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Thursday, October 23, 2014
Red Wine HD Wallpaper by solutionall
A lovely wallpaper, exhibiting warm colours and a calm atmosphere. 

Red Wine HD Wallpaper by solutionall

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by TehAngelsCry
The Project - I by JuanmaBlanco
Smokey, blissful art noir. The lighting on this is fantastic.
The Project - I by JuanmaBlanco

Featured by DistortedSmile
Hidden Gems by VerticalDubai
Hidden Gems by VerticalDubai

Suggested by TimberClipse Featured by Moonbeam13
Stars by giadrosich
A drawing full of Stars, sheer beauty caught in ink by giadrosich.

Featured by STelari
Like Flying by JudithGeiser
Like Flying by JudithGeiser
A remarkably graceful and statuesque art nude.

Featured by Mrs-Durden
Keibunsha Books by kskb
Keibunsha Books by kskb

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by cinyu
Patience by karl726
Patience by karl726 is a great example of an original macro, it's the typical drop colision but over an uncommon surface: the photographer's hand.

Featured by MarcosRodriguez
Darkness  Rising by markborbely
Darkness Rising by markborbely has an incredible dark and impressive sky. It almost makes the viewer feel like they're in the middle of the field while a storm is getting closer and the wind is getting stronger and stronger.

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by Anoya
distortion by sth22art
The swirling movement and stark contrast make distortion by sth22art a visual treat.

Featured by justanothersomeone
Mermaid with wreath by LimKis
Mermaid with wreath by LimKis The sweeping hair & painted elements provide a truly unique pattern for this piece. Fantastic design, technique, and superb use of color. Amazing!

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by diphylla
Alchemists of Arland by DiaJewelworld
The beautiful, shimmering effect within Alchemists of Arland by DiaJewelworld blends perfectly with the foliage design, the vibrancy of magic, and the elegance of each alchemist. There is much harmony in this masterpiece, be sure to full view!

Suggested by Damaged927 Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Sometimes we forget the grandness of the universe and the center of the universe by d-e-l-e-t-e-d reminds us of it.

Featured by IrrevocableFate
September Tree by Wyntrellia
September Tree by Wyntrellia is an amazing paper art with beautiful colors, composition and great use of textures and depth.

Featured by Brookette
Pejzaz.Rzeka by agatazyczkowska
agatazyczkowska welcomes you to the beautiful and fiery Pejzaz.Rzeka  landscape.

Featured by deshrubber
Ephemera by LadFree
Ephemera by LadFree is an absolutely  striking image, filled with detail. 

Featured by AbbeyMarie
Sophia - Female Stock Reference 36 by faestock
[Stock & Resources] The classic beauty of Sophia - Female Stock Reference 36 by faestock is elegantly poised to inspire artists to create some amazing art! 

Featured by CelticStrm-Stock
Cake Battle by Lysol-Jones
Cake Battle by Lysol-Jones reminds us that birthday cake will not go down without a fight- no matter how sweet and delicious!

Featured by kozispoon
hollow by IvanikaGothow
Chilling and lovely at the same time, this portrait is terribly haunting.
hollow by IvanikaGothow

Featured by pullingcandy
Sleeping on the moon by MissLoony
Sleeping on the moon is a beautiful photograph that is even more amazing from the fact that MissLoony and her father made the moon-bed from scratch!

Suggested by Arichy Featured by 3wyl
Hand Carved from Alabaster Stone (wip) by crazyace7
Lunar ..... by kumpan
Lunar ..... by kumpan is a delightful little beast cast in exquisite, gruesome, and almost tangible detail.

Featured by Aeirmid