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Previous Day Wednesday, May 24, 2017 Change Day
That's no drawing! It's - the THING - by hikigane, a fantasticly fully posable art doll with hand drawn, etched, and carved details.

Featured by pinkythepink
Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone by MarinaMichkina features a wonderful painted style with gorgeous soft color

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by TsaoShin
Dwarf by Takeda11 is an amazing example of value control and brushwork. Sharp, rough lines works perfectly with dwarf character. And if you look closely you will notice a great amount of detail! Stunning portrait!

Featured by LenamoArt
Real snowflake macro photo - The shard by ChaoticMind75 is an outstanding snowflake macro photograph. The intricate details in the snowflake's pattern reminds us of the beauty in their complexity.

Featured by JustACapharnaum
Blue frog by shade-pl is soft in focus and brilliant in display with a dazzling background that brightens and brings the subject to life.

Suggested by Rick-TinyWorlds Featured by JenFruzz
The complementary colors from the tendrils in 20170518-01 by spanzhang appear to be reaching out for something, while the glows and blur helps subdue the darkness in the background.

Featured by ChaosFissure
The Mark of Cain - Chapter 4 - Page 3 by Dedasaur is remarkable in both presentation and dialogue.

Featured by DrZime
A disturbing image that tells it's own story while waiting for others to be made.
Murder ballad by LaMusaTriste

Featured by pullingcandy