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A quick shot of this great suite. :D (Big Grin) 

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Oh hey look, a maplestory background LOL
Nice and simple 8D
Let me know if you want me to redo this.

Only AlyLuffsPandas88 may use.  Stealing will not be tolerated.

Nexon for sprites.
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Did I make this too dark?
Let me know if you want me to redo it.

Only xAimiee may use.  Stealing will not be tolerated.

Nexon for sprites.
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You can download for free in:
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Heres the rest so far:

Stunned, Elsa answered, “How did you know that?”

“I’m guessing you’re dreaming about standing in the middle of a field, and all of a sudden, it’s on fire?”

This was eerie. “What does this have to do with Anna?”

He sighed. “It’s happening to her. Ever since you stopped winter, she’s been having bad dreams.”

Elsa’s eyes widened. The same had been happening to her, except, right away she was engulfed in flames; she didn’t know whether she’d wake up or drift off to a burning room. Resolve to fix the pain, she briskly marched past Kristoff. “I’m not letting Anna hurt again.”

Elsa entered the room, perspiring like she ran a marathon. Was it always this hot? She glanced at her sister peacefully sleeping despite the flushed cheeks. It had been some time since thawing Arendelle and Elsa was more in control of her powers. With a graceful wave, she formed an ice pack atop Anna’s forehead. It melted. She blinked. Another wave, this time vanishing even quicker. Kristoff now joined the room, as worn out as she was. The heat had become stifling. He poked a finger in his collar. “Boy, I thought it’d be cooler with you here.” Before receiving a glare, he added, “Not that being ice queen isn’t cool. But, you know, it would help.”

Elsa shifted back to Anna. She reached out. “Anna…” It was warm. Like reaching out to a…

“FIRE!!!” Kristoff pulled her back. Once he did, he reached for Anna. Flames had begun riding up the curtain quickly surrounding everything. “Get out! I’ve got Anna..!”

But Elsa didn’t move. “Relax! I can put it out!” Hands outstretched, snow shot from her palms. But the flames were too strong, only steam wafted from the contact. “What?” She tried again, this time, more forceful. And this time, the flames extinguished. By now, staff had begun pouring in and Elsa and Kristoff shared one look: shock at what just happened.

Chapter 2

“I don’t see what the problem is,” Bulda said, twiddling with her red stone necklace.

“Uh, that she almost burned down the whole castle?!” Kristoff exclaimed.

Pabbie stepped in, his old bristles brushing the earth as he walked. “Why didn’t you come to us last night?”

“After that? I thought it best to give it a rest—literally.” He made a face of frustration. “Do you know the last time I’ve had a good night’s sleep?”

In the background, Bulda shouted, “Marrige issues!”

Kristoff turned. “We’re not married!” At the trolls staring at him, he said, “Not…yet, anyways.”

“When?” Bulda intruded, asking the one question ALL trolls were curious about.

“That’s not the point. It’s not why I came here. Grand Pabbie…”

“Hmm,” the old troll thought. “This is indeed troubling… I’m sorry, child. But I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

“Well, can’t you make her forget the nightmares?”

“Once tampered with, the mind is not easily convinced.”

Kristoff reluctantly agreed. “And the purpose of last time was to shield her from Elsa’s powers—which, she already knows about.”

Bulda snorted. “Now, about the wedding...”

Pabbie sternly veered the conversation. “What did Elsa say to you?”

Remembering, Kristoff blinked. “Oh… The flames. She said they were alive, as if responding to her.”

“How so?”

“Well, the more she tried to put it out, the more it fought back.” He thought aloud, “I’ve never seen a fire withstand cold.”

With a long hard look, Pabbie concluded, “Come back in two day’s time.”

“What’re you going to do?”

“I must travel to our distant clan. I believe the elder there may know something.”

“Grand Pabbie, you don’t have to do that. I’ll go—”

“No. Stay with Anna, watch over her.” Hesitantly, he added, “And Elsa.”

“Elsa? Why?”

“She may be in danger as well.”

Chapter 3

Sitting at the same window she’d once isolated herself behind, Elsa watched Anna play with child visitors. Both the red-haired princess and children remained untold about last night’s events. Elsa had ordered an immediate cover-up, that the curtain to be replaced stayed of the same design. Old habits die hard she supposed. She gazed at her hand, the one she’d tried to touch Anna with. None of this should be concealed. She’d learned that the wrong way. So why was it so hard to tell Anna?

A servant walked in. “My queen, I’ve come to review the agenda with you today.”

She smiled, happy to receive a guest even if a servant. She never had to close her door again. “Yes,” she said.

The children giggled, commenting on Anna’s hair. “Is it true that it changes color?”

“Every time I eat chocolate,” Anna teased.

More laughs. A girl asked, “How come it only happens to you, Princess?”

“Hmm, good question.” Her robin egg eyes slid from one child to another. “But do you wanna find some?!” She shouted, throwing her arms in the air.

“Yay!!!” almost all of them returned.

Anna led them inside the castle in search of those scrumptious treats. They made it past the armored guards, and by “armored” it was literally the armor, tiptoed behind waiters, crawled under tables, dashed by counters, and finally made it to a white table-clothed table.

“Mission ‘almost there’,” Anna whispered to the group.

They were all eyeing the indisputable dish bowl containing a chocolate mountain. Just then, Elsa walked in with the same servant reading the agenda. His vacant eyes never left the parchment from which he was reading from. The only thing he did seem to know was when Elsa moved, and distinctly, followed.

Hands at her back, she sniffed the air. “What is that?” she asked.

In midsentence, the servant stopped, “Uh-what?”

Seeing the dish bowl, Elsa smiled. “Chocolate!”

“CHAAAAARGE!” Anna screamed, unleashing laughing children as they stumbled atop each other to reach the bowl.

For a moment, Elsa stood shocked as the servant. When Anna stopped struggling and the children slowly followed, they peered up at their queen who simply laughed. A grin pasted on all of their faces.

After having their share of chocolate, the children were dismissed. “Anna,” Elsa said in a somewhat disapproving voice. But she couldn’t stay mad. She smiled, shaking her head.

“I know.” Her sister propped a hand behind a lock which…

Elsa peered harder, clearly confused.

Anna noticed. “Um.” She paused. “Is something wrong?”

“Your hair…” Elsa announced, unaware she said anything.

“What?” Anna held her pigtail out, and there, a red strand more distinct than her natural color bloomed.

Chapter 4

“Hiii, Anna!” Olaf had said, rapidly waving his twig arm when he’d seen her. The cheery snowman was with Sven, ironically buying some carrots. But the princesses’ gloomy air held no warm greeting. The two watched in awkward silence as Anna slumped on a nearby dock. She didn’t even notice her sigh as she sat. The snowman and reindeer shared a glance before Olaf approached. “Anna? Did something happen?”

Another sigh. “I’m sorry Olaf. It’s just…”

Eyes bulging and urging, the snowman insisted, “Just..?”

She hugged her legs, and after a moment, talked into her arm. “Elsa and I had a fight.”

Olaf gasped.

“Not—! Not like officially…”

“What do you mean?”

Anna’s brow furrowed. “She… She did that ‘walk away’ thing.”

“Oh, you mean where she doesn’t talk to you and you’re pretty much in that ‘on the other side of the door’ situation again?”

Anna glanced at him. “Yeah…”

Now Sven sat beside her, his carrot-chewing not in the least disruptive.

The princess gave him a quirky smile as if to say “you silly reindeer”. She pat his mane. Something rustled against her fingers. “What’s this?” It was a note from Kristoff. “‘Left with Grand Pabbie. Be back soon.’” Anna shot up. “What?!”

Chapter 5

Anna marched to the Valley of Rocks, note in hand. She shoved it in front of a moss-covered rock. “What’s the meaning of this?!” Earlier, she had tried to stay calm about it but with Olaf’s pretty good points—blunt as they were—she’d panicked and rushed to the trolls. “Is he having trouble with his ice business? Does he need a new sled? Though…” She snorted, expression cool as she folded her arms. “I’m pretty sure the one I gave him was in peak condition.” She caught herself. Back to the note shoving. “I-I mean, what is this?”

When there was no answer, Olaf said, “Maybe they moved?”

Anna turned, giving him a raised brow. The rock she’d interrogated started to roll away. “Hey!” She stomped on it. Realizing her ferocity, she quickly lifted her foot. “Oh..! I’m sorry!” Then she knuckled her hips. “But you guys aren’t leaving me much choice!—In fact, no one is! What’s going on here?!”

Bulda morphed from her rock state. Immediately, she pointed a finger at Sven. “You were supposed to keep her AWAY from here!”

The reindeer shrugged and tried to explain, his low cry moaning here and there.

“What? It was the snowman’s fault? How did—?” She caught sight of Olaf. “Oh.”

Anna interrupted. “Please, could you tell me what’s going on here?”

Bulda frowned. “Listen, sweetie. I’m not supposed to tell you.”

Anna frowned as well. Just then, distant hoof beats sounded. She turned with waning attention not before turning back to face a rock. “Hey! Wait..!” she shouted as a guardsman joined her.

He cleared his throat when she began pounding the rock, screaming “Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!”

The sound startled her. “Oh…” She straightened. “Hi, um…this isn’t—you see, these aren’t really rocks.” When they shared gazes, the princess faltered, “Uhh…” She rubbed her arm in awkward silence.

The guardsman finally spoke, “Princess, you must return to the castle. The festival is about to begin.” Behind him was another horse. He grabbed its reigns and led it beside him. “I’ve brought your horse.”

A light laugh from Anna. “Oh, ha…yeah, thanks.” She swung her arms, about to clap but thought the better of it.

The guardsman led the way.

Chapter 6

Kristoff had insisted to go despite Pabbie’s warning. He wanted to help Anna as quickly as possible, and if that meant journeying, then so be it. Plus, Pabbie wasn’t looking too good. It would come as a surprise to people but rock could age too. And while the ice harvester worried for Anna, he couldn’t abandon Pabbie. “Whoop,” he said, helping the old troll over some rock. They reached a clearing and directly in their view was a cave entrance blocked by two boulders.

“Proceed with caution,” Pabbie told him. With a hop, the troll walked on the clearing. His stone hand ushering Kristoff behind.

Pabbie seemed intent on not disturbing the peace. But why? Kristoff got his answer when the boulders shifted, revealing a sturdy head, arms and legs—legs which straightened, lifting the giant core of their bodies. Kristoff froze. His only response was a vacant gaze and open jaw.

Pabbie waved into the air. Yellow sprinkles and fog swirled forth, hazing the giant boulder guards. Its magic property left traces of daffodil shapes.

“What are they..?” Kristoff asked in a daze.

“Golems,” Pabbie answered.

“Golems?!” The harvester’s hands shot to his head, grasping not only at his blonde strands but his grip on reality. “I thought you said we were meeting your clan..! Clan as in—oh, I don’t know—TROLLS! Not golems!!!”

“I may have forgotten to mention these elders negotiate with golems.”

“You think?!”

“Come. Once lifted, the golems will not remain so inept. And they do not take kindly to humans.”

A little further in, away from the monstrous golems, they reached an impressive dome. Though the only light filtered through the entrance, Kristoff could make out scattered rocks. He grinned. Nothing could surprise him. Out popped a troll from his rock state and he remarkably resembled Pabbie.

“There’s two of you?!” Kristoff shouted. His eyes darted from one chief troll to the other. Utter surprise.

Where the Pabbie he knew was light brown and green, the other Pabbie was dark and ashen. “Welcome brother,” the ashen troll said.

“What???” Kristoff squealed.

Pabbie explained. “It’s just an expression to acknowledge brethren.”

The other Pabbie redirected, “And what brings you here, elder? I have not formerly prepared.”

“Ah.” Pabbie struggled to turn. “No, no. There’s no need.” A pause. “Please, share with us what you know about the thawed heart.”

“What’re you talking about?” Kristoff questioned. “Didn’t we already solve that? Anna’s not frozen anymore.”

The ashen elder corrected him, “Pabbie means AFTER the thawed heart isn’t frozen.”  
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A screencap I took of the Applebuck Season episode from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Hasbro & Lauren Faust
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A screencap I took of the Applebuck Season episode from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Hasbro & Lauren Faust
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This was from… By Egoraptor and Joel C. 

Ghirahim and 

Can be used as wallpaper.

Credits to their rightful owner. WATCH THE VIDEO. ITS AMAZING. 
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