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Saturday, March 24, 2012
Small elephant by wantou
Small elephant by *wantou

Featured by dust-bite
In Spring by Carnegriff
In Spring by *Carnegriff

Featured by deshrubber
World's Edge by beastace
World's Edge: Full by =beastace is awesomely dynamic, with great compostion and detail. Also suggested by fuyu-seetaa

Suggested by Kaoyux Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Samus of Arc by StewartMortimer
Samus of Arc by ~StewartMortimer

Suggested by CaptainIcy Featured by alexandrasalas
Mozart by matteobertelli
Mozart by ~matteobertelli

Suggested by Pencil-Stencil Featured by oilsoaked
An Age Of Innocence by DaveRichardsonArt
An Age Of Innocence by *creativemetalworks "Every life is a march from innocence, through temptation, to virtue or vice." (Lyman Abbott) Beautiful and contemplative bronze sculpture.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Hunting by DanilaKomlev
Hunting by ~DanilaKomlev. Interesting, awe-insipring subjects painted with beautiful, unique colors.

Suggested by animalartist16 Featured by alicexz
Child inspired puppet by MelonieBariola
Child inspired puppet by ~MelonieBariola This was taken from a child's drawing and made into a toy, magical!

Suggested by ChumpShoes Featured by UnicornReality
EGLANTINE :Serenade to Spring: by Doria-Plume
Artist *Doria-Plume uses watercolors, colored pencils, and inks to bring *Elyra-Coacalina's original character, Eglantine, to brilliant and vivid life in EGLANTINE :Serenade to Spring:.

Suggested by sarou38 Featured by SRaffa
autumn morning 17 by alexandrdeviant
No Pressure by cosminpetrisor
[Stock & Resources] No Pressure by ~cosminpetrisor

Featured by Elandria
254 by serkant
254 by *serkant

Featured by xbastex
:iconswissguy100: the stocking II by ~swissguy100 A nicely subtle encasement image, I like how the body stocking blends into her body and the background.

Featured by Nyx-Valentine
FrankBlanket by Frankblanket
FrankBlanket by ~Frankblanket is in the suggester's words an "Amazing, freaky and unique ID..."

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by MayaVogrin Featured by namenotrequired
Cloud Background by jcantelo
Aries Mu - Saint Seiya by Dahlieka
Dynamic in style, rich in emotion, and gorgeous in appearance to say the least. Ladies and Gentlemen, Aries Mu - Saint Seiya by *Dahlieka!

Suggested by SophieBrigitteXD Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Untitled by

Featured by
.E. by dasTOK
.E. by ~TOK5

Featured by fritsenator
Keyna's war by koutanagamori
Keyna's war by ~koutanagamori

Suggested by Snow-Body Featured by KovoWolf
Phi Typeface - Poster 4 by caBG
Phi is a beautifully balanced and warm geometric-based grotesque typeface consisting of Roman and Bold. It's both solid and refined and works well at the smallest sizes as well as display size.

Phi Typeface - Poster 4 by ~caBG

Suggested by MartinSilvertant Featured by pica-ae
C u r l s by *puckcherry

Suggested by LiiQa Featured by Kaz-D
vader vandal by akarogue-one
vader vandal by ~akarogue-one This piece is a clever reference to the common misunderstanding that all street artists are delinquents, and it is brilliantly executed too! I'm especially impressed by the perspective of the hand and crushed can.

Suggested by meihua Featured by takethef
Nightclub by HoloGraf-Dracula
GAIA: winterqueen by avodkabottle
GAIA: winterqueen by *avodkabottle

Suggested by SirWendigo Featured by DieZori
linger by LuciaRodriguez
linger by ~LuciaRodriguez is just one in a gallery so full of beautiful illustrations, it was really diffiicult to choose just one to feature!

Featured by DomiSM
Red Carpet by Piirustus
Red Carpet by *piirustus "is an amazing deviation. The shading, idea and structure is wonderful."

Suggested by pixiepot Featured by stuck-in-suburbia
Ramona Base Set by zipple
Ramona Base Set by ~zipple is an adorable little base, but what really sets it apart from all of the other sets out there is the wide array of poses. This is a very versatile resource that could be, and has been, used for a huge variety of dolls.

Suggested by WestSideSunrises Featured by IridescentStardust
Butterfly Black by NaeNeko
Butterfly Black by *NaeNeko The sorrow I feel coming from this piece is very heavy and deep, and makes this piece very appealing as it may describe the feeling those may have on a very rough day.

Suggested by Gwendolyn12 Featured by MzzAzn
Genesis by KarimFakhoury
"Genesis by =KarimDesign is mind-blowing!" the suggester writes. Indeed, with careful use of shadow and attention to detail, the artist has captured sheer velocity in visual form, perhaps signifying the birth of something both beautiful and terrifying.

Suggested by GORRILAZUNIT Featured by Aeirmid