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It's not true that static emoticons can't express feelings. :lovely: by =BlissfullySarcastic is a perfect example that they surely can.

Suggested by elicoronel16 Featured by mintyy
Peacock frog on orange flower by =AngiNelson Suggester writes: "This tiny Peacock frog so beautifully posed on an orange flower, photographed by =AngiNelson is an outstanding macro shot! The frog is just under 1cm long - unbelievable! I love the outstanding jewel-like skin and those large round surprised looking eyes full of innocence. The whole composition of this photo is a delight to the eyes."

Suggested by Annaphotix Featured by kkart
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supernova2 by *redjuice999 is a high quality drawing featuring perfect light and details. Make sure to take some time to enjoy the image in full-view.

Featured by TobiasRoetsch
Llama: Painted by *rgyoung777 is a rather bizarre sculpture, as a Llama playing a flute is probably not an every day occurrence, but has a wonderful element of charm and great level of detail to it.

Suggested by Frelly-Is-Kelly Featured by Thebuild
"Not only will you love Heliophobia for its clever humor but for it's intriguing art-style as well. And PLEASE take a moment to browse through the rest of *Cotton-gravy's gallery, you won't be disappointed. "

Suggested by Inkskin Featured by Majnouna
" It Was A Clear Day by =FreeSpiritFotography puts my mind at ease. The grass surrounding the flower seems to be a fortress protecting it from anyone that might want to steal what - to me - is a beautiful jewel whose beauty's greatly enhanced by the reflections in the nearby waterdrops. " -rydi1689

Suggested by rydi1689 Featured by PurpelBlur
Amalthea by *Hamsterfly is a very detailed and colourful piece with a great sense of scale and depth!

Featured by gucken
number 79 by ~emregurten

Suggested by hyannah77 Featured by bQw
Syllia's Dream by `Dianae

Suggested by sweetychan Featured by archanN
The suggester said: "I absolutely love the care and details she places into her work." This is displayed in Elegant Black Scrolls on Pink by =booga119 with its beautiful scroll detailing and deep, rich colors. These glass beads are elegant eye catchers.

Suggested by purplerose Featured by MyntKat
Suggester said: "Delightful colours and amazing details on her tattoos." Model Tattoo..... by ~CharadaBrasileiro

Suggested by Yasny-chan Featured by LineBirgitte
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Suggester says, "THAT is using creativity! Creativity = Art! Just amazing!!" Floating exhebition I. by ~Ciril

[Photojournalism > Miscellaneous]

Suggested by JacquiJax Featured by evanhwong
Between Drinks by =MetalMagpie draws you in with humor, great character descriptions and an interesting narrative.

Suggested by RavensScar Featured by LadyLincoln
I cry hopelessly by ~nickilroy is a heartbreaking and raw. The urge to reach out and comfort is hard to resist.

Suggested by slatan Featured by Moonbeam13
To quote a friend, "Oh, that is pretty dang cool!" Boy howdy, do I agree! Peano fungus by ~markdow demonstrates that sometimes the math behind a fractal is just as artistic as the colors,textures, and composition. I feel that all of this has hit the nail on the head. Great work from an enlightening and informative gallery.

Featured by Platinus
Rainbow Feather by *Kazeo-YuuRin Amazing movement and colors. Really exquisite.

Suggested by kevotu Featured by Thiefoworld
The suggester says, "bloodshot eyes by ~Ashley44 is spooky enough to be the cover shot for the next big horror film release!"

Suggested by Jeannieblue Featured by TanyaSimoneSimpson
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Asia-APH by ~ayasemn gives off life and optimism in every stroke! Those colours are so vivid and their expressions so blissful that I can't help feeling happy inside as I look at this superb fan artwork!

Featured by rydi1689
Phoenix III by *Dangerous-Beauty778 The suggester says: "I'm quite fond of pieces done on colored paper and I'm equally fond of Phoenix. So no surprise why I love this one. The colors itself really stand out on the paper (and would you believe that's good ol' construction paper too?)"

Suggested by EleganceLiberty Featured by elicoronel16
cosmic starry sundae by ~darkhalo stands out for its beautiful colours, lighting and tones, as well as gorgeous modelling and cute characters.

Suggested by Butch007 Featured by joannastar
Suggester says: Wow. From the very first moment of the movie to the closing credits, I was held in an unimaginably tight grip of wonder, amazement, and awe, leaving me with no choice but to keep on watching. With its constant tone of suspense and subtle fear, First Breath After Coma by~99media is one of the most thrilling and darkly anticipated short films I have ever come across.

Suggested by VBAadmin Featured by ElectrikPinkPirate
C.o.r.r.i.d.o.r -III- by *nexion is a wonderful example of this artist's ability to create stunning location shots which contain both mood and atmosphere. Don't miss the rest of their gallery.

Suggested by PatrickRuegheimer Featured by PorcelainPoet
Modern Nature Bright Version by ~petercui is perfect for someone who wants a beautiful journal, the mixture of great typography and a wonderful image make this skin stand above others!

Suggested by eXoHeartbeat Featured by ginkgografix
11:11 by ~sophiamedium There is always that shock of transition... those opening moments of a film or video when you are moving from your world into the reality of the piece you are watching. During the opening moments of 11:11... I was not entirely sure where I was being taken... the bright saturated colors and costumes were not exactly my cup of tea.. but the strong cinematography and haunting soundtrack keep me watching. I am glad I did... the video really comes alive. The young girl, the central figure is very well directed and turned in a very genuine performance. Her characterization bound the piece together as much as the song. It is important to note that virtually every major component of this piece was created by the ~sophiamedium from the song to the screenplay to the direction. There are some very strong visuals here and the hyper-saturated color grade sold the dreamlike quality of the video. When you are dealing with animal costumes and child performers and lots of color... you dance very close to the edge of cheesiness but ~sophiamedium pulls it off. Kudos to Sophia and her creative team. Great job.

Featured by Zenfilm
Splash by ~brentbat Creative technique for an awesome image!!

Suggested by DostorJ Featured by shuttermonkey