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Wednesday, February 29, 2012
AT: Alluminaire by eruqi
AT: Alluminaire by *eruqi The shading on the hair is very well done and caught my attention right away! Also suggested by Silver-MoonNight,

Suggested by Gwendolyn12 Featured by MzzAzn
tear drop I by JordanRobin
tear drop I by ~JordanRobin

Suggested by NanisKa Featured by DpressedSoul
ER R1: DTKA-127 - ILLU 2 by Vhu
ER R1: DTKA-127 - ILLU 2 by *Vhu

Suggested by Mottenfest Featured by alexandrasalas
Untitled by

Featured by
Johann Hering's calligraphy by Errance
Summoner by dan-bastet
Summoner by ~dan-bastet

Suggested by dwuff Featured by DieZori
Steam and Smoke by sherrae78
Steam and Smoke by ~sherrae78

Suggested by iingo Featured by Nyiana-sama
Land of Rebirth by Cuddlesthefatcat
Land of Rebirth by ~Cuddlesthefatcat The suggester wrote: "Overall it is a great piece of art. It has many details that make it look very realistic and does not lose the feeling of pixel art. The background...provides a nice and smooth atmosphere for the characters...even though it's very detailed it still looks nice and simple"

Suggested by dihricblisstoff Featured by Lyricanna
winter child by Lilian-hime
An interesting and unique cosplay, very well done!
winter child by ~Lilian-hime

Suggested by Laurelin-CosPlay Featured by pullingcandy
ACCELERATION by *genesisa Clean and detailed concept of a futuristic race. Although this idea has always been a favourite theme for sci-fi artists, only rarely it has introduced a truly interesting approach.

Suggested by JoeyJazz Featured by Casperium
A Strange Day by ivankorsario
little african girl by TsvetanNikolov
little african girl by ~TsvetanNikolov has lovely form, and the artist has obviously made a study of form. Very nice.

Featured by Cymae
IsoGrid Texture by melonhead-emotion
IsoGrid Texture by ~melonhead-emotion The suggester states: With this, making isometric drawings got a whole lot easier! It's perfect for all those people who love to do this kind of work!

Suggested by Xethira Featured by Elandria
The Beauty Of War by occasionallyxxx
The Beauty Of War by ~occasionallyxxx is outstanding in it's detail.

Suggested by 4EverYoungKid Featured by DomiSM
Splash the rattie feltie by Steph-Laberis
Splash the rattie feltie by ~cre8vsteph "We can no longer live as rats. We know too much." (The Secret of NIMH) Beautifully done needle felt sculpture with tons of personality.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Striped Salon by monstercoach
Striped Salon by ~white-rapidash. The idea and style presented in this piece are both imaginative and unique! It took a moment to realize that the red panda is actually painting the stripes on the okapi's leg!

Suggested by awaicu Featured by KovoWolf
..til they laid her down.. by grafnarq
Looked like there was 10,000 people standin' round the buryin' ground
I didn't know I loved her ..til they laid her down..

Powerful draftsmanship from ~grafnarq.

Suggested by Gwendolyn12 Featured by SRaffa
Forget-you-not... by KateRodrigues
Forget-you-not... by ~frizzle-pop is a breathtaking rendition of a well-known subject, infused with great colour and aided by gorgeous lighting and an interesting perspective.

Suggested by Lokiev Featured by kuschelirmel
G i b b l e t s by DanielAPierce
G i b b l e t s by *DanielAPierce

Suggested by Tracheas Featured by FrockTarts
DDatTL Promo 002 by TangoCharlieESQ
DDatTL Promo 002, an incredibly dynamic, beautifully lit illustration by ~TangoCharlieESQ.

Suggested by Exillior Featured by alicexz
inside cave by Ellie0
inside cave by ~Ellie0 This miniature film set has a really wonderful atmosphere, perfect for a folk tale, and great lighting.

Suggested by SvenjaLiv Featured by UnicornReality
A Flower by ~OnyxPhoenix

Featured by ikazon
Wolf Hybrid by Nicole-Marie-Walker
Wolf Hybrid by ~LilahLazuli

Suggested by outshines Featured by Mollinda
Ben Franklin by Keith-McGuckin
Suggester Said: "They have some really great work in their gallery. This piece, in particular, blends elements of the past with the present in a style all its own"

Suggested by Ayame-Kenoshi Featured by dust-bite