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Monday, July 26, 2010
Glass by mprudlak
Glass by ~mprudlak

Featured by Kaz-D
Chaps and Shadows... by *lfeath1562 A fantastic, softly emotional fetish portrait. I love the use of light to highlight and conceal his body, and the way it brings texture into his wardrobe.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Kusudama by synconi
Kusudama by `synconi is a beautifully crafted kusudama with a nice color palette.
suggested by many members of the community

Featured by MyntKat
Happy Day by achfoo
Happy Day by `achfoo is a simple yet elegant portrait of a wedding couple. Certainly one we'll remember for a very long time!

[Photojournalism / Weddings]

Featured by Timothy-Sim
0015 by aktinos
0015 by *aktinos The vanishing point in this shot is just amazing. It just seems to never end, going on and on into the sky. A beautiful capture with beautiful colour.

Suggested by AnotherImpossibility Featured by Kaz-D
Page 8-9 by easy-ramos
Page 8-9 by ~easy-ramos The suggester says; "The depth, perspective and clean lines used are simply gorgeous! Love the result!" Credit to *cocoaspen for the excellent colour job too!

Suggested by Atramina Featured by kangel
Rydia by jurithedreamer
Rydia by *jurithedreamer is simply beautiful!

Suggested by Gwendolyn12 Featured by elicoronel16
The suggestor writes, "I suggested Simon Knows What Love Is because it's probably one of my most favorite images on deviantART. It combines ~asawaki's illustration style and her impressive ability to paint. The way she rendered her unique-looking, bearded friend makes him look surprisingly beautiful in a surreal way."

Suggested by haleyandhope Featured by snowmask
Red-eyed grasshopper by UgurDoyduk
Suggester said; "This is a gorgeous capture with amazing colors, details as well as a great angle."
Red-eyed grasshopper by ~colorrrs

Suggested by TimberClipse Featured by Anoya
panstwowe muzeum etnograficzne by webdesigner1921
It's not easy to select only one piece of art from this designer's gallery. panstwowe muzeum etnograficzne by ~webdesigner1921 is an outstanding example from a high quality design collection.

Featured by Lilyas
let there be light by otsego-amigo
" How epic! It looks amazing and it's so much fun to play with this. " -PatrickRuegheimer

let there be light by =otsego-amigo

Suggested by PatrickRuegheimer Featured by PurpelBlur
Kiss me and I'll be okay by acday1001
Suggester said: "Simple but expressive, minimalistic but with a great composition, style and perfectly chosen colours!"

Kiss me and I'll be okay by =acday1001

Suggested by carpenoctem410 Featured by LineBirgitte
Untitled by

Featured by
BMW White splash by MUCK-ONE
BMW White splash by ~MUCK-ONE. Have you seen something creative like this before? Visit ~MUCK-ONE's gallery for more.

Suggested by junaidplaner Featured by KeremGo
morning by glowingkitten
The suggester says: "A beautiful fresh picture with great details and a nice composition." morning by =glowingkitten

Suggested by MarcoHeisler Featured by impressionenmeer
Looking up by IsabellaxParadise
I find vexelling eyes as one of the hardest things to do but as you can see in Looking up by ~IsabellaxParadise the effort pays off!

Suggested by InfinitePSDv2 Featured by jussta
Return Of the Day by ~mihaizen The suggester says, "I've been so absolutely in love with this photo for so long! I think it's stunning."

Suggested by Reilune Featured by Nyx-Valentine
death approaching by noah-kh
Excuse me while I pick up the pieces of my shattered jaw! That's the effect death approaching by *noah-kh will have on you! Also suggested by *SweetYuya

Suggested by Krissi001 Featured by rydi1689
nymph by DawnElaineDarkwood
It's nice to see how artists are influenced by eachother. nymph by ~DawnElaineDarkwood is inspired on an animated short on dA. Be inspired yourself while watching this nice artwork.

Suggested by rins-art Featured by Norke
Snailfight by ken-wong
Snailfight by ~ken-wong is fascinating and fierce. The concept is simply awesome, and the motion, delirious!

Featured by Atramina
Untitled by

Featured by
Dark Elf by GuzBoroda
The contrasting colors really set the mood here! Dark Elf by ~GuzBoroda

Suggested by dapper-owl Featured by Pyritie
birdman story IV: flight by datenshi-nagasava
birdman story IV: flight by ~datenshi-nagasava
The suggester writes: "Because most people have a deep desire to defy gravity and soar through the sky. I wish I could fly away."

Suggested by PsycheAnamnesis Featured by Shalora
Rosamarie 4 by BareLight
"There is so much vitality and freshness in this photograph not to mention the lovely black-and-white contrast makes it incredibly elegant and classy. "
Rosamarie 4 by *BareLight

Suggested by drop-asd Featured by DistortedSmile
SEED 1 by SpyrosVerykios-ComiX
SEED 1 by ~SpyrosVerykios-ComiX Colors, details, composition - everything makes this piece very unique and eye catching. Design of the structures adds even more awesomeness to it. Make sure to check the rest of this artist's gallery.

Featured by MacRebisz
Patriot 2 wallpaper by mbreitweiser
Patriot 2 wallpaper by *mbreitweiser is glory personified. Duty to ones country can now be paired with duty to your desktop, to make it awesome with this high quality expertly made wallpaper.

Suggested by archanN Featured by VSConcepts
Untitled by

Featured by
As sure as night falls, a Saint will be tested; fantastic work from =firedarkdragon.

Suggested by iLantiis Featured by SRaffa
ella by pin-dbr
ella by ~pin-dbr

Suggested by sweetychan Featured by Ricardo-Rick
Nuala Black by nardoxic
Nuala Black by =nardoxic for WindowBlinds is a great port of Aldrin Lee's (aka !seedling-design) Snow Leopard theme that goes by the same name. so, if you want the perfect mac feeling on your windows pc, you should definitely give this a spin.

Featured by OtisBee
Drinks by Miniartx
Just looking at Drinks by ~Miniartx makes me thirsty! Very apt icons for the summer!

Suggested by lavender1992 Featured by BurgerBunny
Boots, blood and a beautiful lady.
bloody pin up by ~ladysivali

Featured by pullingcandy
Untitled by

Featured by
untitled 2 by kantstanja
Through *kantstanja's buoyant brushstrokes here in untitled 2, we are able to journey to the farthest horizon that cradles the land of dreams. Be sure to check out the rest of this breathtaking gallery.

Suggested by akreon Featured by snowmask
Vast Void by MichalKownacki
Vast Void by *L337m4st3r

The suggester wrote: "I love this black & white composition, bravo!"

Suggested by tajus Featured by NyssaCreative
Wolf Inside by MoOnshine90
Digital meets natural media, fresh techniques with rich muted colours. Hell yes we like. Wolf Inside by =MoOnshine90

Suggested by Hellobaby Featured by conzpiracy