
Unrest by yummyphroot
The suggester says; "You can almost imagine a dusky smell coming from it can't you? Almost like being in a garage or something surrounded by petrol..."
Unrest by ~yummyphroot

Suggested by the-photographicpoet Featured by pullingcandy