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Thursday, January 29, 2015
Flown by luccide
Flown is beautifully captured with a nice blend of colors, forming a lovely silhouette. Minimalistic enough and easy on the eye to set as your wallpaper!

Flown by luccide

Featured by TehAngelsCry
In Bodoir by Annestern
The peacock feather compliment the blue and green in the models' eyes and makeup perfectly.
In Bodoir by Annestern

Featured by DistortedSmile
angel by grazapp
Surrealism at its finest is captured by grazapp in this wondrous acrylic painting, angel

Suggested by archambers Featured by jenthestrawberry
What the..? by Adelaida
What the..? by Adelaida tells an amazing story through great composition, vibrant colors, and lovely lighting. What happens next? Also, check out the other gorgeous treasures in this artist's gallery!

Suggested by Just-To-Look1 Featured by Aeirmid
Dreams by LMcentury21
With its striking colors, it's easy to be captured by Dreams by LMcentury21, a lovely landscape in which the branches of a surreal tree mix perfectly with a glimpse of the outer space.

Suggested by ThoughtWeaver Featured by C-91
Rainbow carousel cake by LittlestSweetShop
Rainbow carousel cake by LittlestSweetShop Delightfully sweet and tiny!

Featured by Brookette
The Steel Reach #2 by GG-arts
The Steel Reach #2 by GG-arts

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by cinyu
Princess Serenity's Silver Crystal by nicoy
Princess Serenity's Silver Crystal by nicoy has a powerful composition based on unity. The overall artwork is as divine as the fandom itself. Bravo!

Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Friends by feanutri
"A beautiful and warm-hearted photograph, Friends by feanutri captures the very essence of friendship and love" in their "very human-like" portrayal.

Suggested by Anoya Featured by 3wyl
the business end by pfrancke
the business end by pfrancke is a different and potentially dangerous close-up of a bug's body part.

Suggested by SabakuNoShi Featured by MarcosRodriguez
Au79 by experiment-iv
experiment-iv is a superb photographer within the artistic nude gallery, and Au79 is a beautiful example of his incredible creativity. In this photograph we see the model's features elegantly portrayed and enhanced by the gold in which she is covered. Everything about Au79 is enchanting and awe-inspiring both in its execution and composition.

Featured by Mrs-Durden
Snowfall by AileenLuib
Snowfall by AileenLuib is beautifully arranged with careful attention to detail.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by Kaz-D
Zone patrol by nixuboy
Zone patrol by nixuboy

Suggested by Rimisa Featured by AbbeyMarie
Fish by Sojom
Fish by Sojom is a delightfully dynamic drawing with charming colours.

Suggested by Doertchen Featured by STelari
le pont by Papercolour
le pont by Papercolour is an impressive watercolor painting that radiates harmony. Gorgeous hues, gently falling snow and soft light showing through the trees are capturing a serene mood of a quiet winter day.

Suggested by SabakuNoShi Featured by Agaave
icicles1 rockinDdesigns stock by debsrockine
[Stock & Resources]  icicles1 rockinDdesigns stock by debsrockine is a wonderfully detailed close-up that will be useful for photomanipulators and other artists seeking a reference.

Suggested by Mocris Featured by CelticStrm-Stock
Come! Face your nightmare! by Puzzletoad
Come! Face your nightmare! by Puzzletoad is a dynamic scene showcasing a truly gruesome creature!

Suggested by KeinZantezuken Featured by Lyricanna
The Birth by blood1ess
Beautiful and eerie all together, this picture captures little but says a lot.
The Birth by blood1ess

Suggested by ejrotsih Featured by pullingcandy