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Friday, March 23, 2012
Lips by OlgaAthens
Lips by ~OlgaAthens

Suggested by Cathorse Featured by DistortedSmile
Lucy in the sky graffiti by tintanaveia
Lucy in the sky graffiti by ~tintanaveia The detail are so clean and crisp! The artist did a great job. I'd love to have this on my wall. Also suggested by GisaPizzatto, MarcFerreira, Gwendolyn12 and by Minato-Kushina.

Suggested by whitephant0m Featured by takethef
cat by ~ChuchaBabuchina The suggester says, "Not only a great photograph, but a good concept that was executed beautifully and tastefully. Fabulous lighting and form, I love this so much."

Suggested by Xcetera Featured by Nyx-Valentine
Heretic Composite Bow: Top view by Samouel
The intricate level of detail and careful attention to shading make Heretic Composite Bow: Top view by ~Samouel seem entirely real. Unfortunately, this epically cool weapon, exists only in our dreams.

Featured by Moonbeam13
Pixel Jungle Artillery by SteelJoe
Pixel Jungle Artillery by ~SteelJoe is an amazing pixel animation that has me so engaged that my mind provides the sound effects. The attention to detail is phenomenal. Also suggested by =Fiveonthe

Suggested by Inemiset Featured by Lyricanna
Cliffside by Karkan
Cliffside by *Karkan

Suggested by Johnboul Featured by SuicideBySafetyPin
Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos apportion the thread of our lives in Three Fates; classic oils on canvas from ~sampoka.

Suggested by Mararda Featured by SRaffa
Lovely by Joyfool
Lovely by *Chimiiki

Suggested by iingo Featured by Nyiana-sama
Owl Key Charm Necklace by MythicalFolk
Owl Key Charm Necklace by ~AccioLucius If you like owls you will love this key.

Suggested by Kaz-D Featured by UnicornReality
The Great Race by wrinkledlight
The Great Race by =wrinkledlight is a cute and colourful forced perspective set of scenes which show that sometimes less is more.

Featured by Cymae
Spring by iizmu
Spring by ~iizmu

Suggested by lostknightkg Featured by DpressedSoul
Dog pyramid by Ksuksa-Raykova
A curious vignette, enjoy With Apologies to Sleeper Agent by =ColorMeHappyx3.

Suggested by Kotabork Featured by ikazon
Prince Harming by moosekleenex
Suggester said: "I think is somehow a complex story managed quite syntactically, has a tragic and funny environment at the same time, besides all this has been beautifuly illustrated."

Suggested by LeelooKido Featured by dust-bite
Tree by AbCat
Tree by `AbCat A stunningly detailed concrete poem that combines strong writing with structured image. Lengthly poem, but worth the read!

Featured by BeccaJS
scene de rue 282 by C-Jook
scene de rue 282 by *Autre-chose Once upon a time there were a fox, a rabbit and a mouse that...walked out in the streets. The serious faces and the funny hats make for a rather unusual street scene to see, let alone catch on a picture.

Featured by StamatisGR
Pandaren by SiaKim
(also suggested by ^Astralseed) ~Siakim's Pandaren is skillfully done, beautifully detailed, and frankly just enjoyable to look at.

Suggested by ikazon Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Architectural Prayer Bead by silver-zaira
105 by toma89
105 by ~toma89

Suggested by rioIu Featured by Negatic
Heather 008 by Shadowelement-Stock
[Stock & Resources] The suggester states "An emotional and versatile image, very usable for manipulations and for reference!" Heather 008 by ~Shadowelement-Stock

Suggested by Andaelentari Featured by Elandria
Kingfisher in Summer by SandyMackenzie
Kingfisher in Summer is by *sibelian. The suggester says, "I love this deviants gallery... they use simple colour schemes and patterns to create wonderful children's illustrations of animals and nature. Such a technical ability and elegance in his work. Well worth checking out."

Suggested by ChewedKandi Featured by DomiSM
Rainbow Lorikeet I by FreeakStock
The Pool by jordangrimmer
The Pool, magnificent work by ~KingCloud. A beautiful and dreamy environment.

Artist suggested by *Ewideviant and `Exillior.

Featured by alicexz
Commission-Usapyon by tenzuki
Commission-Usapyon by ~tenzuki This is a wonderful art piece to celebrate the beginning of spring! The joyous expression on the character's face is attractive as well as the colors that are used. Very nice!

Suggested by iingo Featured by MzzAzn
monotonix by aurorademasi
monotonix by ~aurorademasi The suggester says: The passion and excitement of the concert is reflected in the intensity of the shot and the focus, depth of field, and monochrome style are all amazing.

Suggested by Andaelentari Featured by xbastex
CR WAR Support: ENYAAAAAAH!! by Erkaz
Forest Yonder by Narandel
Forest Yonder by ~Narandel

Featured by WillowXD
Lon Chaney: HE WHO GETS SLAPPED 1:1 bust by chuckjarman
Lon Chaney: HE WHO GETS SLAPPED 1:1 bust by ~chuckjarman Very fine rendition of a very creepy clown. See more exceptional sculptures in the artist's gallery.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Sunflower by arielucia
With its cute character and sunny color palette, Sunflower by *arielucia just makes you want to smile.

Featured by Miss-It-Girl
Dive by balaa
Dive by *balaa. It is one of the most moving and flowing pieces of artwork. Not only that it inspires, it makes you literally dive in to the world of colors and flow.

Suggested by AlectorFencer Featured by KovoWolf
SCREAM - RoLW by Naraku-Sippschaft