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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
'A ticket to nowhere ?' by pierk
I dont know what is this by thandav
I dont know what is this is an image seen by ~thandav during a meditation. Gorgeous!

Suggested by archanN Featured by JunkbyJen
Metal World by Direct2Brain
This piece is a wonder of color, lighting, depth and texture! Using these elements, the artist has created an amazing metallic sphere that is sure to be admired! ~ The suggester wrote: "Metal World by *Direct2Brain is an amazing image with incredible textures! It looks so real that is hard to believe that this image is a fractal. You must visit this artist's gallery."

Suggested by Yasny-chan Featured by Sophquest
new orion nebula by frenchbear
new orion nebula by *frenchbear

Suggested by Matthew-T Featured by PurpelBlur
Design Firm Design by FIAMdesign
Atak Interactive by =FIAMdesign is a strong, solid design which features bold colors, a strong contrast, and crisp details.

Suggested by janvanlysebettens Featured by lemontea
Untitled by

Featured by
Untitled by

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C h a s e by feetpeet
C h a s e by `feetpeet is filled with colour and delicatesse! I usually run away from dragonflies, but this photograph makes me want to get close to it, with its soft pastel tones and the poetic use of the focus - it's like listening to a lullaby... only with your eyes!

Featured by Helewidis
ciro by memels
ciro by ~memels is a fabulous illustration exhibiting a great use of textures and character designs! This users gallery is full of excellent illustrations so full of color and life.

Featured by mykel
flower by HuyetPhung
flower by ~Lieutuvan

Suggested by Claparo-Sans Featured by azarath
Ryujin by thartalion
Ryujin by ~thartalion is an absolutely gorgeous painting: from the incredible textures to the wonderful palette. Please don't forget to stop by the rest of this stunning gallery.

Suggested by alovernotafighter Featured by limnides
Diamonds of life by Laumoon
A lovely tribute. Diamonds of life by *Laumoon

Suggested by EyeKone Featured by evanhwong
pixel frost dragon by OttBettina
From the PixelArt Gallery, pixel frost dragon by *lunascythedragon. Dragons seem to hold a special place in peoples' hearts. This is an interesting and unusual colour choice for shading a romantic dragon design. Colour count 38

Suggested by CookiemagiK Featured by ShoneGold
Untitled by

Featured by
The Daughter of Beetlejuice II by *Zymmij is, in the words of the suggester, "AAAAAAAMAZING!"

Suggested by JacquiJax Featured by opioid
Dissolving by gesign
"I absolutely love it and I thought it would be a nice work to share with the rest of community. I love how the artist have used geometric shapes and grungy texture to achieve such an intense mood. It's something you don't see everyday."
Dissolving by ~gesign

Suggested by AF-studios Featured by IreneLangholm
I had many suggestions for this artist's gallery. It was in fact hard to make a choice from so many astounding pieces, but double by ~MichaelPe excels, not only in technique but also in poetry, and that is why it is a Daily Deviation. What I like the most about it is how it makes me think of the breathing movements. ladytwiglet said: "this entire gallery is full of great images but I love this one for its simplicity and its creepiness, an awesome diptych!" - and I agree!

Suggested by Lady-Twiglet Featured by Helewidis
My Angel Too by deviney
My Angel Too by ~deviney is extremely alluring. You can feel the cold wind, hear it blowing at the rhythm of the waves, and touch the snowflakes.

Suggested by MamiSah Featured by cosmosue
the sun in your heart by tortuegraphics
Suggester says: "the sun in your heart by *tortuegraphics is like a human recreation of stormy clouds and a resulting rainbow. The thought to compose it in this way shows how quickly his mind puts ideas together in what he sees in the world around him and it's a testament to his creativity."

Suggested by amiyaz Featured by evanhwong
'The Peacock Mask' by EMasqueradeGallery
"The Peacock Mask" by ~EMasqueradeGallery. "I was blown away by the brilliant detail and color. It puts a new spin on the mask concept and makes me want to play dress up like I did when I was little. Everything in her gallery is superb and is well worth a look over." Sculpted and with gold leaf detailing.

Suggested by Le-Eclipse Featured by Kitten-of-Woe
Ben Barnes - Prince Caspian by Svera
Ben Barnes - Prince Caspian by *Svera is inspiring. Creating a realistic portrait with all of the tiny details is a feat-- the chainmail and armor is fantastically executed! As if that weren't enough, the facial expression is intense and engaging. This piece is definitely a treat worth sharing!

Suggested by akaLilith Featured by aunjuli
3R Stock - Macro Poppies by NEOkeitaro
3R Stock - Macro Poppies by =NEOkeitaro A beautiful pack of poppy photos. Reflect upon this on this special day and never forget those who gave up their tomorrows so you could have your today.

Featured by UnicornReality
tattoo 1 by br3w0k
I am sucker for good tattoo shots and funky crops that work. tattoo 1 by *br3w0k gives us both and healthy dose of bold sexiness as well.

Featured by arachnid15
Japchick RMX by ajiraiya
Japchick RMX by *ajiraiya is a cool remix version of *akutou-san's design.

Featured by lemontea
movember 10 by striffle
movember 10 by *striffle. It's Movember!

Suggested by deVoice Featured by fourteenthstar