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Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Metalwork by Jaffa-Tealc
Metalwork by Jaffa-Tealc

Suggested by Sabine62 Featured by C-91
The Spot II by hellonata
"Beautiful use of patterned light on a stunningly lovely portrait."
The Spot II by hellonata

Suggested by Queen-Kitty Featured by DistortedSmile
Tomas by LILYLIKE is a wonderful fashion photograph shot in an incredible location! The interesting perspective, light flare, and skillful use of color toning really puts this image on the next level! 

Featured by Queen-Kitty
Elsa the White Walker by Murph3
Elsa the White Walker by Murph3 is a mashup between Frozen and Game of Thrones with a hilarious twist.  The atmosphere and colors are well done, the painting is masterfully crafted, and the expression is perfectly creepy.

Suggested by Ero-Haru Featured by TsaoShin
rhomboids and vertices by Hydrogenuine is a beautifully-written story that starts in vertices and ends in circles.

Suggested by TheKerwinator Featured by TheMaidenInBlack
THE KID by EmmanuelVASSAL is an amazing candid street shot, referring beautifully to a MasterPiece of Art well known around the world.

Suggested by GeorgeXVII Featured by hosagu
Geralt of Rivia (finish) by Zheltkevich
Geralt of Rivia (finish) by Zheltkevich is one amazing sculpture with realistic skin tones, facial features, hair and clothes. Even the smallest details were carefully crafted.

Suggested by DeeDeeODooDoo Featured by Talty
That Color by IvanAndreevich
IvanAndreevich puts all of nature's elements on majestic display in That Color with a rich and dynamic landscape that leaves the viewer breathless in awe.

Suggested by Andorada Featured by JenFruzz
Show me the world by Ven-Arts
A lovely, realistic scene. Very well done!
Show me the world by Ven-Arts

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by pullingcandy
1035 by Gelu59
Walk in a winter wonderland with 1035 by Gelu59

Featured by RockstarVanity
KarLi Leipzig by Falksen
KarLi Leipzig by Falksen is a creative capture of city life in its execution. Both the dynamism of the main subject and the vibrancy of the overall colors make this a striking photograph.

Featured by Mrs-Durden
Worship the D! by JonARTon
Worship the D! by JonARTon is wonderfully composed and has an excellent use of contrasting colours.

Featured by Lyricanna
Texture 134 by Voyager168
[Stock & Resources] Texture 134 by Voyager168 creates fantastically gritty and subtle textures of the highest quality! Perfect for manipulations and photo overlays.

Suggested by pulbern Featured by CelticStrm-Stock