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Wednesday, July 27, 2016
NYX  ART by nyx-arte
NYX ART by nyx-arte is beautifully and ethereally lit with unique styling and wonderful use of contrasting textures. 

Suggested by Grimmsy Featured by Queen-Kitty
The Big Deal by DamonWakes will surprise you with the ending.

Featured by doughboycafe
Thor of Oz by Creedphotograhy
An awesome cosplay that makes it look effortless to be Thor!
Thor of Oz by Creedphotograhy

Suggested by JustACapharnaum Featured by pullingcandy
UF2016-327 ... UF Abstract by Xantipa2
UF2016-327 ... UF Abstract by Xantipa2 has excellent contrast in value and color and is framed in a striking way.

Featured by ChaosFissure
3D Gautam Buddha by VaishaliRastogi
The Mountains by revois
The Mountains by revois

Suggested by lividlady Featured by JunkbyJen
Deathwing - Hearthstone Sculpture by AntonioBalicevic
Aggressor by petrwolf
Aggressor by petrwolf shows the tiger beetle in all its beauty, with a really well fitting title.

Featured by JustACapharnaum
Facepaint 05 by deathbycanon-stock
[Stock & Resources] Facepaint 05 by deathbycanon-stock is a wonderfully styled model stock image sure to inspire gothic and fantasy art work.

Suggested by ChimeraArtz Featured by Cassy-Blue
Lyn by Marmaladica
Lyn by Marmaladica features bright and cheery summertime colors in a beautiful composition.

Suggested by Catgirldstr11 Featured by TsaoShin
Rush by SaeedRamez
The chilling atmosphere of Rush by SaeedRamez is perfectly realised, inviting us to gaze into its depths and fear the encroaching menace. 

Featured by lovelessdevotions
Comm: Pareesa by Teumes
Camouflage by Ophelia-Overdose
Camouflage by Ophelia-Overdose is an incredibly well orchestrated and executed photograph with a quirky and fun concept that really pops and grabs the attention of the viewer. Stunning work from all artists involved in the shoot.

Suggested by Andorada Featured by Mrs-Durden