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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
In my dreams I can see you by mehrmeer
True Story by Mayeko
True Story by ~Mayeko

Featured by dust-bite
DTC 04 by straszak
DTC 04 by ~straszak

Featured by xbastex
Titanosaur by Olorotitan
Titanosaur by ~Olorotitan

Suggested by theanimejump Featured by Negatic
Schneise by CaveCanem42
Schneise by *CaveCanem42

Suggested by RawPoetry Featured by trevg
+ Children's Mirror - Page 32 + by SaraFabrizi
+ Children's Mirror - Page 32 + by ~SaRiNa86 A manga excerpt which effectively portrays its character's emotion with well thought-out angles and closeups, and overall good panelling.

Suggested by Damaged927 Featured by Miss-It-Girl
ice girl by FLAFLY
ice girl by ~FLAFLY

Suggested by rioIu Featured by kit-y
Untitled by

Featured by
Protect Her! by xAlyaHx
Protect Her! by *xAlyaHx is "So simple and cute! I love the colors and silhouettes!" says the suggester.

Suggested by Vashtastic Featured by DomiSM
Happy times by richardwesner
*richardwesner's Happy times celebrates a moment that will be remembered forever, especially with the profound joy these people express so honestly on their faces conveying the significance and brilliance of the occasion.

Featured by 3wyl
Time Suspension by SteffiSTEREO
Time Suspension by ~SteffiSTEREO is an excellent capture of time simply suspended.

Featured by Kaz-D
Blackberry Winter - part 1 by Eyanin
The suggester said: The soft colors and details make this piece really lovely! Blackberry Winter - part 1 by *Eyanin

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by Astralseed
+ a f t e r n o o n + by miya-cchi
+ a f t e r n o o n + by *arashini Also suggested by rivaste.

Suggested by kirei69 Featured by MzzAzn
Karasu Tengu 1 by AliasGhost
May wreath by drakonaria
May wreath by ~drakonaria Cayca said - At first I thought I was looking at a piece of wickerwork covered with gold. Then I took a better look at this gorgeous bronze bracelet, its organic shape and textures and I was stunned when I saw how much attention this artisan paid even to the tiniest detail.

Suggested by Cayca Featured by UnicornReality
Phoenix by iZonbi
Phoenix by ~iZonbi. Fantastic movement captured with the dynamic composition, and the colors are very eye-catching, fitting for such an awe-inspiring creature!

Suggested by popyfriend Featured by alicexz
tori to kikai by shichigoro756
tori to kikai by *shichigoro756

Suggested by AllStar12 Featured by Moonbeam13
Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep by BloodType0