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Classical Film: The Bear King by ~shadeykris All the action and all the details stunned me!

Featured by feawen
Simple, unexpected and bloody. Third Eye by ~maniacally

Suggested by Cat-in-the-mist Featured by joannastar
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Hello. New member, first post by ~makeupartist6 This artist has skills that have deservedly won worldwide acclaim, and anyone who admires makeup, sculpting and special effects should acquaint themselves with Jim's work....

Featured by Battledress
Caballero pg 2b by ~weshoyot, a stunning and very clean work worthy of being seen.

Suggested by Katmomma Featured by Thiefoworld
Wolves are Withering by ~andyp89 has no blood, no violence and no monsters...just Atmosphere with a capital A.

Featured by TanyaSimoneSimpson
devil borning from the flame. by ~chevsy is a fantastic piece of horror art. Make sure to check out the rest of this gallery, it's chock full of more great stuff!

Suggested by Vulcie Featured by zilla774
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When the Sun has Set by ~Gilgond I don't think a shot like this needs much of a description really, well taken, well shot, and one heck of a beautiful scenic! Perfect!

Suggested by justeline Featured by kkart
10 HITS "LOVELY EXPRESSION" by ~gammon. From the suggester: "This is a really atypical piece of fan art in both subject matter and emotion, and the artist's comments are hilarious!" I agree with the suggester, and the colors and style are fantastic!

Suggested by UponThouFairCat Featured by aunjuli
From suggester "I am suggesting Skinstrip mask by ~Puzzels because I adore the textures. The mask is very expressive and is beautifully crafted." I love the variety of textures, especially the strong contrast of the peeled outer shell against the smooth underside. Though it is the texture and especially the shading around and including the eye that really captures my attention.

Suggested by cinderette Featured by Thebuild
"The lead character of *PaulSizer's Little White Mouse graphic novels is portrayed here in all her determination and ingenuity! Women of Cafe Digital - Loo - Loo makes great use of pose and lighting, with details and a background that draw the viewer right into the environment of the abandoned satellite. This picture, I feel, is a great representation of one girl's story of survival and the courage that sees her through."

Suggested by XueLian Featured by Majnouna
Out in the Cold by =Ryser915. He's just getting in to the street photography thing, but has tons of enthusiasm and a good natural eye. This is a good example of what he can do. Show the love!

Featured by bQw
" Outstanding use of colours, composition and perspective! I love the way he made the 3D look, and overall it's a great advertisement for Rice and beans. "

Rice and beans party wit FEADZ by ~incogburo

Suggested by Sander-Seto Featured by PurpelBlur
You feel that steampunk has been done to death? Well think again! Steampunk II by ~spectral-stock with its on location settings, huge resolution and interesting pose is bound to spark your rusty inspiration machine into work.

Suggested by Cat-in-the-Stock Featured by UnicornReality
Intense motion is felt in 39. With a bold palette and composition, ~ahmetcelikbas weaves an incredible abstraction. Please be sure to view the rest of this gallery.

Suggested by AsliBayrak Featured by limnides
Meow ? by ~LithMyathar suggester writes, "There are some people who do fractal art. Then there's people who DO fractal ART! And when I came across this, my jaw hit the floor. Seriously, this piece is in need of a Daily Deviation"

Suggested by DaydreamMagnificence Featured by cmptrwhz
While most other wedding photographs were meant to be cherished and remembered for a long time to come, there's something about wed.A.P by ~frida-vl that makes me just wanna giggle after a long awwww...

Featured by evanhwong
Liquid Latex Tutorial I by =sweetgreychaos is an excellent tutorial that details methods for creating realistic looking wounds. It's easy to follow and provides great images for reference.

Featured by LawrenceDeDark
Love is... by =Droneguard is a great little emote, with awesome shading, coloring, animation, and mood. It's particularly timely, as many people will be doing this very action in just a few days...

Featured by mattdanna
My Heart Ticks by =monsterkookies. An anatomical heart made out of polymer clay and the suggester said that, "It is most probably the best polymer clay piece I have ever laid eyes on." Best seen in fullview.

Suggested by PORGEcreations Featured by Kitten-of-Woe
_untitled63. by ~desajuste. The suggester wrote, "A curious, somewhat bleak photograph that requires close inspection. It could be a photo of something big or really small—the beauty of it comes from just taking it in."

Suggested by lpowell Featured by opioid
Goth Icons, Black and White by ~LovlessRADICAL is the start of an interesting vector series of musicians.

Suggested by noath Featured by lemontea
Rubber WB by ~jordanfc Use it for your little rugrats or use it to unleash your inner child. It's colourful, it's fun and it make me want to start wearing diapers again....except on weekends.

Featured by mrrste
3rd.Frame by ~jeckham

Suggested by darkcath Featured by IreneLangholm
Darwin Took Steps -textversion by ~theflyingtrilobite is an inspiring portrait of the scientist whose vision changed the way we understand life. Happy Darwin Day!

Featured by Stykera
Definitely no shortage of splendour and awesomeness when multicorned creatures are prancing around in frivolity. Have fun viewing Excertos - Milicornios by ~juliabax!

Suggested by coolmarvin Featured by snowmask
Seven Wonders- The Holy Tree by *PearlEden I've had several people suggest this to me, and for good reason as well- and although this isn't an Anthro piece, I feature it on behalf of all animal art appreciators for the nature and beauty of this composition. This artist has graced deviantART with an ingenious technique and art style with traditional media; one that has inspired others to try it as well. However, this artist's work is truly unique and inimitable in every aspect. I feature this particular piece because it demonstrates this artist's full potential, and shows us how beautiful their world of light and color can be. Color theory and emphasis is used very well here, and you will find your eyes dancing through the composition with a fun and vibrant rhythm!

Featured by Katmomma
Life portrayed in 204 by ~feryal as a wondering gypsy or nomad, gives a very stark point of view of how things are where one couldn't afford a U-Haul.

Suggested by damien-c Featured by evanhwong
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What Are We Gonna Do Now? by =flashparade - an interesting concept awesomely executed. As a girl, I can't help but love the fashion-sketchy look of this. As a deviant, I can't help but admire the artist's talent!

Featured by Jules1983