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Wednesday, July 01, 2015
Bhf. Potsdamer Platz VIII by iDie
Bhf. Potsdamer Platz VIII by iDie draws on the style of the contemplative photography movement to showcase an everyday scene in an almost grotesque way - like a building conflict, the dichotomy of human motion and fixed surroundings.

Featured by tiganusi
El pelo fabuloso by ShakilovNeel
The perfect use of lighting in El pelo fabuloso by ShakilovNeel enhances the beauty of the model's facial features and luscious hair. A truly stunning classic portrait.

Featured by Mrs-Durden
Gyudon by stoppaz
Gyudon by stoppaz is set-up to look appetising with great attention to positioning and detail.

Suggested by Savaliste Featured by Kaz-D
Primal by Schwartze
Primal by Schwartze

Featured by Aeirmid
Borgia times by Gewandfantasien
Borgia times by Gewandfantasien Absolutely fantastic. Wonderful lines and design, that well reflect this epoch and lovely details of the decorations, that add special charm to this amazing costume.

Suggested by LiliaOsipova Featured by Brookette
Penny Dreadful by 23619
Such a fantastic likeness, combined with top notch photography and editing, makes this cosplay a delightful treat. Gorgeously done.
Penny Dreadful by 23619

Featured by pullingcandy
Cream by alifann
Cream by alifann

Suggested by iingo Featured by Thunderstatement
Patron Saint of Culinary Delights by M-Spencer
Patron Saint of Culinary Delights by M-Spencer has a wide variety of delicious details for your eyes to wander and admire! Take a deep breath, sit back, relax and wish you where there eating something delicious.

Suggested by STelari Featured by KovoWolf
Nevermore by richardcgreen
Nevermore by richardcgreen is a marvelous painting that displays wonderful textures and beautiful subtle color palette. Be sure to take a look at this artist's gallery to see more artworks with unique style!

Featured by Agaave
Goddess of Lamp by Ixora140
Goddess of Lamp by Ixora140

Suggested by EeNii Featured by cinyu
Incoming Idea (Gaudi's Mind) by Veniamin
Using multiple exposures and by turning the square format of the film on an angle, the artist has created a very fresh and challenging perspective. Incoming Idea (Gaudi's Mind) by Veniamin

Featured by justanothersomeone
Up by KIMxxii
Up by KIMxxii

Featured by Moonbeam13
snow warning by ravenoath
snow warning by ravenoath has fantastic use of texture and colour.

Featured by Lyricanna
09-for children by CynthiaJohansson
09-for children by CynthiaJohansson is a remarkable illustration, perfectly working as a children's book illustration.

Featured by STelari
snow I by Dageeling007
[Stock & Resources] snow I by Dageeling007

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock