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Monday, February 13, 2012
cupcake by var3z
cupcake by ~var3z

Featured by takethef
Return by akizhao
Return by ~akizhao. Unbelievably warm and beautiful light captured in this lovely, emotional painting.

Artist suggested by many deviants!

Featured by alicexz
I'm not there by half-blood-inc
White Raven by Takir
Passion and pain and the anguished song of a White Raven; watercolor and gouache from ~Takir.

Suggested by nikki-ns Featured by SRaffa
Wild Dog by Andoledius
Wild Dog by ~Andoledius

Suggested by QuietCity Featured by DieZori
spring by moai87
spring by ~moai87 This drawing reminds me that sometimes it may be hard to speak about your emotions, but you can always write about them- and give them to that special person. This is such a sweet simple drawing in preparation for Valentine's day.

Featured by MzzAzn
Untitled by

Featured by
dives and lazarus by ~forcopeland

Suggested by Amberlouie Featured by ikazon
Dragon n.10 by BraveBabysitter
Dragon n.10 by ~BraveBabysitter Original dragon sculpture made from nothing more than water, tissue paper and glue. As the suggester says, "you can (almost) feel the pebbled texture of the scales and the silky leather wings."

Suggested by DragonstormStudios Featured by LabyrinthCreations
Tea II by VLKdesign
Tea II by ~VLKdesign

Suggested by SoulofNovember Featured by pullingcandy
Life as a Two-Headed Beast by abigailsouthworth
Life as a Two-Headed Beast is by ~gailsouthworth. I love a piece of art that helps raise awareness, and this gorgeous vector is no exception and focuses on Bipolar Disorder <3

Featured by DomiSM
Leaf Bones by derfs
The high quality and sensibility shown in Leaf Bones is consistent throughout the rest of ~derfs gallery and is well worth exploring further.

Suggested by lindelokse Featured by Kaz-D
MMX7: Charismatic Leader by prnnography
MMX7: Charismatic Leader by ~InvisibleGentleman
The suggester says: "Each character is brought to life with a lively pose and expression; Even if you haven't played the games, you can know exactly what type of person each character is with a simple glance. That's something that takes skill, and even more to do so with the utmost of artistic quality!"

Suggested by RaverDuck Featured by alexandrasalas
Sheep Soldier by CrookedWolf
Sheep Soldier by ~CrookedWolf

Suggested by nino4art Featured by KovoWolf
Time by NataliaDrepina
Time by =Gothessa Also suggested by ~nighthawk101

Suggested by Shutter-Shooter Featured by DemonMathiel
Chainmail and Crystal Chandelier by BacktoEarthCreations
Chainmail and Crystal Chandelier by ~BacktoEarthCreations Difference piece then was suggested.

Suggested by DeviantChainMaille Featured by FrockTarts
Green Wolf Drum by ssantara
Green Wolf Drum by *ssantara

Suggested by whitephant0m Featured by Mollinda
Clocks by Yennineii
Clocks by *Yennineii

Suggested by Ruurin Featured by kit-y
Deep In The Woods by aragonia
Deep In The Woods by *aragonia

Suggested by scathing-sanity Featured by oilsoaked
MI-contest :fire: by Birdfeathers
I'm home by geograpcics
Suggestor says: "I'm home by ~geograpcics is an amazing piece of work, the lighting and details alone achieve a fantastic level of realism. Truly exceptional!"

Suggested by MCKrauss Featured by Cymae
Untitled by

Featured by
Trinity Blood.  Astharoshe Asran by MarionetteTheatre
Trinity Blood. Astharoshe Asran by ~Lotmor is a stunning piece of cosplay.

Suggested by luiren Featured by UnicornReality