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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Blind by slumberdoll
Blind by ~slumberdoll

Featured by pullingcandy
How Strange.. by coffinberry
How Strange.. is by ~coffinberry

Featured by KovoWolf
Contest Entry: The Path to 'Ever After' by littlebabyshoes
Contest Entry: The Path to 'Ever After' by *littlebabyshoes The bright alluring colors, a contrast of the feminine pink and the masculine blues and greens, add to the cute scene between this two lovers in a fantastic fairytale.

Suggested by tiXri Featured by Nyiana-sama
Puppet head by lacicrane
Puppet head by ~lacicrane Beautifully realistic SCULPTURE right down to the placement of each and every hair and endearing freckle. WOW.

Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Queen of Cards - Lunacon 8 by eowynmaid
So where is the dog? by truerebellion
So where is the dog? by *truerebellion The dog, the watch. Preferences.

Featured by StamatisGR
Cupid Robot Rustic Red Ruprecht by HerArtSheLoves
The Haunted Station by Shue13
Death and taxes by apocathary
Death and taxes is an unusual, gritty and engaging story by `apocathary. If you have trouble with the text viewer, be sure to click download to read!

Featured by ikazon
Black Milk by undoMeds
Black Milk by ~undoMeds

Suggested by im-not-sana Featured by ScENeYmE
Love Connection by RobShields
Love Connection by ~RobShields. The rich reds are utterly striking, and the style is unique and beautiful.

Artist suggested by `athenatt and ~VahnKira.

Featured by alicexz
Yzah 8DDDD by Hime-Allie
Yzah 8DDDD by ~Hime-Allie has great colour scheme, wonderful body language, and an intricate background that really bring home that pin-up vibe.

Featured by Lyricanna
Into the Wytch's Abode by Otherra
Into the Wytch's Abode, where negative things are alchemized into useful things; sorcerous draftsmanship from ~Otherra.

Suggested by Skaior Featured by SRaffa
C H R I S T M A S  W I S H by jcroxas
C H R I S T M A S W I S H by `jcroxas

Suggested by MzzAzn Featured by dust-bite
From Chine With Love by vinismassive
From Chine With Love by ~vinismassive is much too cute to pass up for Valentine's Day! Such a fun, creative, and colourful vector deserves a special day <3

Featured by DomiSM
Clockwork Heart by Gosia
Clockwork Heart by ~Gosia

Featured by Kaz-D
Cupid's Garden by yaamas
Cupid's Garden by ~yaamas

Suggested by Christa-Kinde Featured by Mollinda
My Heart Brushes by mcbadshoes
Kawaii Valentine Skin by Nesmaty
Kawaii Valentine Skin by *soulfight-a-devianty - the name says it all! Kawaii desu.
Artist also suggested by `jcroxas

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Suggested by yacine29 Featured by namenotrequired
Careful the Sloth of Love by Je-Suis-Lugly
Careful the Sloth of Love by ~Je-Suis-Lugly this cute little guy will love you forever.

Featured by UnicornReality
Han and Gree: Animation by ~MiiBT is a familiar tale told in a new and interesting way!

Featured by Moonbeam13
momoiro by bnob
momoiro by ~bnob The soft coloring is done very well here. The pinks and reds don't clash and blend nicely with one another to create this ultra cute picture! Perfect for Valentine's day!

Suggested by rioIu Featured by MzzAzn
Whats Next? by ~watakushiwa. What a funny little story! Excellent model making, too!

Suggested by tantchen Featured by ditto9
Gentle Romantic icons by LazyCrazy
The beautiful Gentle Romantic icons by *LazyCrazy are perfectly fitting for Valentines Day, from the life-like rose to the amazingly detailed Tiffany key!

Suggested by JupiterLily Featured by Hardrockangel
Big heART by Fiery-Fire
always and forever by gilbert86II
Wonderful feeling shown in such a beautiful artwork.
always and forever by ~gilbert86II

Featured by jussta
Forever Beautiful by HouseOfGimp