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Monday, October 20, 2014
Why Peter is not a poet. by freudenschade is a compelling character study with a harrowing situation applied as a backdrop.

Featured by SingingFlames
La disparition by ambrosia3
Crossing the threshold of parallel realities. La disparition by ambrosia3

Suggested by Fassod Featured by justanothersomeone
trax by djahal
trax by djahal

Featured by cinyu
Princess Merida from Pixar's BRAVE by AlexanderNVIDIA
Almost like a movie poster, this capture is really lovely. The hair stands out, leaving no doubt as to who this is!
Princess Merida from Pixar's BRAVE by AlexanderNVIDIA

Suggested by Laurelin-CosPlay Featured by pullingcandy
Androids Dream of Organic Sheep by glossolalias is an elegantly constructed snapshot of the home life of two sentients: one human, and one near-imitation

Featured by ShadowedAcolyte
blooming2 by thibbs
blooming2 by thibbs
Beautiful contrast between the calmness of the models and the dynamic environment surrounding them.

Featured by Mrs-Durden
Arctic fox by A-Parrot
Arctic fox by A-Parrot is a beautiful minimalistic, monochrome square of a seemingly lonesome fox.

Featured by Anoya
The Look by simplysuzu
simplysuzu brilliantly photographs a beautiful woman in The Look, a captivating portrait that is made more profound due to the intriguing perspective.

Suggested by SabakuNoShi Featured by 3wyl
NightHawk by jkemeny
NightHawk by jkemeny is an exquisite composition of details and colours.

Suggested by Saraais Featured by STelari
Tapper by Deimos-Remus
Tapper by Deimos-Remus is so chock full of retro references that it effectively holds your attention for a long time while the clean style is very evocative of vintage video games.

Suggested by Phobos-Romulus Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Till Dawn by LoranDeSore
Till Dawn by LoranDeSore

Suggested by KPEKEP Featured by Aeirmid
S&h 01 by Olav67
S&h 01 by Olav67

Featured by Backsackandjack
Pin up by SilverWolfieShizuma
Effortlessly elegant and timeless Pinup portraiture.
Pin up by SilverWolfieShizuma

Featured by DistortedSmile
Untitled by AlyonaTravkina
Untitled by AlyonaTravkina is a subtle but visually powerful image with a wonderful composition.

Featured by MarcosRodriguez
Demon hunting by Type-Like
Demon hunting by Type-Like is a beautiful traditional piece that leaves the eye wandering over every intricate detail! Beautiful use of colors that are so rich and vibrant! A unique character that keeps the viewer engaged and involved. Lovely piece!

Featured by KovoWolf
Barrit Assassin 2 by marat-arslanov
I was amazed by the incredible power of his brush strokes, the beauty of his art and the sense of depth and wonder of each work. Fantastic!
Barrit Assassin 2 by marat-arslanov

Suggested by milyKnight Featured by diphylla
The Seed of Freedom II by borda
The Seed of Freedom II by borda

Suggested by ihamo Featured by AbbeyMarie
ZELIE by Csyyt
Using some traditional techniques and set-ups to create a mysterious still life, ZELIE by Csyyt is a dark capture and creates a sense of emotion.

Featured by Kaz-D
Last Flowers by seangregory
In a nightmare like post-apocalyptic world,  seangregory's Last Flowers could be the last signs of life.

Suggested by limnides Featured by deshrubber
Treasure 1 by slime-stock
[Stock & Resources] Treasure 1 by slime-stock is a wonderfully captured moment of an incredibly beautiful animal. The power and grace of the horse will inspire artists to create beautiful art.

Featured by CelticStrm-Stock