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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
A short but wonderful piece, Intensity by lalaith913, is about something simple: a hearty breakfast and a wallet.

Suggested by xlntwtch Featured by IrrevocableFate
Destruction by LahmatTea
Such a strange pose, coupled by the deep, ambient lighting leaves many questions.
Destruction by LahmatTea

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by pullingcandy
7.8.13 by Faelicia
7.8.13 by Faelicia

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by cinyu
Oak door relief by kajkai
::Commission:: Arisu_Kagawa 2 by Jotaku
::Commission:: Arisu_Kagawa 2 by Jotaku is full of untempered raw emotion. Two stories untold by words but spoken aloud by expressions. An intriguing piece that's full of lovely details.

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by KovoWolf
My dream by frantices
With minimal post-processing, frantices has executed this still life piece in an exceptional way. The colours in My dream are rich in warmth, and the bokeh adds great effect to a fully engaging photograph.

Suggested by Viokcha Featured by 3wyl
Lookout by jameszapata
Lookout by jameszapata is profoundly beautiful. The artist's use of muted tones to complement the light against the shadows delivers a breathtaking atmosphere. Not only is this piece technically sound in terms of composition and detail, but it also speaks to our humanity and wanting to feel protected. This piece is just one of many fantastic pieces in this artist's gallery. If you haven't already, be sure to view their full gallery today. 

Suggested by lovelessdevotions Featured by diphylla
Hound by akreon
Hound by akreon

Suggested by Akimune Featured by Moonbeam13
Music by Brightsmile-didi
Music by Brightsmile-didi combines cut flowers and a musical instrument to make a beautiful still life image.

Suggested by SabakuNoShi Featured by Kaz-D
Shingeki No Kyojin!!! by reau
Shingeki No Kyojin!!! by reau blooms with amazing technique, composition and emotion. A thousand words just isn't enough to put justice to reau's work.

Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Realization by JSAriadna
JSAriadna has come to the Realization that art is not necessarily how the artist visualizes it, but also how the viewer perceives it.

Suggested by Astralseed Featured by deshrubber
Icy Fire by JenFruzz
Icy Fire by JenFruzz is a very original macro that shows a unique instant of a dancing blueish flame. Awesome timing in a difficult shot.

Featured by MarcosRodriguez
White eyes portrait (6) by Avahlon-Stock
[Stock & Resources] White eyes portrait (6) by Avahlon-Stock The intensity of of the stare with the expression of malevolence makes this a stock image to reckon with!

Suggested by Nolamom3507 Featured by Elandria
a web by StargazerLZ
The lines in the photograph lead the viewer's eye all around the photograph. The blue hues combined with the empty web really set the atmosphere in this shot.

a web by StargazerLZ

Suggested by SabakuNoShi Featured by Anoya
In Royal Company by Misted-Dream
In Royal Company by Misted-Dream is a remarkable oil painting. All the details and well chosen colours make the viewer nearly feel the water and chill in the air.

Suggested by Erzsabet Featured by STelari
Mad Hatter by Fran-photo
[Stock & Resources] This pose of the Mad Hatter by Fran-photo will make a wonderful reference. It captures the essence of the Mad Hatter in a unique and fun way that will inspire some fantastic art!

Suggested by eclipsy Featured by CelticStrm-Stock
Frontier Skies by JoeyJazz
Wonderful landscape wallpaper! The contrasting colours are magnificent, and the floating rocks in the atmosphere make the piece more beautifully mysterious and interesting.

Frontier Skies by JoeyJazz

Suggested by Ginryuzaki Featured by TehAngelsCry
Queen by Yu-Han
Queen by Yu-Han

Suggested by alltheoriginalnames Featured by Aeirmid
Fatal Beauty by chronicbetchface
Excellent, vampy noir underwear shot. Lovely twist with the lace.
Somber Scarlet by chronicbetchface

Featured by DistortedSmile
Sliced by tholang
Sliced by tholang is a bold graphic abstraction that utilizes shapes and tones to create a dynamic composition.

Suggested by Savaliste Featured by justanothersomeone
Glisten by DarkVenusPersephonae
Glisten by DarkVenusPersephonae
The rich golden colors in contrast with the purple of the model's dress create an overall outstanding combination. This is a glamorous portrait of a gorgeous model who does in fact "glisten" in this photograph.

Featured by Mrs-Durden