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Saturday, January 20, 2007
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the story in Harmony by ~8thwarrior is a little abstract, but the composition and the colour are wonderful and both serve to stir the viewers mind.

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Good marker work always impresses me. Yokai Rock by ~zellchan

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abstract by softreply
abstract by *softreplyWhat a powerful pose it’s like watching a beautiful lady pushing out of her round cocoon in very slow motion under the light of a full moon. Wonderful work by Soma and studio200

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Seven Poems by ~alyryianis: exactly what the title says. Seven little poems, each with their own moments of ekstasia.

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YAMAHA PSR-295 by kvdo
YAMAHA PSR-295 by ~kvdo is top notch work. The details on all the surfaces are so well done, for a second I thought it was a photograph. A lot of hard work equals an incredible 3D render, nice job on this one.

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Panda and zipper rings by keikoface
Unique and novel rings. Panda and zipper rings by ~keikoface

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So simple, clean and powerful. Beautiful work. Can't take my eye off you by *VladimirBorowicz

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stefan cel mare-av. by ~dobrecatalin is a relief sculpture, down-sized, and cast as a medallion. The orginals can be seen in this impressive and mature gallery.

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Between Heaven and Hell by InfernalFear
Between Heaven and Hell by *InfernalFear - this is what dedication to photography looks like.
From the jump of the the edge to the ground of the pool, everything is captured here. You sometimes see the dives from above, and a very few from bellow, but I doubt someone else captured it from both sides.

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