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Saturday, April 10, 2010
shadow of the scorpion, cover by MarcSimonetti
Terraformation by jadden
Terraformation by ~jadden Suggester writes "While in the foreground you can see the plants with different colours of green, there is a terrific play of light in the background that makes the deviation just look more awesome"

Suggested by k4muii Featured by kkart
catfisting, version 2 by Cephalopodwaltz
catfisting, version 2 by ~Cephalopodwaltz is in itself an elucidation of style and panache, crafted with seeming nonchalance and yet so deliberately brimming with visual deliciousness, punctuated with a note of dry wit. Outstanding.

Suggested by drop-asd Featured by snowmask
Winterhoof Stock by LovinaYavari
Winterhoof Stock by ~RottenVomit stock at its best! For all your fantasy needs!

Suggested by shelldevil Featured by UnicornReality
Little angel by lordeeas
Little angel by ~lordeeas - The realism is outstanding. Light and shadow is perfect painted. The expression of the child is sensitive and beautiful captured. A lovely and well done painting!

Suggested by mike-reiss Featured by archanN
Frown by f27
What really stands out about Frown by ~f27 is the shadows cast over the areas of the face, enhancing the lines and features. The fact that much of the eyes is hidden only adds to the piece as it doesn't give away much about what the creature might be thinking.

Featured by Thebuild
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: Naruto - Open Your Eyes : by orin
: Naruto - Open Your Eyes : by *orin is completely overwhelming! Sometimes we don't realize what we have until we lose it. Sasuke seems to be understanding what Naruto meant for him all along now that he's fading fast before his eyes.

Suggested by milyKnight Featured by rydi1689
Mating Season by CGIgal
Mating Season by ~CGIgal The suggester says: "What I love about this piece is that it's done in her own, more realistic style, and yet they're still clearly recognizable as Irkens from Invader Zim. I love it when artists can add their own charm and style to fanart, and I think they really went the extra mile with this. Not only is it visually pleasing with great use of tones and color, it has a nice touch of humor, too (the poor little drone!) The artist has made their own interpretation of how the Irkens could have evolved before all the technology, and this is a really neat take on it."

Suggested by savagebinn Featured by elicoronel16
It's true.... by wisekidk
I was concerned when I received a note titled "DD Suggestion featuring a lethal kitten", but It's true.... by ~wisekidk is a great stamp. It's funny and well animated, and I'm sure most cat owners have had this thought at least once.

Suggested by Ragwyn Featured by GaioumonBatou
Suggester says: Crea 2010 by *BenoitPaille is really a masterpiece. It is a fun and original idea to present people with, and the execution is amazing! Absolutely mind blowing!

Suggested by flugeiden Featured by ElectrikPinkPirate
Memento by Giampaolo-Miraglia
The Web We Weave by ~Padrona The suggester says, "A wonderful job to both photographer and model for creating such a ethereal and magical art nude, the stance and expression are simply hypnotic, alongside the soft subtle light.. just beautiful."

Suggested by TazzyDee Featured by Nyx-Valentine
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Her Strange Pilgrim by ForlornExistence
~ForlornExistence's neo-romanticism finds an exquisite high point in Her Strange Pilgrim, a fantastic oil painting.

Suggested by oyah Featured by SRaffa
japetto by egilthompson
japetto by ~egilthompson is a coruscating reinterpretation of a timeless, beloved fable... this decidedly memorable opening filled with page-turning suspense, yet presented with veteran subtlety. Thrilling, magical, and instantly heart-warming.

Suggested by dierat Featured by snowmask
Okami Amaterasu Wolf Plush by The-GoblinQueen
The suggester said: "Okami Amaterasu Wolf Plush by ~enchantmentsart is just spectacular! The detail on something so tiny (think about it : it's a little taller than a can of soda!) is just perfect, the dimensionality of it is utterly beyond belief (The shoulders! The shoulders!!) and it looks as if she could just walk out of the picture, flaming disk and all!"

Suggested by taeliac Featured by MyntKat
Arisu by la-sera
Holy wow! Arisu by =la-sera is absolutely amazing! I love the coloring scheme and the frills are, simply put, breathtaking! There is so much detail in this that anything I wrote would not do it justice! This is stunning!

Suggested by zungzwang Featured by Damaged927
Save me from myself by SpellboundMisfits
Save me from myself by *Queenenigma09 The suggester said: "The girl's expression keeps our attention, which allows one to notice the many details in the skin, hair and hand that enrich the simple composition."

Suggested by SynfulEve Featured by Shalora
Das Model by Fiery-Fire
Innovation in fractal art isn't about what variations or formulas you use. It's about how you use them. Das Model by =Fiery-Fire demonstrates great innovative control of a fairly common Apophysis variation through an unique texture, composition, and a great gradient. This is definitely one of the best pieces by this artist so far. Don't disappoint yourself by passing it up!

Featured by Platinus
Nightmare by caranette
Amazing idea and well done animation and pixelling in Nightmare by ~caranette make this an amusing emoticon to watch and enjoy!

Suggested by TimberClipse Featured by mintyy
Upojenie by SoundForge
Upojenie by *SoundForge - as commented by :devarrioch: - 'Brilliant iPod theme, the level of details on such small canvas is incredible.' - it is definitely worth checking out. Nicely executed! I've been waiting for this one to be released...:D

Suggested by arrioch Featured by jbensch
Sweet Poison of Life by R-DRAIN
Poison of Live by ~R-DRAIN- to quote the suggester: the details are freaking awesome!

Suggested by phig Featured by jussta
space invaders hoodie part 1 by BombingCat
space invaders hoodie part 1 by *BombingCat pimpchimp said: People draw space invaders, cosplay as them, use them as desktop images - but pop them into the back of hoodies as stencils? This is the kind of clothing that pushes geek culture a bit more in the right direction every day.

Suggested by oilsoaked Featured by Ricardo-Rick