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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Interface animation Demo Reel by *pixelbudah The energy, look, feel and dynamic WOW of this reel will have you watching it more than once. Congratulations to this artist on their incredible work and this beautiful showcase.

Featured by KariAnnLax
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Let it all out by cubecrazy2
I'm sure everyone has had a really bad day once in a while. Let it all out by *cubecrazy2 shows us what the best solution is, at least when you're a cute lil' orange guy.

Featured by truemarmalade
I Support Creativity Stamp by BackAlleyScrapper
"Well clearly this stamp must've taken a fair amount of time and effort to create, and the creativity involved is rather impressive. It holds with it a message that everybody on dA can share, otherwise they wouldn't be on dA in the first place." A great little stamp with a message that we should all be able to get behind. I Support Creativity Stamp by =BackAlleyScrapper

Suggested by Abfc Featured by maxwell-heza
The Cat of the Pharaoh by Kelii
The Cat of the Pharaoh is a wonderfully rendered version of the cats Egyptians revered so fervently in the past. Kelii's choice to move the portrait off-center also adds to the cat's mystique quality.

Suggested by Marker-Guru Featured by cooley
Darkness and Sunlight sleeve by just-an-artist
Darkness and Sunlight sleeve by =just-an-artist is something I'd wear proudly. With rich, technical shading and great flow, this oriental-inspired sleeve has the right stuff.

Featured by stigmatattoo
Heart by FredG
Heart by *FredG: I don't know how this deviant achieves his soft, natural looking colors, but they are certainly among the strengths of his work! The details of this portrait... the soft fabric, the subject's hands and finger nails, and the decisive presence of the subject's gaze combine to make this a perfect photograph. Additionally, this photographer has a must see gallery!

Featured by equivoque
Violin by vladstudio
Violin by *vladstudio is awesome. At the first view it looks like a shot, but in fact, this beautiful wallpaper is made entirely in Photoshop! A very great composition.

Suggested by pickupjojo Featured by archanN
The Fox and the Raven by Eenuh
I love ink work, especially work like The Fox and the Raven by ~Eenuh where a few lines add so much texture, and the composition helps in telling the visual story. Check out more from this brilliant artist! a gallery that shouldnt be missed.

Suggested by pendlestock Featured by Marker-Guru
Luises Answer by OctoPax
Do not be quick to pass off Luises Answer by ~OctoPax as a random mess - it is a wonderfully unique texture with much depth, visible to those who seek it and would have use for it. With a little knowledge in your chosen graphics app it is a resource of many applications, this is not a texture you want to walk away from without trying out first.

Featured by bleedsopretty
Gemini by E-X-O-G-E-N
These two female creatures do not pass by without catching your eye. They stand together like perfect opposites; an image that challenges your visual sense and shows you that the horrid and the beautiful compliment each other. Gemini by =E-X-O-G-E-N is simply a terribly intruiging work of art.

Featured by IreneLangholm
Contemplation by mrcool256
Contemplation by =mrcool256 - Another doorway in my path. Should I cross it or not? A wonderful illustration of the choices one faces everyday. Really like the use of IR in this shot as well. It helps detach the model and the environment from the material world and transfer it to the world of thoughts and choices.

Suggested by madilar Featured by hellfirediva
... yummy ... by ~boschdi is a seductive but cute portrait of a fetish girl and her candy. The photographer used a fun angle to bring the model's face into focus and show us into the depths of her lovely eyes.

Featured by opioid
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Taking me higher by san-renard
'Taking me higher' by ~san-renard is an excelent example of vectored art at it's finest. When this artist does a picture, be sure he goes all out. Even if placed at FanArt because of the background characters, the anthropomorphic main characters and their wonderful design caught my attention and lured me to feature this image... The drawing is good enough itself, but the colors, the soft pastel colors, and the smooth shading..... I really encourage you to full view this image, I bet you won't regret it!

Suggested by webwiz23 Featured by skifi
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Between dreaming and waking by piratedollie
Between dreaming and waking by =piratedollie is a wonderfully sensual concept with brilliant tonality and wonderful lines.

Featured by Davenit
Surreal Euphoria by Swt-Team
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aghni by ef5
Nearly everything in this deviants gallery impresses me and touches me. There is an intensity and passion brought forth from these deviations that stir me. This particular image is a mixture of lines, textures and emotion. The contrast of this soft face boy and the ruggedness his surroundings is almost overwhelming. This is superb and stood out among many to me. Enjoy his whole gallery for it is well worth your visit. aghni by ~ef5

Featured by shell4art
Tech Command by nofx-br
Tech Command by ~nofx-br is awesome, smooth and well worth a full view.

Featured by MistressWit
Cat 3 by dblg
The color in Cat 3 by ~dblg is phenomenal! The position expresses great pride and dignity.

Suggested by punkromance Featured by PurpelBlur