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Wednesday, October 01, 2014
lines to cross. by incorrigiblechild
Beautiful, grunge-glamour. The added twist of not having eye-contact creates a submissive atmosphere and changes the feel of the image.
lines to cross. by incorrigiblechild

Featured by DistortedSmile
Lonely  Lullaby by NanoMortis
Gorgeous and haunting! The movement in this piece is incredible, and the art style is very unique! The expression of the girl and colours create a quite intriguing yet melancholic story. 

Lonely Lullaby by NanoMortis

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by TehAngelsCry
Endless Night by geminibluedream
Endless Night by geminibluedream holds a glimpse of hope surrounding the hellish atmosphere, representing the harmonious yet mysterious connection between Leon and Ada. The artist's work beyond this is a treat for the eyes.

Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Rivalry by Red-IzaK
Rivalry by Red-IzaK is a beautifully detailed piece that brings you right into this luxurious hike! Outstanding details and use of colors for both characters and background! You can't help but appreciate the time taken to create such a fantastic piece!

Suggested by Arichy Featured by KovoWolf
Aykan Basak 2 by chileck2003
With the aperture at F/1.6, the focusing and depth of field both come together to make Aykan Basak 2 by chileck2003 stunning. This is a beautifully timed and wonderfully set-up photograph with great composition.

Featured by 3wyl
Tokyo in near future by iacocca
Tokyo in near future by iacocca is an impressively detailed cityscape! The use of light and color bring this amazing cityscape to life. Fantastic!

Featured by diphylla
Two black angels by NikiAndo
Two black angels by NikiAndo combines raw, rough textures with delicate features of the child and serene expressions.

Featured by STelari
Hear Me Out by TerraTerrific
Hear Me Out by TerraTerrific

Suggested by SonjaLazovaArt Featured by cinyu
Lake-city by raddick11
Lake-city by raddick11

In a long-forgotten world, the lone traveler sails, oar at the tips of fingers. Beyond the bend, the boat snaking through the water, steams of light pushing between the leaves, there lies...

Suggested by ElindielForestStar Featured by Aeirmid
Redoll for Penty by talsbee
Redoll for Penty by talsbee makes a great use of contrasting colours to make this doll really pop.

Suggested by Arichy Featured by Lyricanna
33blw#2 by GeoArcus
"The atmosphere and the deep colors are just amazing..." 33blw#2 by GeoArcus

Suggested by AgonizingSwordfish Featured by justanothersomeone
Rocky Shores by c09567812
[Stock & Resources] Rocky Shores by c09567812 is "a really gorgeous shot that's sure to inspire you!" Use this stunning resource in parts or as a whole.

Suggested by Radioactive-Ink Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Circlet 'Chiropa' by Madormidera
Circlet 'Chiropa' by Madormidera Creative use of design, materials, and presentation.

Featured by Brookette
Fenris and Midgaards Serpent by ColinDale
Fenris and Midgaards Serpent is only one example of ColinDale's skilled work with dotwork and traditional Celtic elements. His precise placement and execution make this tattoo truly pop!

Featured by Exillior
Regal by zootnik
The composition and framing are really nicely captured!

Regal by zootnik

Suggested by RezzanATAKOL Featured by Anoya
I'm going to the carnival by justynazdyb
Ringing in October and Halloween, this clown is just...going to the carnival.
I'm going to the carnival by justynazdyb

Featured by pullingcandy
Dancer 2 by ruskybird