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Sunday, June 13, 2010
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Woodland Beauty 1 by rachellcoe
Woodland Beauty 1 by =rachellcoe is an alluring pose with a beautiful sense of wonder and trust. The clear focus and lovely makeup art make this stock image it's an easy to use and inspiring.

Featured by FantasyStock
Entering Hell by stephbombzz
If Dante Alighieri handed me his map of Hell, and opened the door for me, I'm sure the Father of the Italian Language could have provided no better visualization then that which is portrayed here. With alarming, stark colors and a feeling of knock kneed authenticity, I can just hear him say to me, "A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark..." as I step through those doors and back in to this deviants eclectic gallery.
Entering Hell by ~stephbombzz

Featured by pullingcandy
Absynth by litori
Absynth by ~litori is a gorgeous wire work necklace with a bold pendant. The shape and color of the stones perfectly complements the soft curves of the woven wire and makes this artisan work really stand out.

Suggested by jcroxas Featured by MyntKat
Sectera by Alanise
Sectera by *Alanise. An amazing render with a nice concept.

Suggested by ShengDaFlashPRo Featured by KeremGo
seichas by jeffgraffit
seichas by ~jeffgraffit demonstrates excellent shading techniques using a very simple, and beautiful, colour palette.

Featured by LineBirgitte
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My Phurtlinx by malignant-child
My Phurtlinx by ~malignant-child is not only a very colorful but also a rather unqiue and original tattoo design with a smooth shading and some nice details.

Suggested by ginkgografix Featured by Lilyas
My Lover - Haruka x Michiru by nao--ren
My Lover - Haruka x Michiru by =Strawberry-Chocolate
From the suggester:
"Amazing, beautiful and sensitive". The strong feelings portrayed in this wonderful fan artwork touch my heart as a smile is drawn on my face. Wonderful!

Suggested by cain11 Featured by rydi1689
The suggester says; "If there is anything that is screaming stunning details and colours, then it is *nebezial's broken trinity 1 sdcc variant! His gallery contains a beautiful collection of works and this is one of the many jaw dropping works! Be sure to check out this deviant's gallery! "

Suggested by phoenixleo Featured by kangel
Turning by jialu
From the artist's comments: "Nothing ever dies or disappears: it changes from one state to another. Turning is about these changes. My model looks back on the path she has traveled in a sudden movement, arrested in a moment of time, lit by the last rays of the fading light." Oil on canvas from *jialu.

Featured by SRaffa
Best Friends Forever by CrimsonMagpie
Best Friends Forever by =CrimsonMagpie "Friendship is something important. You choose your friends, and you can rely on them, same as they expect to rely on you. A friend will stay at your side, for the best, or for the worst. This picture shows the importance of friendship really well, making it definitely worth a look!"

Suggested by Azuris Featured by Katmomma
Snake eyes vs ninjas exclusive by mojette
Snake eyes vs ninjas exclusive by =mojette

Featured by KeremGo
I have received multiple DD suggestions for various deviations by *e-string. Self Portrait on Dock combines the best of both worlds: a thoughtful and natural self-portrait by a woman who is an accomplished artistic nude model as well as a photographer herself.

Featured by wynnesome
burn the wind by remocholy
Ping1 by menton3
Ping1 by ~menton3

Suggested by KatiBear Featured by MidnightExigent
Melinda's Nightmare by Trefle-Rouge
Melinda's Nightmare by ~Xadrial are scary and inviting at the same time. Like the suggester said: "I love how creepy and yet alluring his paintings are - looking at them, I really feel myself drawn in. They're captivating in a rather scary way!"

Suggested by Exillior Featured by Norke
The suggester says, "Mmm...after dinner". Riven's Pleasure by ~Mariusart is so obviously an image resulting from a lot of time, a lot of work and a good eye for horror and beauty.

Suggested by JacquiJax Featured by RockstarVanity
A Boy's Heart by Kaelycea
~Kaelycea's innate awareness of how ingeniously integrated elements can turn still imagery into pure thespianism is placed right under the spotlight of A Boy's Heart, an embodiment of poetic classicism.

Suggested by drop-asd Featured by snowmask
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Bad Sun Rising by TylerCreatesWorlds
Bad Sun Rising by *HellsEscapeArtist Suggester says: "The view everyone wants from their back porch. The simplicity at first glance keeps this scene beautiful and calm, while the small details keeps you intrigued. Bad Sun Rising is a solid example of great terragen work by a great artist."

Suggested by DemosthenesVoice Featured by MacRebisz
Flamingo Head by Musidoras-Left-Eye
Flamingo Head by ~Musidoras-Left-Eye a beautiful photo that will be a great reference to those wanting to look closer at the colourings of this lovely bird! Thanks ~Musidoras-Left-Eye!

Featured by UnicornReality
The Nose Snatcher by Channel-Square
The Nose Snatcher by *Blvd-Square Creative and visually appealing.

Suggested by ryuuha Featured by Thiefoworld
Who by siscosensation
Who by ~siscosensation

Featured by jussta
ThumbTools by rdevill
ThumbTools by =rdevill is an amazing greasemonkey script that drastically reduces the number of clicks needed for putting together a journal or news article feature. It's an absolutely fantastic idea that is really useful!
(Suggested by =KneelingGlory)

This is one of the most useful scripts I've come across as it makes for complete ease of access when it comes to collecting thumbs and mass-noting deviants to let them know they have been's a timesaver - a real gem!
(Suggested by `Kaz-D)

A brilliant and extremely helpful dA user script enabling deviants to collect thumb codes for their features with a single click instead of visiting every deviation page and copying the codes. One can save and edit feature folders, sort the deviations by aspect ration, and later post them in their journal or news article, what makes a feature easy and fast to do! I can't imagine my life without this script!
(Suggested by =knifeofdreams)

Also suggested by: `krissi001, TimberClipse, =TheOne89it, `Arete-Eirene-Phile, *KovoWolf and =uae4u

[dA related > Browser Scripts and Extensions]

Featured by ginkgografix
Bed Romance by MissAkasha
The colours on Bed Romance by ~MissAkasha just make me so happy!

Featured by DistortedSmile
Tactual by xxtjxx
Tactual by ~xxtjxx just blows me away, as it has the several people who have suggested it. I didn't put their names in because there was more than one, and that goes to show you how impressive this piece is!

Featured by VSConcepts
Toy travellers by raynoa
Toy travellers by ~raynoa the colors, the buildings, the technique and the overall colorful and joyful presentation makes this one one of Raynoa's best pieces in his series of ilustrations for the F5 Magazine -a series you should check right here at his dA gallery. If an pink teddy bear sitting next to the Eiffel Tower holding a tourist on his hand doesn't catch your attention, then nothing will do.

Suggested by rins-art Featured by Metaru
Banshee by poisonvectors
Banshee by ~poisonvectors The suggester said: "The artist had a very unusual and perfectly elaborated concept here. I adore this work for its sheer beauty."

Suggested by Lilyas Featured by Atramina