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Sunday, October 19, 2014
Revival by lpeters
Revival by lpeters The perspective combined with the incredible detailing masterfully communicates the revival of the undead.

Suggested by lovelessdevotions Featured by diphylla
Birds Wallpaper by Drugi
Beautiful soft colours help bring out the colours and detail in the two incredible birds.

Birds Wallpaper by Drugi

Suggested by ihamo Featured by TehAngelsCry
Caspian and Ezekiel by oxboxer
An immaculate flow weaves through the flat planes of Caspian and Ezekiel in an almost perpetual stream of movement. The visuals are arresting to attentive eyes; obliged to indulge and trail the lines that are braided around the composition. The resultant shapes curl and cut into edges that establish more sweeping forms by oxboxer whose gallery is consistently as refreshing.

Featured by puddlefisher
VIP Infinti M45 | Camden, NJ by LukeMunnell
Brilliant execution makes VIP Infinti M45 | Camden, NJ by LukeMunnell a powerful, transportation photograph, especially regarding the contrast between the focused car and blurred background.

Featured by 3wyl
The Splendor of Autumn by sae-midori
The Splendor of Autumn by sae-midori truely shows one of the most amazing sides of autumn. Just by looking at it, the bright scenery gives the viewer a warm feeling. It creates the illusion that you hear the water flowing and the beautiful sound of rustling leaves.

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by cinyu
Pepita [Video Tutorial] by MithrilArts
There are often times we come across pieces that are awe inspiring and open our eyes to new things. Pepita [Video Tutorial] by MithrilArts is one of those pieces you can't help but admire for all the beautiful detail, highlights and anatomy creating a truly fantastical piece. Well done!

Suggested by Ravica Featured by KovoWolf
P4srr14346 by bigskystudio
P4srr14346 by bigskystudio
Amazing mastery of light and timing demonstrated here by bigskystudio, and incredible strength and coordination demonstrated by this outstanding model.

Featured by Mrs-Durden
Playful Portrait by thesashabell
Playful Portrait by thesashabell captures the relationship between human and animal really well in a relaxed and natrual way.

Suggested by escaped-emotions Featured by Kaz-D
Legodelphia: Finished Model by DrOctoroc
Hana by AsakuraShinji
Hana by AsakuraShinji is an absolutely lovely rendition of this character! The clean cel shading is gorgeous and the floral pattern on the kimono is simply outstanding and beautifully executed! The background fits perfectly with the scene and the overall lighting pulls this fantastic piece together wonderfully!

Suggested by ming-zi Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Alley by AReeeD
Alley by AReeeD has great lighting and stunning perspective.

Suggested by AlexanderPaupoff Featured by Lyricanna
Bubble break by relhom
Bubble break by relhom is another great piece of art of this artist, but this one really shows a unique moment he had been chasing for some time.

Suggested by LaraBLN Featured by MarcosRodriguez
Original Abstract Watercolor - Saccharin Sweet by KatrinaMarieBritt
A great use of color and negative space.
Original Abstract Watercolor - Saccharin Sweet by KatrinaMarieBritt

Featured by deshrubber
Seaborne - poster design by thesecondbus
Seaborne - poster design by thesecondbus is a marvellous ink work, full of fine details.

Featured by STelari
Texture 11 by AsiaAndEric-Stock
[Stock & Resources] "This texture of burnt material and rust looks just like ocean waves crashing on the shore, pulling back slowly. The colorscape is subtly beautiful with its dark burnt grey, its rusty browns and slight hints of blue. Also the mix of different materials is striking." Texture 11 by AsiaAndEric-Stock

Suggested by mercurycode Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
hornet by chriseastmids
Subtle colors and bold textures in a dizzying array resembling a swarm. hornet by chriseastmids

Suggested by k-i-mm-i-e Featured by justanothersomeone
Night by Foba
Stark and striking portraiture. Beautiful.
Night by Foba

Featured by DistortedSmile
Blood and Ink by DarkLover33 beautifully captures a life.

Suggested by blalock27 Featured by GrimFace242
Skull Girl by BlackMalcerta
Skull Girl by BlackMalcerta is deliciously macabre, a triumph of dark tones and powerful composition.

Suggested by TheEmerald Featured by Aeirmid
- morning activity - by abdieft
- morning activity - by abdieft gives viewers a different perspective at a lifestyle that many people won't have the opportunity to witness. 

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by tanikel
Scariel by TheRealLittleMermaid
Excellent lighting, costumery, posing and photography all work together to capture this wonderful shot.
Scariel by TheRealLittleMermaid

Featured by pullingcandy
Resistance by Inebriantia
Resistance by Inebriantia is "an outstanding work of stunning beauty."

Suggested by BokehLight Featured by Anoya