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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Gothic Beauty by shwank
Gothic Beauty by ~shwank is glamourous and upbeat, showcasing the celebratory spirit of the fetish world and its participants with this gorgeous image of a tattooed beauty.

Suggested by robinism Featured by opioid
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Free-Up 3 by ~E-volve-E: This has long been one of my favorite photographs on dA. I love how the many disparate elements are combined into one image in a manner which suggests that they simply belong together. In short, a stunning image!

Featured by equivoque
Flying at the Speed of Sound by KsenKAT
:Flying at the Speed of Sound: by *KsenKAT
Can you hear the noise ?
Give this talented young deviants' entire gallery a look-see, you won’t be disappointed.

Suggested by KirlianCamera Featured by SheTakesPics
Well of sorrow by PitchBLACK-Art
Well of sorrow by ~PitchBLACK-Art is a marvelous gothic piece full of heartache and woe. Says webster2772 : "I love his style. So gritty and alive. The emotions; be they sorrow, fear, anger, are loud and clear. The level of detail, expression, light and shadows all comes together into a style that is unique and immediately recognizable"

Suggested by brandydeshea Featured by Bloodredsangre
Half - A - Ninetail by Serio555
Besides being absolutely adorable, Half - A - Ninetail by *Serio555 shows us a spectacular piece of artwork. The attention to detail is amazing (for instance the little bits of hair at the base of the ears that are the same color as the rest of the hair) and *Serio555 has a very beautiful coloring style that will make you want to browse his gallery even more. I had a hard time picking just one from *Serio555's gallery, everything is so well done!

Featured by Damaged927
30StM - Tim by kleinmeli
30StM "Tim" by *kleinmeli is a delightful and skilfully executed pencil portrait capturing the emotion of the subject. The smile of the subject just enhances the kindness and warmth in the eyes.

Suggested by SVEM Featured by SandraPelly
Bamboo Tale by hinnie
Bamboo Tale by ~hinnie is a wonderfully creative piece. The shading is superb, and the colours create an amazing feel.

Featured by Jules1983
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Tribal motherhood by =Pipettinho What a lovely photograph. I love the serene, yet dutiful look on the mother's face and the child's wonder-filled eyes. The vibrant red against the dark, black background really catches one's eye. Beautiful work!

Featured by rhapsouldize
histoire de l'oiseau by `glitterdarkstar tells many stories to the viewer and is yet another great success in Artistic Nudes by Lore! Congrats, girl!

Featured by Helewidis
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Doll 2 by *Nonhuman is an image where everything works to create a gloomy, dejected atmosphere: the double-diagonal composition (with those flowers at the front corner that add an incongruous note of color and serve as psychological contrast), the drawn textures and anatomical detail, and even the grungy stains (instant coffee!)... a dark gem from a great gallery.

Featured by stigmatattoo
The Hay Carrier by scottk2
The Hay Carrier by ~scottk2 "This is what's known in Australia as a "shitload" of hay.

Featured by straightfromcamera
For all my Chinese brethern by polive
For all my Chinese brethern by ~polive is hilarious and well drawn. Great character expressions and colours. The script is by ~Onidasso kudos to him as well on the writing.

Suggested by IRIA-L-unpardonable Featured by jeriweaver
It is difficult for me to come up with a worthy description for `tangledweb's true account, Me and Snoopy, beyond this: just read it. It's that important.

Suggested by mskate Featured by GeneratingHype
Mr. President by mashina
This deviation needs no comment because it speaks volumes. Mr. President by *mashina

Suggested by ErikShoemaker Featured by IreneLangholm
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Have you ever needed a photo of a toad and not had one to hand? Well, today is your lucky day my friends! Toad - Stock by ~Asyurili-Stock is a great reference to draw from!

Featured by UnicornReality
A Pendulous Incandescence by Stew-Luvulongtime
A Pendulous Incandescence by =Stew-Luvulongtime is one of the few rarely explored form of artistic underwater photography on deviantART. Here, I even feel like I'm diving myself up to the surface along with them! ....or a point of view from a whale's mouth.

Suggested by MysteriousTremendum Featured by evanhwong
Jacob Marley? by Swaggertoes
Jacob Marley? is a really fabulous soft bodied sculpture. It's just an incredible piece with fine detail and it truly shows how talented ~Swaggertoes is. Check out the rest of her gallery for more gorgeous works in multiple media.

Suggested by talis13 Featured by Myana
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Eternal Sunshine by ~firefly107 So many people have suggested this image that I had to post it. It uses the the most expressive parts of our body and plays with the idea of identity and what makes us the people that we are.

Suggested by melissa-melancholy Featured by Pete-B
Vision XV by mousacre
Vision XV by ~ganginati is a smooth, fluid abstract with a good color mixture. What more can you ask for?

Suggested by Cookthechef Featured by lemontea
From The Earth by Kaelycea
The combination of watercolor and ink really give From The Earth by ~Kaelycea a gritty and whimsical look. The grittiness of the piece still adds to the spring like feel, and is a wonderful representation of stolen spring moments.

Featured by oilsoaked
Unanswered by dumbdumbdumb
Unanswered by ~dumbdumbdumb Having read '100 Years of Solitude' by Marquez, this piece perfectly represents the feelings of anxiety, restlessness and transience that the novel engendered in me. A very thoughtful, and cleverly constructed sculpture.

Suggested by Elorine Featured by LorrieWhittington
zombie dollie by rabidgirlscout
The shocking evil of the red eyes against the white skin and hair in zombie dollie by *rabidgirlscout are enough to give you quite a scare, and if that doesn't do it, just look at the decay around that mouth.

Suggested by enchanted-black-rose Featured by Katerina423
DownsideUp by ToWelcomeTheFade
An outstanding image by a very talented deviant. DownsideUp by ~ToWelcomeTheFade shows us that there are gems to be found in the spontaneous portrait gallery.

Suggested by pluschkind Featured by arachnid15
TEMPONAUT II by morbidorbits
About TEMPONAUT II by *morbidorbits, the Suggester writes: "It's rare to find such a good mandelbrot midget these days. Old school fractal exploration is becoming a lost art; but this deviation is a great example of the hidden gems that can still be found in the depths of your favourite formulas. This kind of pure beauty shows that you don't need any fancy-pants colouring algorithms or post-processing to create a stunning work of fractal art."

Suggested by trystianity Featured by Sophquest
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Film Noir Study by ~balrogg is self explanitory as to why it deserves this Daily Deviation. Perfect atmosphere, rendition and detail !

Suggested by AndroniX Featured by baKIN
stretch.... by DanniDoll
stretch.... by ~DanniDoll and photographed by Robert Alvarado is a perfect example of capturing pure old school Hollywood glam.

Suggested by kittywoodphotography Featured by Ghouldaddy
Don't even think about it by quaedam
Don't even think about it by ~quaedam is really a crazy amazing piece. The composition is so intriguing, and paired with the shapes and colors, it really is a feast for the mind. The artist created a piece that is something like I've never seen, and the rest of her gallery is equally as impressive and thought-provoking.

Featured by aunjuli
Drow Spellcast by Cyzra
Drow Spellcast by *Cyzra is breathtaking! The whole piece just comes together beautifully and simply glows with a wonderful inner light. Stunning.

Suggested by DragonOfBitterLies Featured by cosmosue