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Friday, October 24, 2014
The Paupers Who Saw the World by Ravenswd is an unusual fantasy story in that it grows more familiar, not less, as it progresses; lovable characters make it fun to read to the adorable finish

Featured by ShadowedAcolyte
Pris by fabiohazard
Gloriously recreated depiction of an interesting and not often seen character.
Pris by fabiohazard

Suggested by Marivel87 Featured by pullingcandy
::.. Metamorphosis ..:: by TitPrince
TitPrince combines in ::.. Metamorphosis ..:: Traditional Media and Digital Art Media beautifully. With the creative concept to draw a sketchy yet detailed looking sketch covered by a simple base coloring in digital, he catches many amazed views.

Suggested by Arichy Featured by cinyu
Morbius baby by skottieyoung
Fitting for the spookiest month of the year, Morbius baby is rendered by skottieyoung in a way that's utterly hair-raising. Well, for Morbius at least!

Featured by puddlefisher
Just Milk by Mrs-White
Just Milk by Mrs-White is extremely intriguing and captivating. The repetition in the frame on the wall is a brilliant touch.

Featured by justanothersomeone
Tibetan child by Aixuan
Aixuan's painting skills are nothing short of brilliant, catching the atmosphere of the place and the expression of the girl. Tibetan child is one exquisite portrait from a gorgeous gallery.

Suggested by lovelessdevotions Featured by STelari
Paris Kiss by endegor
Paris Kiss by endegor

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by Moonbeam13
A city of bubbles by FrancescaDelfino
A city of bubbles by FrancescaDelfino has a nice texture an cool iridiscent colors

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by MarcosRodriguez
Mage by Vrihedd
Mage by Vrihedd

Featured by diphylla
Sweet Dreams by emiko42
Sweet Dreams by emiko42 This knitted shawl is just so beautiful and delicate.The colors she chose for the beads and yarn and the photos show off her creation wonderfully!

Suggested by MadeWithLove8 Featured by Brookette
ZATANNA 1964 by OnlyMilo
ZATANNA 1964 by OnlyMilo is such a beautiful illustration representing Zatanna amazingly. The expression of her face is not only fabulous and very funny, but the originality put into this is simply a joy to view.

Suggested by Yuzu-Manju Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Ignore The Machine by bliXX-a
The black and white contrast sets the atmosphere in Ignore The Machine as we consider the implications of this profound, conceptual photograph that is cleverly executed by bliXX-a with great skill. 

Featured by 3wyl
water by designer356
designer356 splashes this young lady down into the photo-realistic water with great attention to detail and awesome brush work.

Suggested by psoty Featured by deshrubber
The Huntress by elusiveelegance
[Stock & Resources] The Huntress by elusiveelegance is a beautiful stock image, from the warmth of the setting sun to the fond companionship shown by the faithful steed and his rider! Don't forget to check out the rest of this set!

Featured by Elandria
The Nereid by MSonia
The Nereid by MSonia is a stunning and impressive artwork. The mermaid gives a mysterious feeling; also, the artwork's colors and details are well-done.

Suggested by EeNii Featured by Aeirmid
Night show by porbital
Sit back and enjoy the Night show by porbital, a front row seat to one of nature's most amazing events.

Featured by Anoya
The Queen by remydarling
Exquisite colours and styling. Amazing pose.
The Queen by remydarling

Featured by DistortedSmile
Butterfly by lightnoize
Butterfly by lightnoize
The strong contrast between the vibrant red cloth and the model here captures the viewer's eye and really gives the illusion of a butterfly with its wings spread open. A beautiful metaphor of sorts in terms of art nude photography.

Featured by Mrs-Durden
ID by tetsuok9999
ID by tetsuok9999

Suggested by reveur-artiste Featured by wreckling