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Friday, October 31, 2014
Black Cat by MarinaCoric
The reflections in this photograph make it feel a bit eerie. The stare of the cat is really captivating!

Black Cat by MarinaCoric

Featured by Anoya
Kate Krueger by Int0XiKate
Happy Halloween, everybody! Trick or treat!
Kate Krueger by Int0XiKate

Featured by pullingcandy
Flight On by kocho
This piece is both wonderfully interesting and mysterious. The dark colours blend amazingly with the shapes. 

Flight On by kocho

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by TehAngelsCry
Conqueror by WojciechFus
Conqueror by WojciechFus

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by diphylla
15 by Matej0
A photograph far removed from traditional aesthetics, 15 by Matej0 is a wildly interesting abstraction that reminds us of the ephemerality of life.

Suggested by popoks Featured by justanothersomeone
Dulcedo by infinite-art
The red tones of Dulcedo by infinite-art fit perfectly with the soft curves, creating a delicate and divine fractal artwork.

Featured by C-91
Death flower by Elda-QD
Death flower by Elda-QD is a beautifully surreal and evocative drawing that invites the viewer to look closer at all the wonderful and delicate details.

Suggested by lovelessdevotions Featured by Agaave
Midnight Carnival Pixel Art by octavinavarro
Banshee by Checanty
Banshee by Checanty is a brilliant, creepy and mysterious rendition of this creature.

Featured by STelari
Halloween Cake - 1:12 Scale by rottingteeth
Halloween Cake - 1:12 Scale by @rottingteethA perfectly decorated and detailed miniature.

Featured by Brookette
Pruszkow Oficyna dworska by GreeGW
Pruszkow Oficyna dworska by GreeGW is the embodiment of moody, realistic lighting and captivating watercolor details!

Suggested by SabakuNoShi Featured by jenthestrawberry
Fire Witches by TsaoShin
Fire Witches by TsaoShin is a whimsical piece filled with imagination! Cast yourself into the night with these witches!

Suggested by Augusata Featured by KovoWolf
Yellow Wall by MarcelHieber
The square form has a wonderful effect that is subtle, yet powerful, thanks to the architecture itself, which defines Yellow Wall by MarcelHieber and makes it the stunning piece it is.

Featured by 3wyl
Untitled by KylieFaye
The lighting, model and makeup combine here to make something stunning yet at the same time, mysterious and slightly eerie.
Untitled by KylieFaye

Suggested by LiliWrites Featured by Kaz-D
Halloween Town - Sally and Dr.Finkelstein by Boredman
Halloween Town - Sally and Dr.Finkelstein by Boredman shows off beautiful crosshatching and coloring, making this spooky illustration that of an official comic. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Regal Thriving by Enkased
Regal Thriving by Enkased

Suggested by k-i-mm-i-e Featured by MarcosRodriguez
Evil Barber by ochopanteras
Watch out, ochopanteras's Evil Barber is looking to take more than just "a couple inches of the top"!

Featured by deshrubber
Shadow Isles by inkinesss
Shadow Isles by inkinesss is a wonderfully lit illustration that is a great way to mark Hallowe'en. 

Featured by Lyricanna
Frankenhotep by Andantonius
Frankenhotep by Andantonius

Painted with an eye for detail and a penchant for wicked storytelling, this Frankenstein's Monster is certain to delight. Ain't he cute?

Suggested by KPEKEP Featured by Aeirmid
Red lines by Hanny-Honeymoon
Red lines by Hanny-Honeymoon
A mesmerizing portrait, with incredible use of color and contrast.

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by Mrs-Durden
Nsio explains: Understanding 3D by Nsio
[Stock & Resources] An easy-to-follow tutorial all about perspective! Nsio explains: Understanding 3D by Nsio

Suggested by Fraeya Featured by PirateLotus-Stock