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Sunday, May 30, 2010
Calvin and Hobbes by eric-with-a-k
Calvin and Hobbes by ~eric-with-a-k has really captured the escence of both Calvin and Hobbes, both the figures accuracy as well as their personalities.

Featured by Thebuild
Guepardo by HabDabs
Here in Guepardo, the artist ~HabDabs demonstrates a powerful understanding of light, which is combined with rigorous detailing to precipitate a level of realism that's quite simply put, magical.

Suggested by Chikrata Featured by snowmask
Will smith by mrpeculiar
Will smith by ~mrpeculiar. With funny expression and exaggerated forms, it's a beautiful sculpt and render. Enjoy!

Featured by KeremGo
Light of the Emperor by kingmong
Light of the Emperor by *kingmong is about a powerful knight marching through the battle field. The aura emitted by that character is very well displayed!

Featured by gucken
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A Learning by yuanyuanyuan
A Learning by ~yuanyuanyuan is an image full of an atmosphere of beauty and wonder. What the children might be learning is completely up to the interpretation of the viewer. The suggester writes: "Incredible imagery."

Suggested by psion005 Featured by Shalora
Kids of Malawi by arnaudlegrand
Suggester says, "This shot is such a killer shot for many reasons. The colors, the joy, the laughter, the camera used to shoot this, film! Gorgeous." Kids of Malawi by *Archange

[Photojournalism / People ]

Suggested by Bl4ck-and-wh1te Featured by evanhwong
A Song for Sorrow by ~lunaiy reminds me of the old-school poetry I know and love. Kudos for the Whitman reference, too!

Featured by fllnthblnk
bath by hongryu
bath by ~hongryu

Suggested by Hellobaby Featured by chutkat
Black Guard by ukitakumuki
Black Guard by `ukitakumuki is a must-have-seen for all space and Star Wars lovers out there. Go check out `ukitakumuki's gallery for the other awesome parts of his Star Wars series.

Featured by taenaron
Snow Leopard cub by Tygrik
Snow Leopard cub by ~Tygrik

The suggester wrote: "A beautiful and charming image by a relatively unknown photographer."

Suggested by DoomedConcept Featured by NyssaCreative
Fire - Aerial Silks stock 11 by ~charligal-stock a unique stock image that will be a fantastic reference or addition to a manipulations, the possibilities are endless with this one!

Suggested by Demoncherry Featured by UnicornReality
Sleeping girl by kangaroooo
Pillow and blanket, pistil and stamen, dreams of a Sleeping girl; lovely watercolors from ~kangaroooo.

Suggested by quybaba Featured by SRaffa
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ocean 187 by Hengki24
The suggester wrote, "ocean 187 by *Hengki24 is a very dramatic and breathtaking underwater scene and also a very calm and clean shot."

Suggested by Farbod21889 Featured by opioid
Sorts Mill Goudy by brutartista
Sorts Mill Goudy by ~brutartista

A wonderful play with textures and letterforms make this deviation really stand out. The Simple palette but yet bold colors make it interesting and atmospheric.

Featured by pica-ae
Winds 01 by *Choiseul The suggester says, "You can truly feel the emotion and motion in the picture. The wind, the color, the pose. I just love it."

Suggested by Wintersouls Featured by Nyx-Valentine
In sunshine and warmth, Tangerine by *MaeDayPhotography speaks to us of the joy of flight.

Featured by wynnesome
Faceless by DaphneNg
The suggester says, "Even without the facial features visible, Faceless by ~Chardyice displays so much emotion"

Suggested by hybridinsurgency Featured by RockstarVanity
El Maizo la Maldicion page10 by AugustoMora
~AugustoMora has a pretty recognizable style, with a very stylish use of colors and panel composition, and El Maizo la Maldicion page10 is a good example of that.

Featured by Thiefoworld
Ninja Emote Pack by CheekyNana
Ninja Emote Pack by =CheekyNana is not only well pixelled but it's useful ! The expressions of every ninja emoticon are unique and funny ! Be sure to take a closer look at them!

Suggested by Synfull Featured by mintyy
Romeo and Juliet by UlaFish
The feelings portrayed in Romeo and Juliet by ~UlaFish - especially in the way they hold on to one another, not wanting to let go of each other and striving for the touch of that instant yet neverending caress - are absolutely breathtaking!

Suggested by Exillior Featured by rydi1689
Words from one of the suggestors =lokelani for Submersive Temptations II by ~Rezurekted: While I think the artist has a strong gallery overall, I chose this piece to suggest because I think it incorporates his love for design and pattern, with his more molded character paintings. His colors are fantastic, with a nice mix of cool and warm that guide your eye through the painting. Graphic shapes with lovely rendering, that's what I enjoy most about his art. (Suggested by =lokelani and =Exillior)

Featured by snowmask
Beyond the Mountains by Gothic-Diva
Beyond the Mountains by ~Gothic-Diva is definetly an eye catcher. The color scheme is warm and the colors match perfectly. The background aswell as the character itself are perfectly made and the amounbt of details is really stunning. Be sure to take a closer look at it not to miss any details !

Suggested by Lyricanna Featured by mintyy
0953 by sitis23
The suggester says; "While not generally a horror fan, this is one of those images that just reached out grabbed me by the skull and smashed it into the computer screen. This image has a way of invoking fear in me with its nightmarish imagery. It's an excellent example of horror photography without the use of blood and gore." 0953 by *sitis23

Suggested by KSPhotographic Featured by pullingcandy
Live Water by niraky
Live Water by ~niraky shows a private atmosphere perfectly developed by the author. The colors are beautiful, and the realism, fantastic!

Featured by Atramina
Universos by zesk8
Universos by ~zesk8 is just like the myriad of threads that make up the fabric of the universe. Simply superb.

Featured by Platinus
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'2x2' by photofreak07
"2x2" by =photofreak07

Featured by bQw
papercut 1 by dushky
The suggester said: "At first glance I thoughtpapercut 1 by ~dushky was made from leather straps, wasn't I surprised when I read that this wonderful design was actually made from paper! I think if I had this talent I'd make a whole paper wardrobe. I'd suffer through the paper cuts! Go to the link in the description to look at more of this artists wonderful paper designs."

Suggested by Beezilla Featured by MyntKat
Wanna Fight? by DREAMCA7CHER
Suggester says about Wanna Fight? by =DREAMCA7CHER: "I can't stop looking at it, so surreal and even DARK, so interesting. Simply the most fabulous capture of a fly bar none."

Suggested by despair Featured by impressionenmeer
Red by Italiener
Red by ~Italiener is a nice example of pushing details and colors to the fullest. Be sure to see the walkthrough too!

Suggested by mintyy Featured by Norke
.:Taikata:. by Taikata
.:Taikata:. is A-MAZING! *Taikata is a hugely skilled artist and respected artist, and you can see why - the amount of attention to detail in this piece is astounding, I don't think I could bring myself to even attempt to make such a gorgeously detailed or realistic anthro.

Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
burning lights by adalahsaya
The fog and lights burning the stage and the mild blur in focus not only brings a surreal, but a mystical feeling to your senses.
burning lights by ~adalahsaya

[Photojournalism / Concerts & Musicians]

Featured by Timothy-Sim
Static Rhythm Crossed Lilac by submicron
Static Rhythm Crossed Lilac by *submicron managed to take my breath away. Maybe it's the amethyst hues, I dunno. I love this piece, and I bet everyone who sees it will too!

Featured by VSConcepts
So tired... by Carija
So tired... by =Carija

Suggested by mintyy Featured by PurpelBlur