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Thursday, October 30, 2014
:Trick: by kuryuki
:Trick: by kuryuki

Suggested by uchuubranko Featured by cinyu
Fog by psdlights
psdlights takes an enchanting photograph of life from a viewpoint that many of us could indulge in every so often. The fog creates an amazing atmosphere while the colours align in an intriguing gradient in Fog.

Featured by 3wyl
no probs by woteez
woteez did a marvellous job on presenting the subtle hues of the sky and the landscape, making no probs an exquisite and moody painting. Full view is recommended to appreciate all the details.

Featured by STelari
The closest friends by Lumpy2
The closest friends by Lumpy2 is a very lovely, beautiful backlit photograph. It's just one of many colorful shots from their must-see gallery.

Suggested by popoks Featured by Anoya
The Addams Family by Aisii
Cute, creepy, deliciously done. Awesome cosplay!
The Addams Family by Aisii

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by pullingcandy
A heartwarming piece, What You See by Spatzchen, gives us an interesting perceptive to read.

Suggested by NotenSMSK Featured by IrrevocableFate
We have lift off! by ColinHuttonPhoto
It's usually difficult to take a good macro of an insect, they ususally do not collaborate much, We have lift off! by ColinHuttonPhoto shows us exactly that, the bug decided to fly away when it was going to be photographed, but the artist managed to capture that moment and the result is simply fantastic.

Suggested by MamzelleZephyr Featured by MarcosRodriguez
Lormet-Cultural-Dancer-0294sml by Lormet-Images
[Stock & Resources] The wonderful sense of motion and the authenticity of the tribal regalia will make a wonderful pose reference.  Lormet-Cultural-Dancer-0294sml by Lormet-Images

Suggested by YBsilon-Stock Featured by CelticStrm-Stock
This is Lavender Town! by matsuyama-takeshi
This is Lavender Town! by matsuyama-takeshi brings the Pokemon equivalent of the Witching Hour to life!

Suggested by just-to-look Featured by Lyricanna
Birdie the Scarecrow 1 by Scribble-Dolls
Birdie the Scarecrow 1 by Scribble-Dolls Really charming little doll with a perfect expression.

Featured by Brookette
Self by Roslana
Intricate details and and wondrous color come together to create spirit and character in this self portrait, Self by Roslana

Featured by jenthestrawberry
Arktic Dream by Drachenseele
Arktic Dream by Drachenseele has magical atmosphere, created with fine details and subtle color palette. The piece is peaceful to look at, but at the same time it is powerful, thanks to flowing brush strokes and wolf's captivating eyes. 

Suggested by Gewalgon Featured by Agaave
Freckles by Tvirinum
Tvirinum is the model in this stunning capture that has been cleverly taken by LahmatTea. This piece shows a great collaboration of talents between artists.

Freckles by Tvirinum

Featured by Kaz-D
Mammoth animation by Gekkogwn
Mammoth animation by Gekkogwn

Suggested by KPEKEP Featured by diphylla
Halloween Akali by MonoriRogue
Halloween Akali by MonoriRogue has a very creative twist with an amazing sense of dynamism and visual style. A gorgeous addition in dedication to this festive time.

Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Midnight interlude by MarcelaBolivar
Midnight interlude by MarcelaBolivar was suggested by multiple people, and it's easy to see why! 

Suggested by RikaSakura Featured by AbbeyMarie
In The Valley Of Bones by Willoweird
Take a scene hike with Willoweird through the majestic undergrowth In The Valley Of Bones.

Featured by deshrubber