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Thursday, November 26, 2015
Furrrrankenstein by super-tuler
Furrrrankenstein by super-tuler is fun, enjoyable and well crafted that it'll scare your pants off!

Featured by KovoWolf
Phoenix girl by KlarEm
KlarEm's stunning use of color in Phoenix girl creates a striking image that dares you to get lost in its fiery tendrils of hair.

Suggested by tiganusi Featured by OfOneSoul
I thought of you a thousand times by AnjaMillen features an unusual color scheme and combines photography with brush strokes and textures mimicking the feel of a traditional painting.

Suggested by Iskander1989 Featured by ErikShoemaker
Moura by fae-photography
Moura by fae-photography is an exceptionally well executed, gripping and creative self-portrait.

Featured by Mrs-Durden
la Kage by Pierre-Lagarde
la Kage by Pierre-Lagarde is a great capture highlighting the abstract symmetry found within Architecture.

Featured by Kaz-D
Fremde Vertrautheit [ACRS-15] by RichardGrando
Fantastic lighting and perspective make Fremde Vertrautheit [ACRS-15] by RichardGrando an eye-catching, dramatic landscape.

Featured by JenFruzz
Tifa III by TzR
Fabulously classy and modern twist on a classic Pinup
Tifa III by TzR

Featured by DistortedSmile
Pyramids in space by KPEKEP
Pyramids in space by KPEKEP

Featured by C-91
Sunless Down by Iskaeldt
Sunless Down by Iskaeldt is an unsettling shot.

Featured by tiganusi
A chief protects his own by dudus-senchou
Spectacular work, the amount of detail and crafting that has gone in to this cosplay is glorious, especially to look at!
A chief protects his own by dudus-senchou

Featured by pullingcandy
Nami's Photoshop Pattern Tutorial by Namiiru
[Stock & Resources]: Nami's Photoshop Pattern Tutorial by Namiiru is a really useful tutorial, especially for Photoshop beginners, since it covers both creation of patterns, but also how to save as a preset!

Suggested by little-billie Featured by Cassy-Blue