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Saturday, May 22, 2010
'your dream contest' entry by VNC-Children
There is so much detail and impending motion going on in "your dream contest" entry by ~VNC-Children that makes this nigh impossible to tear away from; a closer look is most rewarding.

Suggested by duhcoolies Featured by snowmask
The Tooth Fairy Calculator by rubesart
From suggester: "The Tooth Fairy Calculator by ~rubesart is just one fantastic example of steam-punk from a whole gallery of varied steam punk sculptures, including a time machine! The sheer detail put into the piece makes it worth giving it a look (and a fav) not to mention the very idea of inventing a contraption of the sort. It's a wonder the tooth fairy hasn't stolen this already."

Suggested by Calyptra Featured by Thebuild
Best of Both Seasons by Jase036
Best of Both Seasons by ~Jase036 Perfect, absolutely just perfect, what can not be loved about the great atmosphere in this shot!?!?

Featured by kkart
The Dark Umbrella by mechaniac
The Dark Umbrella by ~mechaniac - There's something cute, scary and intriguing about this drawing. The colours chose by the artist helps to get that dismal atmosphere that beautifully wraps this wonderful work of art

Suggested by Yasny-chan Featured by archanN
Kiss for a Mermaid by Snow-Owl
The swell of the tides, the salt of the waves, and a Kiss for a Mermaid; elegant pencil work from ~Snow-Owl.

Featured by SRaffa
Loki's Forest by lucias-tears
The suggester wrote: Loki's Forest by `lucias-tears is a beautiful piece. The colours are very striking and both the river and the path give a sense of depth to the photograph. The lighting gives the picture a mysterious quality, while still being very sharp and clear. Overall, a very calming and attractive photograph.

Suggested by MinervaGem Featured by NyssaCreative
Ahoy by Leahtaur
Ahoy by *Leahtaur. The face here captivates me, she's adorable but slightly sly at the same time. I love the stylistic features here, the fluidity in the limbs and general form.

Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
Minangkabau Airship BeautyShot by MDreed
Minangkabau Airship BeautyShot by ~MDreed is a fantastic concept and design, realised with a wonderful model and exciting render!

Suggested by artlit Featured by joannastar
Submarine Surrender by guideki
SUbmarine Surrender by ~guideki

Suggested by ssst Featured by LineBirgitte
eyes lose their fire by PsycheAnamnesis
Suggester says: "I've never seen such genius reflection captured in one's eye - especially in photography - and particularly, in greyscale. It's an exciting mix of soft background, strong clear eyelashes and surreal reflection - harsh, glassy, industrial-ish, sharp as a knife. Note how the eyeball part seems as it doesn't belong in this photo - exceptional focus. There's also the direction of the stare and a bit of evilness in it..." eyes lose their fire by *appleplusskeleton

Suggested by neodecay Featured by impressionenmeer
Harmony by Finschi
Harmony by ~Finschi - Pure Beauty and Magic! Stunning work of art!

Suggested by mike-reiss Featured by archanN
Sight rather than sound by EmilLarsson
Sight rather than sound by ~Zhachrod is a simple but beautifully executed space scene. Lean back and enjoy the sight!

Featured by taenaron
Corpore Sano I by =Wandeclayt combines the inversion of the acrobatic pose with the eerie ambiance of the environment for a disjointed and surreal effect.

Featured by wynnesome
Smaug destroys Esgaroth by Gaius31duke
Smaug destroys Esgaroth by ~Gaius31duke
The suggester wrote:
"Absolutely amazing. This really brought this scene to life for me in a way that no other artwork I've seen of it has."

Suggested by RebeccaFrank Featured by rydi1689
Typo Stone 3D by Stone-Enots
Typo Stone 3D by ~Stone-Enots
suggester: I love the vigour in it, the power that it exudes and the dynamic composition in which the text fits so nicely.

Suggested by drop-asd Featured by pica-ae
The forgotten god by pbxn109
The forgotten god by *pbxn109 "is a great example of self control when an artist adds a touch of surrealism to a landscape."

Suggested by ArtisnotanAccident Featured by sine-out
Cat Flap by ~elipse "Short but comical animation that's definitely worth watching. The sound effects play wonderfully with the character and storyline."

Suggested by isoldel Featured by NikiVandermosten
Let it Be 2. by zombiefly
" It's a piece you have to full view to really enjoy, or even see, it. The piece has some brilliant impact, and the message behind it is profound.
The best thing about it is that the photographer has left it open for interpretation as to what "it" is. Perhaps we should let 'it' be, after all. " -3wyl

Let it Be 2. by *zombiefly

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by PurpelBlur
Untitled by

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Commission for cindilette by yukiusagi1983
Commission for cindilette by ~yukiusagi1983
The suggester says:
"I really love this piece. Everything was put together so well from the shading, lines and colors to make this art so gorgeous."

Suggested by EternalSilverSakura Featured by elicoronel16
Slippery When Wet by Thorvold
Suggester says, "*Thorvold has recently submitted some very good surfing shots, really showing the action up close." Slippery When Wet by *Thorvold

[Photojournalism / Sports]

Suggested by Forestina-Fotos Featured by evanhwong
ThePurpleCat said "It's clear to understand and easy to follow and fun to read." Very true TRADITIONAL COLOURING TUTORIAL by =EliciaElric will make you smile as well as help you with your colouring.

Suggested by ThePurpleCat Featured by UnicornReality
Legscapes by VintageWarmth
"Legscapes" by =logoistics086
The suggester wrote:"The lovely way the colors match, and the unique photography style come together to create a lovely piece of art."

Suggested by petruva1991 Featured by Shalora
Agnieszka 11 by BlackEngel
Agnieszka 11 by *BlackEngel A very enigmatic look on this femme fatale. Excellent stock for those artists looking for good quality "traditional" style fantasy references.

Suggested by Elandria Featured by UnicornReality
BBQ Cake by Verusca
It's a BBQ grill, it's a cake, it's a BBQ Cake by ~Verusca!

Suggested by rins-art Featured by MyntKat
Desire by CatarsisADiez
The suggester says, "Desire by ~CatarsisaDiez is really an unusual and interesting picture with something disturbing and attractive in it, I can't take off my eyes off it"

Suggested by MrsCullen Featured by RockstarVanity
Comic book cover by vebrox
~vebrox's painting here is just one of those pieces that possess that eerie, instantly captivating quality, where everything from the palette to the finely tuned craftsmanship is so perfectly coordinated. In this case, as a Comic book cover for La Confrérie du Crabe, that purpose could not be more duly served.

Suggested by alexandrasalas Featured by snowmask
Beautiful Space by QAuZ
Beautiful Space by *qaz2008 is a beautiful space scenery with a calm touch. The soft look goes very nice with the overall mood.

Featured by gucken
Change by ~AzureEcho Because it's so true!

Suggested by BillyTheKid-90 Featured by ginkgografix